Performance Tuning Shops Near Me – Is the end near? Does JDM tune in as we’ve come to know and love? Are we all destined to be forced into an electric world?

Probably not, that’s just me exaggerating. But it’s these nightmare scenarios that keep me awake at night, forcing me to hunt down the tuning shops and restore a sense of security that all is still well in JDM land. That’s how I found Garage Yamago.

Performance Tuning Shops Near Me

Performance Tuning Shops Near Me

This is a shop that epitomizes everything that I found great about the JDM tuning scene when I first started going through it about two decades ago. I apologize if I sound like an old man talking about the “good old days”, but hear me out…

M Performance Bmw M3 F80n Limousine 2015 2019

If I had to pick one look from the early 2000s that accurately categorized the entire Japanese tuning world, it’s that it was more cemented in its roots. It has now evolved and expanded, and with the domestic automotive landscape having changed so much, it could never be what it once was.

Of course, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There are still a lot of amazing things happening and people doing crazy things, but the energy is different.

Yamago-san was one of the best mechanics at JUN Auto. He was there for 15 years, working as the right-hand man for Susumu “God Hand” Koyama – the guy who was responsible for the wildest cars and things that JUN has ever done, be it high power tuning , dear, time. attack, high speed trials and drifting.

Unfortunately, Koyama-san fell ill, but Yamago-san remained at JUN for quite some time, working on a number of customer cars and company demo cars such as the R35 GT-R and the Synergy V8-powered BRZ .

Inside A Tuning Shop When The Epa Comes Knocking

Eventually, however,  the time came for Yamago-san to take the plunge and open a shop of his own, just a few kilometers down the road from JUN.

Having already achieved so much in his career, there is a relaxed atmosphere in Garage Yamago. Although I have visited JUN numerous times for shoots over the years, I have never officially met Yamago-san, but within minutes of talking to him at the shop, it became apparent that he has immense technical knowledge when it comes to it’s about cars.

As I was led through the engine building area of ​​the shop, we began to discuss RB. It was like talking to the Yoda of tuning.

Performance Tuning Shops Near Me

It’s hard to find someone so involved in the global tuning scene, but Yamago-san knows what others around the world are doing with Japanese engines and the variety of RB-specific parts developed in Australia and the USA.

Performance And Dyno Tuning

Back in the day, tuning shops in Japan were very systematic. They followed what the Japanese domestic parts manufacturers offered and what everyone else had always done, often being tired of using foreign parts. It’s different these days, and Japanese tuners have really been forced to look overseas as domestic manufacturers have struggled to keep up with innovation.

Yamago-san has tested almost everything and knows what combinations work best for a client’s specific goals. His years at JUN made him a handyman, so while he’s built a few Impreza demo cars, he doesn’t classify his shop as an EJ-only tuning outfit. It will work on any JDM rig, but RBs and EJs will remain Garage Yamago’s bread and butter.

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III we featured last week has been in Yamago-san’s care for the better part of a year. The owner, a Japanese car enthusiast from Bahrain, has a long list of cars built at JUN and I’m sure you can guess which mechanic was behind them all.

When Yamago-san opened his shop about five years ago, the owner of the Evo followed and here at Garage Yamago, the car is perfected before being shipped to his home in the Middle East.

Locale: Garage Mak

My conversation with Yamago-san naturally went through every topic imaginable when discussing the general aspects of car tuning, and finally came to the ECU. Yamago-san told me that he will tune any aftermarket ECU,  but when it comes to providing complete solutions to customers, he advises either Link or EcuTek, saying that they have done a good job of knowing where the computers are Japanese emblems of past years have remained.

The AE86 above is a long-term project that Yamago-san has tucked away in a part of the workshop. The turbocharged 4A-G is about to be completely decommissioned and given a breath of new life.

In true JDM shop fashion, there is a small area with a kerosene heater where customers can sit for a chat when they stop by in the winter to check on the progress of their cars or just hang out.

Performance Tuning Shops Near Me

Of course I wanted to take a closer look at some of the customer cars parked outside. These are machines that Yamago-san has built and continues to refine and maintain.

Performance Tuning, Servicing & Repairs

This BNR32 Skyline GT-R is a complete recent build with a full 600hp setup with some top notch components added to perfect the way it handles.

Looking over this car,  Yamago-san and I eventually got to talking about ignition coils and what sparked the conversation (no pun intended) was that I saw a few different systems being used on the cars that he built them. I’m naturally interested in this topic as I’ve always been impressed by the difference a decent set of coils makes (you may remember that I switched to Ignition Projects coils on my Project GT-R six years ago and something). The ignition system is one aspect of my R34 that I intend to revisit as I really want something that has the same power and resistance to overheating but can fit under the RB spark plug cap.

At the far end of the parking lot was this immaculate night crimson BCNR33 GT-R on a set of Enkei RS05RR wheels.

The car has recently been refreshed and tuned up to 500 hp, taking what the RB has to offer and maximizing its potential in a reliable way. The R33, like the 996 for Porsche, became the latest GT-R variant to explode in value.

Tuning Shop Overload In Kansai!

There were also a few Imprezas, this converted widebody STI caught my eye. That reminds me I have a great feature on a GDB built by Tex Modify coming up for you Subaru fans.

Ever since I arrived in Japan, I’ve always had a love for the Nissan 180SX, and this one definitely deserved a closer look.

Aesthetically, it does a great job of being subtly aggressive, with slightly wider front and rear fenders, complemented by a simple but effective set of Yokohama Advan RG wheels.

Performance Tuning Shops Near Me

It backs up its looks with a well-tuned SR20DET engine running a bigger but still low turbo.

In Person Custom Dyno Tuning

While this RPS13 is often set adrift, it is meticulously maintained. In my mind, there’s nothing better than a well-built, well-maintained car that gets abused from time to time.

Here is Garage Yamago’s lounge and office area, where customers are greeted and can relax while smaller work on their cars is completed.

There’s plenty to see on the shelves and countless JDM tuning magazines and catalogs to keep you busy while you sip your coffee.

In this waiting room I noticed that Garage Yamago was offering a package for ¥5,000 ($50), which I found much more affordable than the price of other Japanese tuning shops. I’ll definitely have to bring the Project GT-R for this once I get – spoiler alert – new wheels and tires…

Car Performance Tuning Service Shop Auckland

I left Garage Yamago with a big smile on my face. It’s always nice to find a shop that continues to portray the original image of what JDM tuning is to most of us – simple and honest mechanical tuning to perfect every aspect of a car’s performance. It’s even better to find this spirit in a relatively new business. We offer full scale tuning for your vehicle to give you all the power that the laws of physics have to offer. Dyno tuning provides automotive enthusiasts with extreme performance testing and benchmarking.

Not only do we provide performance reports to inform you of your vehicle’s current horsepower, but we are also able to install the necessary parts and re-tune your vehicle for extreme performance.

Dyno tuning helps calibrate your engine so you have a more fuel efficient and smooth ride. This procedure also helps with common problems such as low fuel consumption, rapid acceleration, pinging, difficulty starting the vehicle, or lack of power. If you need performance work done on your vehicle, we recommend that you consider a dyno tune to allow your vehicle to run at peak performance. A dyno tune can help solve many of these problems.

Performance Tuning Shops Near Me

A dyno tune uses preferred settings that match the vehicle and its equipment. This typically provides maximum power, better drivability, good fuel economy and a smoother ride. It increases the horsepower of your vehicle and brings the vehicle to fuel economy. It also minimizes or even prevents backfire.

Tuning Shop Denver

Dyno tuning can also save you from costly repairs in the future. A bench-tuned engine does not have to work as hard as a vehicle that has not been bench-tuned. Additionally, dyno tuning reduces wear and tear on the vehicle. The life of your engine is also extended. Contact us about dyno

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