Rear End Collision Whiplash Settlement – Whiplash injuries, on average, are paid about $10, 000 to $ 20, 000. However, this is only the average whiplash injury. The proportions are skewed in cases of whiplash injury because some cases can result in large, multiple dislocations and others can result in small, limited dislocations. If you have suffered a whiplash injury in Houston, Texas or nationally, and are wondering what your case is worth, please contact us now to speak with a whiplash injury attorney.

Whiplash is the most common injury resulting from a car accident, and most often occurs in rear-end collisions, the most common type of car accident. Not surprisingly then, whiplash injury claims are high, and billions of dollars are paid out in whiplash awards across the United States each year.

Rear End Collision Whiplash Settlement

Rear End Collision Whiplash Settlement

Approximately 900,000 lawsuits are filed each year for whiplash injuries and whiplash settlements are almost constant due to their number. But in it there is a fundamental problem; Insurance companies often hide behind “standard” whiplash injury compensation and refuse to increase it. It makes no difference to them whether the needs of the victims are covered or not.

Low Speed Rear End Collisions Can Cause Whiplash

This is why it is important to call or contact Patrick Daniel Law if you have sustained whiplash injuries in a car accident. The average whiplash settlement is between $10,000 and $20,000, but that’s just the average. There are a lot of numbers, but these numbers are meaningless if they don’t meet your needs.

Most claimants accept a settlement offer before considering the extent of their losses, a whiplash injury lawyer can help you determine the appropriate compensation. Our Houston whiplash injury attorneys will provide a FREE consultation and let you know what is right for your whiplash injury.

Patrick Daniel and his team of attorneys know whiplash injury law very well. Not only do they know whiplash injury law inside and out, they know the deceptive tactics that insurance adjusters and their legal representatives use to trick victims of abuse into trust. and an inadequate whiplash settlement offer.

According to the Mayo Clinic, whiplash is an injury to the neck due to the forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck. The movement is similar to the cracking of a whip. Whiplash injuries can be the result of a fall, physical abuse or, more commonly, a rear-end collision. In some circles, a whiplash injury is called a neck sprain.

How Long Does It Take For Whiplash Symptoms To Appear?

Recovery is usually affected by two weeks of rest, pain medication and physical therapy. But for some victims, recovery is a long and difficult process, delayed by relapses and a condition that continues despite all treatment strategies.

With any serious injury, the sooner you seek medical help the faster your recovery will be. This is especially important with whiplash injuries.

First, you want to be able to avoid broken bones. There are seven bones (vertebrae) in the neck, and if you sustain a forceful impact to break or dislocate a neck bone, you will likely receive medical attention at the scene of the accident whether you like it or not. .

Rear End Collision Whiplash Settlement

It is possible to break or remove the vertebrae in the neck or spine without knowing it at the time, but the symptoms will not hide from you for a long time. It is always best to see a doctor right away and get a professional diagnosis.

Common Rear End Collision Injuries

Another reason to see a doctor as soon as possible after an accident is that the success of your claim depends on a valid diagnosis of whiplash from a medical professional. It’s necessary. Even then, the insurance company or an opposing attorney can challenge the doctor’s diagnosis if the case goes to court.

Since it has many symptoms that no one can identify without being a victim, whiplash is more investigated than any other injury when a claim is made. Insurance companies automatically suspect fraud in whiplash cases, as fraud continues to be common in the United States.

Doctors conduct whiplash tests and these tests are generally accepted in the board in the medical community. But this does not necessarily mean that the insurance companies accept them directly. These tests are ONLY valid if the patient is being honest about what hurts and what their range of motion is.

Fair or not, this puts a tough eye on claimants, who can expect a tougher consideration from the very beginning of the claims process. If the case goes to court, the attacks on their reputation will increase significantly.

Common Types Of Injuries After A Rear End Car Accident

It is unfortunate that because some plaintiffs have tried to cheat the system – and have gotten away with it in many cases – insurance providers have dug in, refusing to offer whiplash settlements until the claimant proves the truth. let them see satisfaction. Where in some personal injury claims, there is a certain amount of trust given to the claimant, the burden of proof is heavier when it comes to whiplash cases.

This is why it is important to hire an attorney as soon as possible after your injury. You may prefer to wait until you hit a roadblock in your claim for whiplash injuries, but you almost certainly will. And if you’re worried that hiring a lawyer immediately after an accident will raise suspicions, don’t worry; the assumption is already there.

The word “whiplash” itself seems to conjure up thoughts of fraud and distrust. Common internet search terms like “how much to settle for back injury” or “average insurance deal for back and neck injury” seem to want to avoid the stigma of the word whiplash. Whiplash is a well-defined condition recognized by the American Medical Association at face value. If you have a whiplash injury, call it what it is, hire a lawyer and continue the process, because there is work to be done.

Rear End Collision Whiplash Settlement

Many insurance companies have used so many claims for whiplash injury compensation that they have created a “standard” whiplash compensation scale for internal purposes, but they would like you to believe that it is a standard. of industry which has the blessing of the court.

Rear Ended Car Accident And Have Whiplash: Now What?

It is common for a claimant with back pain to be told, “This is the standard for this type of injury. We can’t go to heaven.”

The amount of compensation you can receive for a whiplash injury depends on how severe the injury is, the degree to which it affects your normal life, and whether you can achieve the life you knew before the accident.

The average amount of compensation runs from a few thousand dollars to over $20,000, but “average” means nothing more than a mathematical result. Your injury affects only you and the circumstances of your day-to-day life are known only to you, and it is difficult to generalize to other claimants in your case.

Contingency – what happens with some whiplash claims – will factor into your claim, whether it’s true or not. Here is more information on getting fair compensation for whiplash injuries.

Common Car Accident Injuries

As a legal term, “damages” are the amount you are awarded if you win your case. They are the types of losses that cannot be easily quantified.

Special damages refer to quantifiable losses, as they can be proven through bills and receipts for things like out-of-pocket medical expenses and lost wages.

General liability is more likely to be related to damages than special damages, and this is the part of your whiplash claim that will likely be challenged in a hearing or court hearing.

Rear End Collision Whiplash Settlement

A strong impact to cause whiplash injuries can lead to further injuries. They can be small or large. Adding them to a whiplash claim is generally only done, but the conversation can get very twisted.

What Is A Fair Settlement Offer For A Rear End Accident Case In Maryland? — Maryland Accident Lawyer Blog

There is basically no difference in how damage is calculated. Special damages are based on circumstantial evidence and general damages are based on pain and suffering.

But the balance of pain and damage is very important, and it is important for opponents to try to reduce the pain of the victim in other injuries, which can be more than anything – broken bones, lacerations, internal bleeding, joint fractures, facial fractures, concussions, spinal column damage, and more.

Your best strategy here is to work with an injury attorney and list all of your injuries. Pay attention to how they hurt and how they affect your life.

With your attorney working on your behalf, you can establish an amount that actually meets your needs. You are entitled to compensation for:

Car Accident Settlement Calculator

The first two categories are easier to calculate than the second, but the simplicity of the calculation has no effect on how much you rate in terms of compensation. Insurance companies and their attorneys will use their past history of such cases to try to influence potential awards, but your case is unique to you.

In most states, mutual aid agreements between police, fire and ambulance services require them to respond to car accident calls unless dismissed by the dispatcher. So if you’re in danger, it’s likely there will be


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