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In this article, we will delve into a bunch of myths, false beliefs, “home tricks” and methods that we have seen doing the rounds, each one to make sure that this is the one method you need to repair scratched sunglasses. a polarized. lentils.

Remove Deep Scratches From Glasses

Remove Deep Scratches From Glasses

Each is very different, and may involve different tools and substances such as: sandpaper, petroleum jelly, soap, microfiber cloth, toothpaste, cotton swabs, scratch remover polish, baking soda, dish soap, vinegar, alcohol, disinfectant for hands, glass cleaning spray, car wax, brass polish, paper towels and warm water.

Tips On How To Clean Sunglasses Without Scratching Them

That is quite the list. But which one is correct? You scratched your favorite pair of polarized sunglasses, and of course you want to try to repair them if you can. All these colors, depending on the brand, could cost you tens or even hundreds of dollars. A little home remedy might just save you from shelling out a lot of your hard-earned cash on a new pair. It’s certainly worth a try…right?

If you are seriously weighing the options, and really want to know how to remove scratches from polarized sunglasses, then read on. We have years of expertise in the sunglass lens industry, and can finally offer you one scientifically sound solution.

In our opinion, no, you cannot successfully remove scratches from polarized sunglasses. But we have a solution. Before we elaborate on this, we would like to direct you to another article of ours where we tried some of the “home hacks”, remedies and tips on how to remove scratches from the sunglasses we mentioned above.

Our business is providing replacement sunglass lenses, so we wanted to make sure that our ‘competition’, in the form of toothpaste or car wax, was actually a serious competitor for us. And, after testing these hardy, homepun methods, we still believe that our method is a fire method to make sure that your lenses are as good as new again. Read on to find out more…

Ways To Remove Scratches From Glass

We recommend replacement lenses as a way to finally guarantee that your favorite pair of shades return to their former glory. Many of the ‘hacks’ we tried in fact tended to worsen the scratches on the lens, effectively ruining them and making them even less operable than they were.

The problem is that many of these home remedies involve polishing and sanding, effectively removing any coating on your lenses. If your lenses have polarizing filters sandwiched between two layers of plastic, then maybe you will just be polishing the surface, but if this layer is on the outer layer of your lens then it could be ruined. In addition, the UV-blocking ability of the lenses could also be compromised, which could mean your sunglasses are not doing their most important job – protecting your eyes from the sun. This can mean serious consequences for your retina if you are not careful.

So just how to fix scratches on polarized sunglasses? The best, safest and fastest way is to get new lenses. At Sunglass Fix we believe that clarity is king, and work with technologically advanced materials, coatings and films to deliver optical excellence. In addition to this guaranteed polarized sunglasses scratch repair solution, we also offer:

Remove Deep Scratches From Glasses

Although we are happy to offer our high quality replacement lenses as the ultimate solution to scratches on polarized sunglasses, we would also like to share with you some of the ways you can care for your shades to help prevent scratches from occurring. in first place.

Lens Buff Eyeglass Scratch Remover Crystalline Polymer Materials As Seen On Tv Black

Perhaps obviously, we would add here to make sure that the brand new lenses are of premium quality. We make our replacement lenses from polyamide, which is undoubtedly the strongest and least scratch-resistant material in the world. It has all the hard, tensile strength of plastic yet maintains the crystal clear clarity of glass.

Our replacements are precision engineered, too, so whatever lens you choose, you can be sure it’s state of the art. The UV protection of our lenses stands at a higher 100%, while our polarized lenses use the best Japanese technology, maintaining an incredible 99.9% efficiency as well.

Plus, we stock the best replacement lenses for all the major brands, so whether it’s Ray-Bans or Armani, Oakley or Carrera, we have lenses that are sure to fit. In this case it is very unlikely that we do not, then we also offer custom-made lenses that are made according to the measurements you require.

So maybe you can’t repair scratched polarized sunglasses, but you can opt for high quality replacement lenses that will have your sunglasses looking as good as new in no time. With our great selection, low prices and free shipping, here at Sunglass Fix, we’ve got you covered.

How To Get Scratches Out Of Glasses

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Tags: repair polarized sunglasses scratches how to remove scratches from polarized sunglasses remove scratches from polarized sunglasses how to fix scratched polarized sunglasses polarized sunglasses repair scratches how to fix scratches on polarized sunglasses repair polarized lens scratches No matter how much care you care a lot. or later they will get scratched. While deep scratches in your glasses are difficult if not impossible to remove, shallow or minor scratches can be removed to be temporarily filled with the following methods. These scratch repair methods work on glasses and plastic lenses. Never try any of these methods on glass lenses as the lenses will end up ruined.

Remove Deep Scratches From Glasses

Most people know that making a thick paste of baking soda can treat bug bites, but baking soda paste can also remove small scratches from your glasses. To remove scratches from your glasses using baking soda paste you need to start by cleaning your glasses using soap and water and a microfiber cloth to wipe the glasses. Then you make a paste of baking soda and water and smearing the paste in the lenses of your glasses. Using clean hands, work the paste onto the lenses of the glasses and rinse and wipe dry with a clean microfiber cloth.

Same Day Optical Service In Brookline: Commonly Asked Questions

Instead of using baking soda paste you can use a non-abrasive toothpaste and rub it on the lenses to remove scratches from your glasses. Wash and dry your glasses thoroughly and then rub the toothpaste into the lenses, rinse and dry with a clean microfiber cloth.

If you have car wax on hand you can use a small amount of car wax to fill in the scratches in your glasses. Put a small amount of car wax on the lenses of your glasses and work into the lenses until all the wax is worked in. Then use a clean microfiber cloth to polish the glasses. Once finished, the scratches should disappear. Keep in mind that the scratches will still be there, the wax just fills in the scratches making them invisible. You will need to reapply wax every so often since the wax will wear your lenses after a while.

There are also wax-based scratch filling products you can buy that work like machine waxes to fill in those scratches on your eyeglass lenses.

If your glasses have a scratch-resistant coating or an anti-reflective coating on the lenses of your glasses then the scratches may actually be in the lens coating not in the lenses themselves. If this is the case then using a glass etching product to remove the protective coating on your lenses can take care of your scratch problem.

How To Fix Scratched Sunglasses

However, you need to keep in mind that once the protective layer is removed your glasses lenses will be at risk of scratching.

While nothing you do will prevent your glasses from scratching sooner or later there are a couple of things you can do to help reduce the risk of your glasses getting scratched.

Cleaning your glasses properly can also reduce the risk of scratching your lenses. In fact, improper cleaning of glasses is one of the main causes of scratches in your glasses. Glasses are usually not cheap, and it is somehow difficult to find suitable glasses that have both a good looking frame and comfortable prescription lenses. So, if one day you get some scratches on your lens, you will surely be frustrated and it will make your life difficult. However, it is difficult to change glasses very often.

Remove Deep Scratches From Glasses

Why do we often get scratches on the lenses? That’s because we often leave our glasses wherever we can put them, and we even put them in the wallet and pocket that might have along with our sharp keys. For deep scratches, we must buy a new pair of glasses. But for a few surface

How To Remove Scratches From Glass


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