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If you’ve ever looked at a phone number on caller ID and wondered whose number it is, you can try using a reverse phone lookup tool. There are several free ways to do a reverse phone lookup online, and some options will give you the owner of the phone number along with other personal details, such as the person’s name and address.

Reverse Phone Lookup Phone Number Search Numlookup

Reverse Phone Lookup Phone Number Search Numlookup

While it is easier and cheaper to find phone numbers through a reverse lookup – for landline numbers, you can also find information about mobile phone numbers.

Best Free Reverse Phone Lookup

A reverse phone lookup is best if you start with a business number or a landline number for a residence. Before the Internet, telephone companies published reverse telephone directories or reverse white pages by specific cities or regions and made them available to police, libraries, and others.

These directories list businesses and residences, but do not include fax or cell phone numbers. The speed and convenience of the Internet put an end to paper directories and turned reverse phone numbers into digital ones.

While these reverse phone lookup services can be useful if you need to quickly check a person’s phone number, you can’t use them in place of a consumer reporting agency to do a background check if you’re hiring an employee or selecting a new tenant. because under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

If your problem is scam calls from neighborhood robots, a reverse lookup service won’t help. That’s because spam calls often use a basic hacking technique called “spoofing,” which replaces the original ID with a random residential number that belongs to someone else.

How To Search & Find Someone’s Phone Number

Spammers can spoof a phone number in your area code and make it appear local, when the real source could be anywhere in the world. Although reverse lookup doesn’t provide relief from phone scams, many phone providers now offer methods to automatically block incoming calls from suspected spammers.

There are several ways to find out who owns a phone number, but whether it’s free depends on how much data you want and whether it’s a mobile or landline number. A reverse cell phone lookup is usually not free. is one of the most accurate options for landlines, but only some information is free. Go to to see your options for reverse address lookup or reverse phone number lookup. and are other sites that offer free reverse phone number lookups.

Using Google, enter the phone number in the search field with numbers separated by hyphens (eg 012-555-6789). Press Enter and you will see the results showing the name and address of the phone owner. However, keep your expectations low. Data may be out of date or inaccurate, and numbers belonging to the same household may not be found.

Reverse Phone Lookup Phone Number Search Numlookup

Intelius Inc.’s most accurate reverse cell phone number lookup provider. that offers a service called “Mobile Phone Identification”. Search provides available information for each number, which can include name and address, as well as spam, VoIP and business numbers for the user. Disclaimer: This is sponsored content. All opinions are those of the advertiser and do not necessarily reflect those of WFTS.

Best Reverse Phone Lookup Apps For Android Users [identify Unknown Numbers]

How often do you come across a phone number written on a piece of paper and have no idea who it belongs to? Maybe you just received an unknown call or text message and are curious about the sender. A free reverse phone lookup can help you find out who the number belongs to.

You’d be surprised how often something like a free reverse lookup can be useful, and luckily there are online tools that make it relatively simple.

But be careful. Only a handful of sites offer completely free reverse phone searches. The rest try to get you to part with personal information or demand money. Also, note that a free reverse phone lookup will not give you the best results as a reverse phone lookup site.

We recommend using Intelius. This reverse phone number lookup service can get you accurate information about a number for just $0.95!

Reverse Phone Lookup

Free reverse phone lookup will help you find out who is behind the phone number.

Instead of using a person’s name to find their phone number, you can start with just the cell number and use a free phone number lookup service to do a reverse lookup to find out who the number belongs to.

This is useful if you are calling from an unknown number or if you have entered a number without any specific information.

Reverse Phone Lookup Phone Number Search Numlookup

In theory, doing a free reverse phone lookup may seem easy, but in practice it can be difficult because many (if not most) of the websites that say they can do this kind of lookup are not real.

Learn How To Find Address Using Phone Number

Despite the promise of a free phone lookup service, most of these sites charge you to use them.

Services that ask for your email address or even other personal details before returning free phone search results should be avoided at all costs, as should sites that take forever to return results and display a progress bar.

A legitimate reverse phone lookup service should only take a few seconds. If this process takes several minutes, the site is probably trying to increase your interest in the search to increase the probability of paying for the data at the end of the search.

Although it is possible, we do not recommend that you do a free reverse phone lookup as it may take a lot of time and provide you with little or no reliable information.

Free Reverse Phone Number Lookup By Truecaller

Intelius is a reliable website that does a reliable reverse phone lookup with perfect accuracy and it’s almost free. It only costs $0.95, which is almost like a reverse phone number lookup.

Using this site is as easy as entering the full 10-digit phone number you want to search and then clicking the “Search” button.

When the results appear, which should only take a few seconds, you can find comprehensive details such as company or person name, address, and even phone type (mobile or landline).

Reverse Phone Lookup Phone Number Search Numlookup

However, the results can only show that this number is not published in many cases. The best you can find out is whether it’s a mobile phone or a landline, and maybe the city where the number is registered.

Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services

People’s personal phone numbers are more likely to be kept private, while information about business phone lines should be readily available.

When looking up a cell phone number online, a background check service is your best bet for a free reverse phone lookup. In addition to a person’s phone number, the information these sites collect may also include their full name, address, email, work history, family members, and more.

You can use information you already know to search most of these sites. If you have a phone number and want to know who owns it or which numbers belong to a certain person, you can do this using a reverse phone lookup service (if you only need their name, email, username or address know).

Some of these free reverse phone lookup services can even be used to locate long-lost family members and friends, allowing you to track down contact information for long-lost relatives with as little as a name or street address.

Reverse Number Lookup (rnl)

TruePeopleSearch is a great (and free!) example of this type of service. When you pay a small fee to Intelius or TruthFinder, you can access a wealth of additional personal information.

Hundreds of millions of people from all over the world use social media in some form. Many people’s phone numbers have actually been shared through these platforms. To see what comes up when you search for someone on the site, just enter their name to perform a free reverse phone lookup by name.

People’s contact information, including phone numbers, may be hidden from view on social media profiles if users have privacy settings or you need to connect with them on the Service.

Reverse Phone Lookup Phone Number Search Numlookup

On the other hand, their cell number and possibly all of their personal information may be completely public.

Free Reverse Phone Lookup

Depending on the service, it’s possible to do a free reverse phone lookup by name and find the owner, even if you don’t have a name.

An additional method for tracking cell phone numbers is to do a free reverse phone lookup on a search engine like Google. This is the most accurate way to see if any online phone books list the desired number.

Your phone number will appear here if you’ve posted it elsewhere online (like a blog, website, public service profile, search engine not previously mentioned, etc.).

Then, you can do more research on this website to find out who called and get more contact information, such as an email or physical address, if it’s available.

Top 7 Phone Number Lookup Sites To Find Contact Data For Quality Leads

Search engines can be used to look up any phone number, including mobile, landline and toll-free.

For example, finding

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