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Search For Marriage Records Singapore

Search For Marriage Records Singapore

Singapore – parish registers (baptisms, confirmations, marriages, census, sacramental statistics, deaths), Catholic Church, Church of Our Lady of Lourdes (Singapore), 1884-1983

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Singapore – British Borneo, Singapore and Malaya: official standard names approved by the United States Commission on Geographic Names

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Marriages of convenience are a cliché. A common example of this is a marriage with a foreign citizen in order to obtain the citizenship of a country. Most such marriages would only exist on paper, where one party is paid to sign a legal document accepting the other as a spouse. And these documents would be presented to the authorities to get the citizenship of the country. Such blatant attempts to circumvent immigration law have resulted in convictions.

Search For Marriage Records Singapore

An article by a BBC correspondent looked at marriages of convenience in the UK and how illegal immigrants used it as a first line of defence.

Malaysia And Singapore

Back in 2010, a Sussex vicar was found guilty after taking part in hundreds of sham marriages, all aimed at circumventing immigration law. According to the Crown Prosecution Service, it was possibly the biggest sham marriage case ever brought to court in the UK.

Today, marriage certificates serve a similar purpose and are more common. However, recently there is a new modus operandi and we have come across many cases where fake documents are being created and used to achieve the same goals. The difference here is that the agency or intermediary helping the process gets paid, and the people whose identities have been compromised sometimes don’t even know it. In a recent sham marriage scam, eight Indian nationals were arrested in Thailand and accused of using the names of various Thai women in fake marriage licenses.

The Deputy Commissioner revealed that the names of around 300 women were used in this scam and they had to issue arrest warrants against other foreign suspects who may have been involved in this shady practice.

Although these incidents suggest that fake marriages have a long history and are still possible, laws are being passed and strengthened all over the world to stop such incidents and punish the perpetrators.

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Although the authorities are vigilant and have laws to help them bring offenders to justice, can anything else be done to quell the evil? Yes, perhaps one way would be to end the use of fake documents to support this practice, using modern technology as a tool. A simple secure QR code solution can help. Solving this problem does not require the use of complex technology such as blockchain.

The solution starts at the source, how the authorities produce the marriage certificate. Simple steps like the one below can prevent fake certificates.

Take a look at the sample marriage certificate, the details of which are captured by the tamper-proof QR code he developed

Search For Marriage Records Singapore

The 5th grade dropout worked as a doctor in 16 hospitals. Finally, they got a strange case. If you want to check the marital status of someone living in Singapore, or if you want to check your own marital status, there are specific procedures and resources available to do so. This guide will walk you through the steps to check your marital status online in Singapore.

Singapore Online Genealogy Records • Familysearch

The first step in checking your marital status online in Singapore is to search for marriage records in the marriage registries. The Consulate General and Singapore Registrar of Marriages (ROM)/Muslim Marriages (ROMM) do not issue accessibility certificates. You can apply to ROM/ROMM at to get the official search result.

Once you apply, you can collect the official search result in person at ROM/ROMM or have it delivered to your address. Please note that if you choose registered delivery to an overseas address, it may take longer to arrive. In addition, the Consulate General can issue a marriage certificate, but only if requested by the Chinese authorities together with a written application.

Let’s say you are a Singaporean who wants to register your marriage in China or prove your marital status to the Chinese authorities. In this case, you need to make sure that your documents are properly legalized. Official documents required may include:

For more information, visit the Singapore Law Academy website for legalizing Singapore documents in China.

Everything You Need To Know About Registering Your Marriage

Alternatively, you can confirm the legal declaration confirming your marital status in person at the Consulate General. For this, bring your valid identity document (e.g. passport) and original/authentic/legalized documents regarding your marital status/history.

If you are a Singapore citizen and plan to marry a work permit holder/ex-work permit holder, you must first obtain the approval of the Work Permits Inspector. Once approved, visit the Singapore Marriage Registry with your ID/passport, birth certificate and letter of approval. You must provide 21 days’ notice of marriage. After the end of this period, but within 3 months of the termination, you can get married.

Note that any marriage entered into or contracted outside of Singapore is valid in Singapore if it is registered under the laws of the place where it took place and both parties have the capacity to marry under the laws of their respective countries.

Search For Marriage Records Singapore

Checking marital status online in Singapore involves obtaining official records, legalizing documents for international purposes, and following certain procedures if you wish to marry a work permit holder. Be sure to follow applicable regulations and guidelines to streamline the process and accurately document marital status. For more information, contact the marriage registry office or visit its official website –

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I recently got married! On paper, the wedding reception will take place next year. But yeah, I’m officially hooked.

How to register a marriage in Singapore? For non-Muslim civil marriages, you must do the following if you want the ROM to be in the Marriage Registry building.

Just like a fancy atas restaurant for your anniversary, you need to make a reservation on the website of the Singapore Marriage Bureau to get married.

Singapore National Day 2021 Message

Note that if the date you want is popular, it’s likely that another couple has already taken it. My recommendation: Book well in advance. On my date, bae insisted that we book the date six months in advance. Fortunately, we managed to get it.

You must appear in person the day before the actual ROM date at the Registrar of Marriages building at 7 Canning Rise (just up from the central fire station) with all the required documentation.

There is no limited number of guests on the wedding day, but the entire party must be in the building of the Marriage Registry Office before the guard lets everyone in. Anyone who is late cannot enter.

Search For Marriage Records Singapore

Before you enter the festive hall, there is one

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