Protect Wood Door From Dog Scratches – Protect your doors and home from over-eager claws with our anti-scratch products for the home. Prevent dog or cat scratching by creating a permanent barrier between your friend and doors, furniture, walls, windows and more! From cat scratch tape, sofa protectors and door shields to general protective tape that protects commonly scratched areas such as window sills, furniture, banisters, weather stripping and more, we provide home scratch protection products for every need all pet parents.

Furniture Shields are crystal clear, tough, MARINE GRADE, high quality barriers made to protect furniture from the sharpest nails. Perfect for sofas, ottomans, mattresses, loveseats and more.

Protect Wood Door From Dog Scratches

Protect Wood Door From Dog Scratches

Door shields are high quality anti-scratch shield barriers. Perfect for doors, door frames, walls and more.

Heavy Duty Clawguard

Our products for the rest of the house are high quality hard scratch resistant claw barriers. The perfect protection for your home.

The Home Scratch Protection and Pet Behavior blog We write about what we love, and we love our pets! We don’t love the scratches they can cause to our homes and beloved items. Explore our latest posts on all things pets and home scratch protection below, or read our blog.

Teething puppies and destructive behavior are common in the first months of their life because it is part of the growth…

Cat Vs. Dogs? Each has its innately curious, albeit destructive, side, at least until trained. But even then, mischief often continues. Cats…

Buy Protecto Pet Scratch Protector W/custom Cut

Being a responsible pet parent is serious business! Our team explores what it means to own a pet and provides 5 questions…

We love our furry little felines, we don’t love their claws and from time to time our favorite fluffy soda needs to be torn apart. Get a full understanding of exactly why cats need to innately scratch, a few key tips to help focus their clawing behavior away from your beloved items and four of our tried and tested cat scratch protection products to help to train your cat, minimize as much as possible. cat damage and protect your home.

According to a recent study, researchers found that 72.5% of dogs expressed anxiety-like behaviors, with separation anxiety towards the top of the list. Emotionally, dog anxiety can be extremely upsetting for pet owners and of course for our little furry friends. Even worse, it can often lead to an endless amount of scratching, chewing and other destructive behaviors. But there is hope! Learn how to help your dog manage his anxiety while also protecting your home and furniture from any angst-filled clawing, scratching or chewing.

Protect Wood Door From Dog Scratches

Whether it’s seeing one of those nasty little squirrels (as your dog probably does), the postman or a neighbor walking past your house, there seems to be an innate need ​​by most dogs to investigate, protect or all bark. Unfortunately, when this happens, your window sills inevitably bear the brunt of the clutches of your furry companions as they brace themselves for a better view. Fortunately, our window sill guards are here to help! Crystal clear and easy to install, they protect your windows from clawing, scratching and chewing damage.

Easiest Ways To Dog Proof Your Hardwood Floor

It’s a problem that pet parents have faced since the dawn of pet ownership: they love their homes, and of course they love their dogs beyond belief! However, sometimes all dogs have to do is scratch, and scratching often results in damaged doors and jambs. Explore exactly why dogs scratch doors and four key tips to reduce and eliminate pet damage in your home, the most important of which is installing our door shields and other home scratch protection products!

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