Scholarship Opportunities For Nursing Students – Top nursing scholarships for students help nursing students cover tuition and supplies for nursing school. Nursing scholarships, grants, and other financial aid are needed to finance an RN or BSN program. Let’s face it, nursing school is expensive. Between rising tuition, textbooks, flash cards, clinical scrubs and other events, nursing students are broke.

In addition to school expenses, many nursing students have child care costs to attend classes. Plus, they pay for expensive convenience foods during demanding nursing degree programs. Getting a scholarship to study nursing can make all the difference in their health and well-being. Nursing scholarships, grants, and financial aid also provide mental security for students to focus on their studies.

Scholarship Opportunities For Nursing Students

Scholarship Opportunities For Nursing Students

AfterCollege began in 1999 in a college dorm room at Stanford University. And it has launched thousands of rewarding careers and become the largest career network for college students and recent graduates. Their mission is to connect students and recent graduates with employers looking to fill entry-level jobs or internships. AfterCollege puts the student first in every decision, their belief that benefits students, benefits everyone. Their products are easy to use and navigate and have a high level of customer service. Using their incredible professional networks and patented job search algorithms, they have successfully helped students with career building tools that help them land “that important first job.”

Meet The 2022 Boardvitals Nursing School Scholarship Winners

AfterCollege proudly supports students by offering the AfterCollege-AACN Scholarship. This award is for students pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree in nursing. This fund provides special consideration to students who will become nurse educators, students completing their RN-to-BSN, and RN-to-MSN programs, as well as students involved in an accelerated program. The scholarship is in the amount of $2,500 and is awarded quarterly. Winning students must attend an AACN member school. You can check their website for a list of AACN member schools as well as additional scholarship information and applications.

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) works to establish quality standards for nursing education. Their vision is “…as the collective voice for academic nursing, AACN serves as a catalyst for excellence and innovation in nursing education, research and practice.” Assists member schools in implementing standards set forth by AACN for 810 member schools (public and private institutions). In addition, they will use their influence in the nursing profession to improve health care as well as promote public support for the nursing community, including education, research and practice.

This scholarship awards (2) $5,000 scholarships to top nursing school applicants (4) four times a year. Applicants must be enrolled at an AACN member institution affiliated with CastleBranch. Students can submit applications to nursing school through NursingCAS. Candidates must maintain a 3.2-grade point average in their current program or the last school they attended. Due to the volume of applicants, only winners will be notified. All winners are in the AACN News Watch e-newsletter and on the AACN website. Please see website for application instructions.

The American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA) works to improve the lives of its members through education, networking and science. They do this by developing and updating standards of practice, supporting research, enhancing the education of professionals, and providing a platform for communication and collaboration. ANNA covers all issues across all areas of the field. With 9,000 registered nurses across the United States, our nurses work in freestanding dialysis units, hospital outpatient and inpatient units. They practice in all areas of nephrology such as hematology, chronic kidney disease, peritoneal dialysis, acute care and transplantation.

The Future Of Nursing Is Me

The Career Mobility Scholarship is for members pursuing a BSN or advanced nursing degree. There are four (4) annual scholarships of $5,000. Applicants must be full members for at least two years at the time of application. Be involved in nephrology-related nursing care and hold certification through the Commission on Nephrology Nursing Certification. Candidates must also be in a graduate or advanced program. Applications are available on their website.

ANNA supports the continuing education of registered nurses in the field of nephrology. With the increasing demand for quality nephrology care, member nurses are in a prime position to improve this care with improved quality for patients with kidney disease.

Through continuing education in this field, it is ANNA’s hope to make a positive impact on nephrology patients. Its research enhances and enhances standard competence in practice. Using this evidence-based research and implementing it into practice can support the interdisciplinary teamwork that is essential to maintaining cost-effective and high-quality patient care.

Scholarship Opportunities For Nursing Students

Janel Parker is the namesake of the Janel Parker Scholarship. She used her education in nephrology nursing and her leadership skills to improve and grow this specialty with the goal of providing the absolute best patient care. Parker served nurses by providing them with the best in specialized education, access to research, and professional development. In addition, she was a founding member and charter chair of the Commission on Nephrology Nursing Certification and was president of ANNA from 1986 to 1987. She sits on the editorial board of the Journal of Nephrology Nursing and lends her experience and passion for education. Editor of the first edition of the Textbook of Contemporary Nephrology Nursing. Janelle was highly regarded by her nursing colleagues and was a friend and mentor to many nursing students.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Inspired by the success of the Danish Brotherhood in America, Christine Hemingson founded the Danish Brotherhood in America in 1883. With such a rich Danish culture and a long history of illustrious slavery, DSA strengthens the Danish heritage.

DSA continues Danish customs and traditions. So if Danish heritage appeals to you, join the largest national organization of Danish women. Several lodges have been established throughout the United States and Canada to provide social and financial support to the new Danes in this land. Today they promote friendship, organize civic projects and promote legacies for future generations.

DSA is very proud to offer a wide variety of scholarships made possible through endowments and memorial funds. Scholarships are supplemented by donations from individual members, lodges and districts of the Danish Brotherhood. These scholarships and grants are not supported by any membership fees. Elizabeth Gard National Scholarships are available to members aspiring to a career in nursing or another medical field. Students must be post-high school or graduate students, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher required. This one-time scholarship is open to any current member or their children regardless of their age.

The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) is a non-political women’s service organization. Founded in 1890, this group of strong, dedicated women works together to serve their communities.

Stanbridge Nursing Student Granted Norma Ford Memorial Scholarship By Capps

They preserve history and honor and support those who serve our nation. They provide restoration and maintenance of historic sites, provide volunteers to assist military veterans, and enjoy celebrating with the newest citizens at naturalization ceremonies. This is a diverse group of women who are passionate about honoring our nation in different ways. While they work to preserve our nation’s rich history, they also engage with current and relevant events and social issues.

While DAR offers a wide range of scholarships, the Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship is a one-time award for members pursuing a nursing degree. This generous $2,500 award is for members with financial need enrolled in a nursing program. Please include your acceptance letter or transcript of your current program with your application. Three students benefit from this scholarship each year. Please see the website for more information and where to send application materials.

Who are the Daughters of the American Revolution? It’s a group of women from diverse backgrounds, diverse careers and interests, but with a common patriot lineage in the American Revolution.

Scholarship Opportunities For Nursing Students

Any woman with proof of lineage can join, regardless of race, religion or ethnic background. The four founding members were particularly unconventional for their time. Two were single and the other two were widowed. These strong, independent women set the stage for the organization to empower, celebrate, inspire and strengthen its members. Today, you will find authors, adventurers, artists, reformers, philanthropists, teachers, engineers, doctors, nurses and any other occupation where you will find passionate women, even pioneers in space!

Nursing Scholarships At Vcu Will Nearly Double Thanks To Donations

The Mildred Nutting Nursing Scholarship is one of DAR’s many scholarships. The Daughters encourage and support the education of its members. This scholarship is available to those pursuing a nursing degree. Fellows must be able to show financial need as well as an acceptance letter or current transcripts from an accredited nursing institution. For this particular scholarship, the preference is for a student from the Lowell, MA area of ​​the country. This is a one-time scholarship awarded to two (2) students each year.

There are several reasons to join the Daughters of the American Revolution. Many of our more than 185,000 women honor their revolutionary ancestors by forming bonds for life. They preserve and promote history

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