Polaris Ranger 1000 Performance Upgrades – The GGB Trail Muffler is constructed of 304 stainless steel and is a direct bolt-on muffler that delivers a deep, tuned exhaust note close to stock dB levels at mid to high RPM and does not require a fuel programmer. The Trail Muffler provides an increase in exhaust flow, resulting in a gain of 1 to 3 HP with increased torque. Each system is direct bolt-on and allows all factory body panels to be reinstalled. Immersion in mud and water will not affect the integrity or performance of the GGB Trail muffler, as its fully welded stainless steel design with ZERO gasket is built to withstand punishment. The GGB Trail Muffler is a maintenance-free, direct bolt-on exhaust system that can operate with or without a programmer. The Trail Series will easily meet the J1287 sound regulation of 96 dBA.

This muffler has been designed SPECIFICALLY for this machine, tested and adjusted accordingly to provide optimal exhaust flow and back pressure to allow the engine to achieve maximum power efficiently with the original programmer. NO DRONE with our Trail Muffler. The Trail Muffler has an incredible tuned sound. Slightly louder than stock at idle for that head-turning start. As RPM increases, the Trail Muffler reduces sound, keeping measured dB levels close to stock in the mid and upper RPM range, while providing a deep, tuned exhaust note from idle to throttle. completely open. Our design allows for reduced operating temperatures and weight savings compared to stock.

Polaris Ranger 1000 Performance Upgrades

Polaris Ranger 1000 Performance Upgrades

In hand, you will notice the build quality, fit and finish of the product we deliver, and installation is simple as each system bolts directly together using factory brackets and all necessary hardware is included.

Ultra Quiet Twin Loop Exhaust

Ranger 1000 Performance ECU Tuning/Clutch Kit Package! (ECU Tune, Elite Shift Clutch Kit) for 2018+ Generation 2 Models

Kit includes: ECU Tune Clutch Kit. Choose the Elite kit or the Torque monster. (Torque Monster is the best option!) Torque Monster clutch kit upgrade is the best…

Ranger PRO Upgraded Primary Clutch with Torque Monster Clutch Kit for Ranger 1000 2018+ Models. DOES NOT FIT 2022 NORTHSTAR MODELS DUE TO DIFFERENT CRANKSHAFTS

DOES NOT FIT 2022 NORTHSTAR MODELS. ALL 2022 POLARIS NORTHSTAR MODELS HAVE A LARGER DIAMETER CRANKSHAFT CONE. The Ranger Pro Primary Clutch is an extremely durable upgrade over…

Polaris Rzr Xp 1000 Gets Tougher, More Powerful, More Comfortable

TRAIL MUFFLER – AMAZING SOUND, dB LEVELS LIKE STOCK Constructed entirely of 304 stainless steel ZERO Packaging Material ZERO Maintenance Increased HP and Torque Designed to run on stock…

This is for Performance ECU Tune only. Does not include clutch kit or any other item. You should select those items separately. If you are looking for the complete…

CK11003 Torque Monster Adjustable Clutch Kit. There is no kit on the market that even comes close to this! This kit is specifically designed to provide maximum belt grip and low…

Polaris Ranger 1000 Performance Upgrades

Speedcurator. This little device is very useful for guys who race on tracks or swap between tracks/tires or swap between two different tire sizes. The device can be programmed to…

Polaris Rzr Xp Turbo Vs. Rzr Xp 1000

Ranger PRO Upgraded Clutch System with Torque Monster Clutch Kit for Ranger 1000 2018+ Models Primary and Secondary Clutch

The Ranger Pro complete primary and secondary clutch system is an extremely rugged upgrade over the original Ranger 1000 clutches. The Pro Primary Clutch is calibrated and ready to be bolted on. He…

Kit includes ECU tune and Torque Monster clutch kit. Clutch Kit Includes: Torque Monster Adjustable Clutch Weight Set, Primary Clutch Spring, Secondary Spring to use if you are running 32″ or… Improve the power of your Polaris Ranger with the Big MO Slip-on Exhaust from Bikeman Performance: the best performance improvement.

Unleash your Ranger 1000 with our next-generation BIG MO exhaust! We designed this exhaust to be trail-friendly, passing the SAE J1287 standard decibel test and with increased clearance for deep mud and debris.

Ranger 1000 Xp Ecu Tuning

Like all of our Big Mo exhausts, this example features a black anodized extruded aluminum body with fully machined 6061 billet aluminum components and a stainless steel spiral luver core. Even the packaging is American-made stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about burying it in mud or water.

This slip-on muffler can be easily installed and will give your machine an unmistakable roar and remarkable power!

(b) If you modify any non-road engine/equipment after it has been placed in service in the United States for use solely in competition, you are exempt without application.

Polaris Ranger 1000 Performance Upgrades

(c) If you modify any engine/nonroad equipment under paragraph (b) of this section, you must destroy the original emissions labels. If you loan, lease, sell or gift any of these engines/equipment to another person, you must inform the new owner (or operator, if applicable) in writing that they may be used for competition purposes only.

Polaris Ranger 3

Individuals involved in performance improvement and support must understand and comply with applicable federal and state laws, including, but not limited to, compliance with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) emissions regulation. . To use the competition waiver mentioned above:

Owners must destroy any existing emissions labels installed by the manufacturer. If the emissions label is combined with other content, only the emissions-related portion of the label will need to be destroyed. This does not apply to vehicles that are already exempt and labeled as factory competition-only vehicles.

Owners of vehicles modified for competition must inform, in writing, any purchaser of the vehicle that it has been exempt from EPA regulations and therefore can only be used for competition.

By installing this performance exhaust system, you acknowledge that Bikeman Performance has informed you of certain obligations necessary for the use of your vehicle in competition.

Shock Therapy Utility Vehicle Shock Upgrades

Our Polaris experts are ready to answer questions or go into more detail about this product’s features and benefits, help you explore similar or complementary products, confirm vehicle equipment, and more.

Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.Gilomen Innovations Ranger PRO Enhanced Clutch System with Torque Monster Clutch Kit for 2018-later Ranger 1000 Models Primary and Secondary Clutch

The Ranger Pro complete primary and secondary clutch system is an extremely rugged upgrade over the original Ranger 1000 clutches. The Pro Primary Clutch is calibrated and ready to be bolted on. The spider is loaded with heavy duty 22mm wide rollers for long life and durability. The outer shell is billet aluminum with cooling slots and fins that allow for greater airflow and cooler belt temperatures. The outer shell comes with coated tower brackets for unparalleled strength. The bushing is secured with a spiral clip to prevent movement. The clutch weights have heavy-duty replaceable bushings. This clutch eliminates the hard shifting in and out problem that 2018+ Ranger 1000 models have due to the horrible original design of the EBS mechanism. The stock EBS system is the root of many problems on the stock Ranger 1000 clutch. This Ranger Pro clutch comes with a heavy duty two way needle bearing without EBS which eliminates the problem of hard shifting and allows the machine to move better. when decelerating. This is by far the strongest and smoothest operating primary clutch option available for your 2018+ Ranger 1000. If you are having problems with the original primary clutch on your Ranger 1000, then this is the clutch for you. This clutch uses its original mounting bolt. It comes with our amazing Torque Monster weights and springs already installed and configured for your machine. Torque Monster dumbbells allow for smooth operation, incredible belt grip, and strong acceleration. The weights are fully adjustable so you can change the RPM range for machine modifications such as downshifting, larger tires, and ECU performance tuning. This HD secondary clutch assembly has reinforced castings and stronger bushing retention. The problem areas of the old clutch are improved for greater strength and longevity. Comes with a heavy duty billet hub retainer plate to prevent the hub from moving. The outer pulley fins are larger to provide better cooling and extend clutch and belt life. The propeller of this clutch has a reduced back cut to reduce engine braking, providing smoother operation and a much better driving experience. It comes pre-configured for your machine build. It is ready to screw. Simply remove the original clutches and screw them on. Your original belt works with this clutch system. The 2018+ Ranger 1000 Primary Clutch Puller Tool works on this clutch. This clutch system does not have EBS.

Polaris Ranger 1000 Performance Upgrades

GILOMEN RANGER PRO PRIMARY CLUTCH and HD SECONDARY CLUTCH WARRANTY The Gilomen Ranger Pro system clutch warranty is separate from the Polaris vehicle warranty. Gilomen Innovations offers a limited warranty on the primary clutch against defects in materials and workmanship for general consumer use. Does not cover claims for defective design. The warranty coverage period is as follows: Primary clutch: Year 1 warranty. Free repair. The customer is responsible for returning the clutch to Gilomen Innovations. Gilomen Innovations

S3 Power Sports Polaris Ranger 3

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