Pet Insurance That Covers Pre Existing Conditions – Your pet is part of your family. If something happens to your furry friend, it can cause a lot of stress.

Whether it’s an unexpected accident or illness, you’ll want to make sure your pet gets the best possible care.

Pet Insurance That Covers Pre Existing Conditions

Pet Insurance That Covers Pre Existing Conditions

Unfortunately, the cost of vet bills can add up quickly. Pet care costs can put a strain on your budget, and sometimes you have to make tough choices.

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Pet insurance can help protect your finances and cover veterinary expenses. But how does it work? And is there a catch?

Pet insurance has been around in the US since the 80s. Today, there are about 25 insurance agencies that provide this service.

Most pet insurance companies cover cats and dogs. Some insurers offer plans for other animals, such as rabbits, horses, and exotic pets. If you sign up for a policy, coverage is available in the US and Canada.

Pet insurance has premiums, deductibles, and annual limits. There are also inclusions and exclusions. If you go to the vet, a percentage of the fee will be refunded depending on your policy.

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How does a pet insurance policy work? Before you sign up for a policy, we’ll give you an overview of what to expect.

Remember, this service is similar to human health insurance and helps pay for medical expenses, such as veterinary bills. If you’re looking to insure yourself against damage caused by your furry family member, get pet liability insurance.

If you rent, pet insurance and animal liability insurance can help you be a responsible pet owner and protect your rental property.

Pet Insurance That Covers Pre Existing Conditions

Your pet is scored based on many factors, not just breed. Explore more.

What Is A Pre Existing Condition In Pet Insurance?

The first step is to choose a service provider and policy. As a pet parent, comparing these platforms can be confusing, so think about what’s important to you.

Illness and accident: the most comprehensive plan. Covers sudden illnesses, broken bones, emergency hospitalizations, chronic illnesses, and more.

Accidents only: for unexpected expenses due to emergencies. Think about broken bones, cuts, or swallowing toxic substances.

Each policy comes with a list of qualifying conditions. If your pet already has health problems, these are called pre-existing conditions and are usually not covered. There will also be a list of exclusions such as pregnancy and dental care.

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Before choosing a provider, compare plans side-by-side and read reviews to learn how easy it is to file a claim.

In addition to your coverage options, you get to choose how much your insurer will contribute to your veterinary costs – it can be up to 90%. You also need to choose a deductible, which is the amount you pay before the insurer pays the premium.

Most companies will provide you with a pet insurance quote based on your unique situation. Animal type, age, location and health all play a role in final monthly premiums and deductibles.

Pet Insurance That Covers Pre Existing Conditions

Your pet health insurance usually comes with a waiting period. This can vary by provider and type of illness, so read the fine print. For example, Pumpkin insurance has a 14-day waiting period for all types of illnesses and accidents.

Pre Existing Conditions: What To Know Before You Buy Pet Insurance

After the waiting period is over, you can get your pet treated.

The good news is that most providers will let you choose your veterinary care. For example, this could be a local vet, specialist or emergency clinic.

So, your pet has suffered an accident or illness, and you’ve taken it to the vet for help. What happens next? Does the insurance company pay for the veterinary clinic?

You must pay in full until your claim is approved. Make sure you get a copy of the health record and certain documents from your vet as you will need these to make a claim.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Pre Existing Conditions?

You can file a claim for reimbursement after paying the vet. Most pet insurance companies have time limits. For example, MetLife Pet Insurance requires claims to be filed within 90 days of treatment. On the other hand, the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) gives you up to 270 days.

There may be different options for filing a claim. Depending on the service provider, you can send details via app, online portal, email, post or fax.

Remember, you’ll need a copy of your veterinary treatment plan and your pet’s medical bills to get your pet insurance coverage. Check and double-check the accuracy of the information as thoroughly as possible.

Pet Insurance That Covers Pre Existing Conditions

Once your claim is settled, the insurer will issue the payment via your chosen payment method.

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It may take up to 30 days to receive your refund (or longer if details are missing). However, most companies try to pay their customers within 5-14 days.

Keep in mind that not all of these are covered outright and you usually have to pay a deductible. There will also be an annual spending limit.

Pet insurance policies can be confusing and you shouldn’t assume your pet will be covered for every vet bill.

There’s a long list of common exclusions, and we’ll get to them shortly. But it’s important to note that not all plans are the same. Some companies offer different levels as well as health plans.

Pet Insurance For Pre Existing Conditions

If you choose a health plan, items on the common deductible list can be included for an additional monthly fee.

Get peace of mind with accident and illness insurance. But if your pet has a history of illness, it’s usually not covered.

If you get a policy, it won’t cover allergy treatment. In fact, almost any pre-existing condition, from cancer to diabetes to hip problems, will be ruled out.

Pet Insurance That Covers Pre Existing Conditions

For example, if your cat suddenly loses weight and you register for the procedure before going to the vet, the resulting illness would be classified as a pre-existing condition.

What Are Pre Existing Conditions In Pet Insurance?

Most pet insurers understand that things can change. If your pet has recovered and is symptom-free, the pre-existing condition is gone.

Here is an example. ASPCA Health Insurance expects your pet to be treatment-free and symptom-free for at least 180 days. After this period, the situation can be compensated. However, if your dog or cat has knee or tendon issues, always rule them out.

If you are planning to sign up for this type of insurance, we recommend that you do so as early as possible. As the animal ages, the number of health problems increases and the list of excluded and pre-existing conditions increases.

In order to get an accurate picture of your pet’s health, the insurance company may ask for a veterinary examination before the policy starts.

Can I Get Pet Insurance After An Accident

Yes. Most policies have a waiting period, but this will not be the same for all medical conditions. Accident insurance usually starts first, followed by sickness insurance.

Pet insurance companies all have different waiting periods, but you can find this information on the insurer’s website.

For example, Embrace Pet Insurance offers a 48-hour waiting period in the event of an accident. Sickness plans are valid after a 14-day waiting period. If you have a dog, your pet will have to wait six months to have any orthopedic problems treated.

Pet Insurance That Covers Pre Existing Conditions

There is also a minimum age limit for registering your pet. For kittens and puppies, this is usually between six and eight weeks. Some companies have an upper age limit for new policies.

What Does Pet Health Insurance Not Cover?

When comparing policies, consider the maximum payout. Each insurance agency has its own rules and plans can vary greatly.

Check the annual limit. This is the maximum amount you will be reimbursed in a 12 month period. For example, you can receive compensation of $2,500, $5,000, or $10,000.

Additionally, any deductibles you pay are not included in this total. So, if your deductible is $100 and your total payments are $1,000, $900 will go toward your annual limit.

Individual circumstances may have their own limitations. For example, if your dog has diabetes, there may be a higher dosage to treat the condition.

Pet Insurance That Covers Pre Existing Conditions

Most pet insurance companies cover dogs and cats. But what if your pet doesn’t “meow” or “wow”?

Some insurers, such as Nationwide Pet Insurance, cover other animals such as birds, reptiles and exotic pets.

If you have more than one pet with the same insurer, you usually get a multi-pet discount. Amounts vary, but discounts can range from 5% to 10%.

Pet Insurance That Covers Pre Existing Conditions

There are many benefits to owning a pet. Depending on the animal, every time you walk through the door, you can get a friendly face, a companion to walk with, or a free pet when you need it.

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However, pet care is not cheap. In addition to food, entertainment and training, there are veterinary costs. From acute injuries to chronic illnesses, medical expenses can add up quickly.

You may want to consider pet insurance to help you pay future bills. If your pet needs it, you will pay a monthly premium


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