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Cats are terribly destructive. In addition to their amazing effectiveness as predators, cats are also reliable chaos machines in our homes. It’s not their fault, of course—they’re the animals we choose to allow inside our homes, and no cat will ever understand the true value of a truly beautiful piece in your living room. But while it is indeed possible to stop cats from washing the hell out of your furniture, the chances of your cat washing it will never be zero.

Repair Cat Scratches On Couch

Repair Cat Scratches On Couch

The good news is that it is possible to repair furniture that has been used as a scratch post. Depending on the damage and the extent of your patience, you can hide, replace, or fix cat scratches on your furniture without completely reassembling the piece. Brown Leather Repair Kits For Couches, Leather Patch, Vinyl Repair Kit, Leather Repair Kit For Car Seats, Vinyl Upholstery, Air Mattress, Inflatables, Cat Scratch Tape Brown Tape For Furniture

If the damage isn’t too extensive and you only have some threads and pieces of fabric pulled out of the furniture, you can often effect an acceptable repair using just some scissors and a razor. Even a standard safety razor will do the job.

First, remove the long gray strands with scissors, getting as close to the surface as possible. Then take your razor and gently rub it with a cloth to remove the residue and lint left behind. Don’t get too excited about it – let the blade do its job without forcing it. After a few passes, the fabric will look almost as good as new.

Another way to bring your cat’s ruined furniture back to life is using felting needles. It comes in a variety of sizes, but generally a 38 gauge needle (which is usually included in most kits) will do the job.

All you’ll be doing here is pushing the tufts and stitches back under your upholstery fabric. It’s actually a very simple (if time-consuming) process. You might combine it with some scissors to cut the long wires, and once the remaining wires are buried under the surface, your furniture will look like it’s back in the days when you ruined your life with a cat. .

Repairing A Cat Scratched Couch

If you don’t have the patience to remove wires or work on your furniture with a tool, you can simply hide the cat damage with some kind of patch. You have a few options here:

If the furniture your cat has decided to destroy is covered in leather, you can try two relatively easy repairs:

You love your cat, but that doesn’t mean you don’t sometimes wonder if inviting an animal to destroy your home in slow motion was a good idea. When your bag arrives for your couch—and it will be comforting to know that you can at least cover the damage easily.

Repair Cat Scratches On Couch

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