Protect Wood Floors From Furniture – “Your new hardwood floors are beautiful!” Your neighbor broke in. “How are you going to keep them like this?”

“You entertain more than anyone I know. And the holidays are just around the corner.” The look on your face must have betrayed the panic you were feeling at that moment because she quickly reassured you, “I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

Protect Wood Floors From Furniture

Protect Wood Floors From Furniture

Still, you couldn’t stop thinking about it for the rest of the day. How will you protect your new wood flooring? That night you did a little research and learned that quality hardwood floors are no more difficult to maintain than any other type of flooring. They are just different. With a little preparation, they will get through the holidays looking as amazing as ever!

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All furniture has the potential to damage wood flooring. So it is important to put something protective between the furniture legs and the flooring. There are a variety of products available at big box stores and online. Some of these products work better than others.

Some furniture pads have a plastic surface. These are great if you have carpets as they allow you to easily slide heavy furniture such as tables and sofas onto a carpeted floor without getting ‘stuck’. Unfortunately, they can damage your hardwood flooring, especially if it’s made from a softer wood like pine.

The most popular furniture pad surface for use on hardwood floors is felt. It moves easily across a wooden floor without digging into the floor. These felt pads come in all sizes. You can even buy fabric that can be trimmed to fit unusually shaped furniture like the bottom of a rocking chair.

Something has to hold the pads in place under your furniture or they will slide right off as soon as you move your chair or table. Some pads come with a sticky back, but they tend to slip easily. Not only do they no longer offer protection at this point, but the goo gets all over your floor and makes a mess that’s hard to clean up. There are several solutions to this problem.

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If you intend to nail or screw the pad to the bottom of your furniture, it is recommended to drill a small pilot hole where the screw or nail will be. This prevents the wood from cracking and splitting

It’s easy to forget about the pads under your furniture. If they wear down, they can peck your floors. You should schedule them to be replaced once a year, every year. Mark it on your calendar and give your furniture fresh furniture pads.

The chemicals in the rubber can permanently discolor or mark your floors. Never use rugs on your wood flooring during the first two weeks. After that, you can use carpets on your flooring as long as you prepare it properly.

Protect Wood Floors From Furniture

Trim Rover’s toenails and ban high heels (and all shoes) from your floors to prevent them from getting scratched and torn.

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You can find additional recommendations for maintaining the beauty of your parquet floors on our maintenance page. We also carry a variety of products to help keep your floors clean and looking like new! Welcome to our latest news page! Our love for oak furniture, design and inspiration for creating beautiful interiors.

Wooden flooring and oak furniture complement each other beautifully. However, both must be maintained and protected from damage to keep them in top condition.

One of the most common causes of damage to wood flooring is furniture. Heavy furniture can cause dents when it is pressed against the floor both when moving, or when the furniture is in place for long periods and has extra weight. Wood flooring is also incredibly susceptible to scratches, which are often caused by not using furniture protectors.

However, with the right treatment and prevention in place, you can minimize the potentially costly damage. Read our top tips on how to protect wood floors from furniture damage and how to protect wood floors from chairs to keep your flooring looking pristine.

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First of all, when you arrive with your new furniture, simply by moving it from A to B, you can immediately cause a lot of damage. When moving your furniture over hardwood flooring, be sure not to drag, drop, drag, or push the furniture around. These types of movements are the easiest way to damage your hardwood floors because you can easily scratch and mark the floor in transit.

It is also important that when you have to maneuver a piece of furniture into place, no debris or dirt gets caught under it. Pushing or dragging debris into wood flooring can cause major scratches, so install good shoe mats at the entrance to doors so less debris enters your home.

The best way to protect your wood flooring from scratches from chairs or larger items is to attach furniture pads or glides to the legs or base of the furniture piece. Made from a variety of materials, choose pads made from felt or a combination of felt rubber to provide a soft barrier between your furniture and hardwood floors.

Protect Wood Floors From Furniture

Some glued furniture pads are made of plastic that is suitable for carpet flooring – but for wooden flooring, felt pads are the ideal choice. Felt pads allow you to freely move your furniture without scratching or digging into the surface.

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Easy to find online, felt furniture pads can be used on most oak furniture pieces in any room of the house. These include sofas, coffee tables and TV stands in the living room, or dining tables and dining chairs in the dining room.

The best rule of thumb is to add furniture pads or gliders to all furniture on wood flooring. Simple but effective!

Be sure to keep an eye out for furniture pads and sticky slips, as they don’t always last long. Glides that are bolted to furniture legs do tend to last longer than felt pads, however the glides can loosen with wear and tear and are likely to cause more damage to the floor.

This is especially relevant for heavily used items such as dining chairs that move a lot and fall apart, or on heavier furniture such as sofas and bookcases that may wear out pads.

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As time goes by, take a look at the condition of your pads and surf, and keep a few spares so you can easily replace them.

With more of the population working from home, and offices turning to a hybrid way of working, there is a higher demand for home office chairs. But how do you protect wooden floors from damage from rolling chairs? Notorious for scratching and ruining beautiful wood flooring, rolling chairs can be a pain.

An easy way to protect your floor from rolling chair damage is to place a plastic mat where your chair should be. This will prevent your chair from rolling on the wooden floor surface, and protect the floor. It will also offer a more comfortable experience with a chair that doesn’t slide around all the time. Alternatively, if possible, fasten the chair in a comfortable position to the floor to prevent it from moving at all.

Protect Wood Floors From Furniture

For a more aesthetic alternative, choose a rug that will brighten up your workspace. Rugs are great for protecting the floor and stopping chairs from rolling on any hardwood floors.

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On the subject of rugs, rugs and carpets are the perfect addition that adds comfort, texture and protection to wood flooring to any room in the home. With such a wide variety of rugs available on the market, you can choose from bohemian patterns, faux fur, Aztec color pops or vintage rugs to complete your chosen look.

Carpets and rugs look great when neatly arranged under coffee tables, chairs and beds. Naturally, wood flooring can get cold on the feet in the winter months and rugs add an extra level of comfort, while protecting your floors from your furniture.

Although rubber is great for stopping carpets and furniture from slipping, rubber is notorious for discoloring and marking floors. Be sure to add carpet padding to carpets that are going to be used on hardwood floors and tape them down with carpet tape to prevent them from leaving a mark on your floors afterward.

In conclusion, always remember to handle furniture with care and only push or pull furniture that has furniture pads on it. Explore more useful guides and tips or shop our range of oak furniture by room here. Moving can be stressful, but protecting your hardwood floors shouldn’t be. Whether you are moving out of a house or an apartment building, you want to leave it in the best condition possible. One significant consideration when moving house is to get your belongings out safely without leaving a lot of scratches as an unwanted gift for the new owners or tenants. Here are some tips to make sure you leave your old place in great shape.

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While it can be tempting to just shove everything out the front door or down the hall, you should resist the urge. As much as possible, pick up smaller boxes and pieces


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