Reasons Why Life Insurance Claims Are Denied – If you have recently been denied life insurance because of your health, this blog post is for you! We’ll show you the main reasons life insurers may reject an application and how to get cover.

We’re all trying to save money these days, so it can be tempting when a company offers a cheap plan that seems too good to be true. But what does it mean if they say no? A recent study by LIMRA found that one in four consumers who apply for individual cover are turned down by their insurer.

Reasons Why Life Insurance Claims Are Denied

Reasons Why Life Insurance Claims Are Denied

The top three reasons listed were: pre-existing medical conditions, applicant’s age or gender, and family medical history. Don’t let yourself get discouraged though; there are ways around the rejection letter.

Denied Insurance Claims In Florida

If you’ve turned down life insurance, you may feel confused, frustrated, and hopeless. However, don’t relax too much. Just because life insurance is denied doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get coverage. It also doesn’t mean you’ll have to go with a no-exam life insurance policy.

The following will help you get accepted for life insurance and help you understand why you were turned down. Don’t give up on getting cheap life insurance; there are many things you can still do to make this happen.

The reason for your refusal is the first thing to understand. If you find out that you were denied because of your pre-existing medical condition or for something like a DUI, then you will be much more likely to be accepted the next time.

That’s because once you’ve identified the problem, you can research life insurance companies that tend to be more lenient toward people in that particular high-risk category.

Best Life Insurance Lawyer

When applying for life insurance, you need to make sure that your past will not prevent you from getting coverage. It is disheartening to apply and get rejected. But even if a downturn happens, don’t lose hope. An experienced independent agent like the agents at will guide you to the right carrier.

This is a red flag for life insurance companies because these are conditions that often lead to severe health complications, especially cardiovascular problems.

While being overweight or obese may not necessarily be an explanation for a reduction in itself, it often leads to higher premiums. And whether or not it exists in combination with other health risks, the reduction is very likely.

Reasons Why Life Insurance Claims Are Denied

Some life insurance companies will not write a life insurance policy for someone whose income is below a certain level. This level will vary between insurance companies. The reason they impose this limit is that they don’t need to cover people below a certain income level.

Most Common Reasons Why Insurers Deny Life Insurance Claims

For example, this may result in the provision of a large number of small policies that result in reduced premium flows. Companies see this as a cost containment process.

If you want a million dollar life insurance policy but have no assets and make $20,000 a year. There’s a good chance you won’t get coverage.

The main concern here is not necessarily high cholesterol, but instead the combination of elevated LDL cholesterol and low HDL cholesterol. The combination puts you at higher risk of heart disease and stroke.

If you have untreated high blood pressure with a history of elevated readings, life insurance companies would like to see it under more control before giving you a policy.

Term Vs. Permanent Life Insurance — Center For Financial Planning, Inc

May indicate inflammation or damage to liver cells. This can cause certain chemicals to leak into the blood from the cells above normal levels.

Most often the altitude is low and the problem is temporary. But sometimes it can be a sign of more serious liver complications, and that’s what worries life insurance companies.

One of the problems for the applicant is that he may find out about increased liver function immediately after a medical examination for life insurance. In this case, there is no way to know if the condition is temporary or something more serious, since you have not been able to find follow-up medical care.

Reasons Why Life Insurance Claims Are Denied

Although cancer outcomes have improved dramatically recently, life insurance companies continue to view cancer as a high-threat situation. A lot depends on the form of cancer you had, how far it progressed, and how long it was in remission.

Delayed/denied Life Insurance Claim Insurance Dispute

High glucose or blood sugar levels can be an indication of diabetes, and this opens up the chance of receiving a host of other medical outcomes that many life insurance companies prefer to avoid.

This is another one of those conditions that is often not discovered by the applicant until they undergo a medical examination for life insurance. This is because high glucose or blood sugar levels usually have no symptoms, especially at first.

Treatment with a diagnosis of hepatitis B or C is not a reason for refusal after completion of therapy. However, it can be a problem if it is diagnosed before applying for a life insurance policy or if it appears on the life insurance exam itself.

To be able to get life insurance, you must first begin some therapy that can make you eligible for life insurance approval at a later date.

List Of General Exclusions In Life Insurance Policies

Although AIDS and HIV are more widely known now than in the past, and although survival rates have improved dramatically, some life insurers still see them as red flags and may reject your application. But there are companies that offer life insurance, and people are the ones you should apply to.

The combination of health impairment that arises from alcoholism, in addition to the prospect of engaging in life-threatening activity, is enough for most life insurance companies to issue a denial.

When alcoholism is a current problem, the ideal strategy when applying for life insurance would be to delay your application until you stop drinking.

Reasons Why Life Insurance Claims Are Denied

The life insurer needs to know that enough time has passed for the claim to be sober to be proven.

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Although marijuana use has been slow to gain acceptance among life insurers. It’s due in no small part to the way the legalization process in more and more countries.

Admitted or confirmed use of more powerful drugs is usually an automatic disclaimer when you apply for life insurance.

Just as with alcoholism, even if you have a drug habit, the best strategy is to get off the drugs and start establishing a history of drug-free living. In most cases, this will take up to three decades.

Like participating in dangerous extracurricular activities, a jagged driving record can mean you’re living a harmful lifestyle. This is not to be underestimated, as car crashes are among the leading causes of death, especially among young men and women.

When Insurance Companies Refuse To Pay Valid Claims In Pennsylvania

A history of multiple accidents or tickets, or certainly repeated DUI/DWI episodes, is cause for concern for a life insurance provider. You may find that it is impossible to get life insurance until you are able to demonstrate a reasonable driving history.

We could blame the Medical Information Bureau for this problem, but life insurance companies subscribe to the system, which allows them to share information about approvals and denials with other insurance companies.

The main purpose of the system is to alert insurance companies to applicants who lie about their health status. Such applicants often go from 1 insurer to another hoping they can get the huge lie out and get the policy they want.

Reasons Why Life Insurance Claims Are Denied

Some occupations carry more risk than others. This will make life insurers reluctant to approve policies if you work in a job that is particularly dangerous. See below:

Navigating The Insurance Maze Part 3 Denied Insurance Claims

If you work in one of these positions, don’t be shocked if your application for a life insurance policy has been rejected.

For these or some other reasons? The purpose of this list is not to tell you why you can’t get life insurance. But rather to point out the most common reasons for rejection and more importantly, what you can do about it.

The first step is to find out the specific reasons for the refusal. Make sure you get this information in writing as it can be quite specific and write down more than 1 reason.

You will need this information to determine your next course of action. This usually involves applying to another life insurance provider. But you should not do this until you know what the reasons for refusal are. This way you can prevent a repeat rejection

Prudential Life Insurance Claims Illegally Denied Says Department Of Labor

***It is important to understand that just because you have been denied a life insurance policy in the past does not mean that you can never be accepted by another life insurance company.

First, when you have health problems, choosing the cheapest policy is not always the best option. It is more important to work with the right insurance company that will provide reliable coverage.

Whether it is term life insurance or whole life insurance. Your life insurance agent will know exactly the underwriting guidelines of all insurance agencies. If one declines coverage because of smoking or health problems, another will approve you.

Reasons Why Life Insurance Claims Are Denied

Second, while we always encourage people to get several quotes before settling on a life insurance company, you shouldn’t apply for them all at once. You definitely want to check it out

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