Road Accident Fund Claims South Africa – Hope all is well, I, on the other hand, didn’t do well for the Rhizotomy routine, but all is well now.

Today I want to share on my blog that some of you who follow my blog should know my experience with RAF The Road Accident Fund, in short I was awarded 80%. The High Court meant that for the rest of my life the RAF should pay 80% of all medical costs for the rest of my life for everything related to injuries sustained on the day of the accident. It sounds so easy that you send your invoices and receive payment for all invoices submitted.

Road Accident Fund Claims South Africa

Road Accident Fund Claims South Africa

This doesn’t always come with some excuse from the RAF, and your Handler never has. No one cares about you, they will never come back to you and make you feel incredibly like you have no brain. Because it offends me, we If all the funds were to be cleared up front, and without long-term injuries, medical costs would be so expensive that the RAF would not even pay suppliers on time. We as South Africans pay taxes which help to fund it. Both the RAF and our roads are in a convoluted state, so accidents are more likely; Then the RAF still had difficulties paying; The settlement of their claim is in no way unfair to all the injured. Guaranteed to receive the best medical care, they are still being sold short.

Raf 1 Form

That’s the main reason why more and more people don’t go to the doctor and it happens late because as they get older their backs and necks get bigger and they have to go to the NeuroSurgeon once every 3 months. And it also delays PTSD. I see a psychologist twice a week and I have to take medication every day and every month and sometimes I don’t have the funds because it is more than the R 5000 that my husband pays. Relying on the RAF and giving them endless problems to keep their part completed is too much for them to ask and today I have decided to call it quits and say, . Or people who work in the RAF have never walked a day in my shoes. I am not here to judge them. I want the system to be kind to those who are fighting the same battle as me. I’m tired too Either the cause or the result is that there are people who don’t have funds and will leave the problem and at the end of the day it can be the worst outcome rather than prevention.

I really hope the RAF can get there act together and stop making excuses and start doing what they should be doing.

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I am a woman and a mother who deals with the side effects of a brain injury every day and I am sharing my experiences. I started the blog mainly because I was in therapy. I hope they enjoy their post when they find out they can blow off steam. Natalie xxxDe Rebus → Field of Practice → Civil Procedure → Urgent need to review Road Accident Fund proceedings?

Less Than A Week To Object To Contentious Road Accident Fund Amendment Bill

The Road Accident Fund (RAF) has often bemoaned its precarious financial position and has consistently blamed legal practices for it. One of the RAF costs that has grown alarmingly is the amount spent by the RAF on litigation. The chart below, based on RAF annual reports, shows a staggering 120% increase from 2005 to 2017.

Claims fell by 40% from 185 773 claims to 92 101 in the same period (2017/2018 RAF Annual Report). During this period, the tariff of legal fees increased by 8% in 2015 and by approximately 11% on 1 November 2017. According to the RAF, this extraordinary expenditure was due to ‘dragging claims through the courts’ (Bongani Fuzile). RAF blames lawyers for rigging system.

22-9-2018). Apart from some R 8 billion for litigation, the RAF’s delayed claims payment program cost an estimated R 1, 8 billion in 2017 (2017/2018 RAF Annual Report). The combined expenditure of about RAF 10 billion per year represents about 25% of the RAF annual budget and translates to 50 cents per liter of fuel.

Road Accident Fund Claims South Africa

Clearly, it is simpler to blame jurists for the circumstances. The question is more complicated and can only be attributed to the actions of legal practitioners. A significant underlying problem is the unacceptably high incidence of motor vehicle accidents, which result in approximately 92,000 compensation claims per year.

Are We Invinsible

The RAF’s 2017/2018 Annual Report sheds some light on the issue. Regional Managers and Judge Presidents and Eastern Cape; Limpopo, Gauteng Meetings between the Northern Cape and Free State divisions and the provincial commissioners of the Eastern Cape and Free State police were described as part of the enhanced case. and judicial management. In matters submitted by presiding judges:

The RAF is required to monitor court orders and adverse comments on the litigation process. These issues are similarly reflected in recent case law, which has been critical of the RAF’s prosecution, and the constitutional duty of ‘advancement of human rights and freedoms’. Accident victims (

Binns-Ward J, at paragraphs 23 and 58, after reviewing 17 cases in which RAF judges were reprimanded for their handling of claimants’ claims and jurisdictional states.

‘The disappointing feature of all the above judgments is that the fund has to pay substantial legal costs in unfounded claims to go to court or contest the appeal responsibly. The evidence before us shows that legal costs are a very significant part of the total expenditure of the Fund. It is an action of the fund which calls for the attention of the responsible authorities including the second and third respondents.

Lssa Claiming From The Raf

Historically, anecdotal evidence suggests that, in principle, delays in recognition are a way for funds to manage cash flow problems. The fund admits. This is unacceptable. A situation where a national institution cannot discharge its statutory objects due to insufficient funds is contrary to the rule of law and deserves urgent and appropriate attention from the executive and legislative arms of government. Recent amendments have undoubtedly shown this kind of attention, but more is likely to be needed. Although there are financial constraints on the ability to pay fund requests, such as occasionally being unable to afford amnesty. In what is sometimes described as a “tactical apology” for failing to effectively manage claims received or raising litigation and legal costs.’

(FB) (Unreported Case No. 5668/2016, 18-10-2017) (Daffue J) (Daffue J) said the RAF’s legal teams came to court not to settle but to throw in the proverbial towel. In most cases the outcome is predictable: the plaintiff settles 100% in the plaintiff’s favor. Counsel (if appointed) is not instructed to conduct a defence, but only receives instructions in relation to settlement.

(KZD) (Unreported Case No. 2459/12, 13-12-2017) (Henriques J) Henriques J said that while the RAF was constantly seeking additional funds from Parliament, it was wasted when litigating cases that could easily have been resolved long before trial. The RAF remains passive and fails to properly direct its official conduct. The court warned that RAF officers could be ordered to pay out-of-pocket costs.

Road Accident Fund Claims South Africa

(Mpumalanga Circuit Court) (Unreported Case No. 734/2016, 15-11-2017) (Legodi J). The Registrar was ordered to bring this matter under the attention of the Chief Executive of the RAF and asked the RAF officials to show cause why they should not be ordered to pay the RAF lost expenses.

Raf Bridging Finance

2.6 This Supreme Court Division entertains between 45 and 60 pre-trial hearings per week on claims against the Fund. In addition, The daily trial roll of this division is not less than an average

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