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Do you want a career in technology where you can really make a difference and help improve product quality? Find out why software testing is a great career choice for you.

Performance Testing Jobs In Singapore

Performance Testing Jobs In Singapore

The software testing market grew at more than USD 40 billion in 2020 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of more than 7% during 2021-2027. Software testing is a critical function in companies. A career in software testing can be challenging but rewarding, requiring problem solving, risk management and quality improvement at all stages of software development.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has led to unprecedented growth in technology. This has accelerated the demand for testing solutions, especially in the retail and IT industries to shorten delivery times and improve the customer experience. Considering the huge scope of software testing and its application in various fields and industries, it is worth considering a career as a software tester.

The software tester is responsible for the quality assurance phase of the software development life cycle. As a tester, your job is to perform a variety of manual and automated tests to ensure that any new software made by developers is suitable for end users and any bugs or errors are removed before the product is deployed.

Your work prevents live incidents that, depending on the intended use of the software, can cause significant reputational damage, financial loss or, in extreme cases, even loss of life. As your role focuses on technical solutions and reporting inconsistencies in new developments, you will need a solid knowledge of programming and coding languages.

The software testing role also requires collaboration with multiple stakeholders, including developers, project support teams, and system users to understand the scope of the project. A software tester performs troubleshooting, writes bug reports, provides feedback to developers, and also communicates test results with both technical and non-technical stakeholders.

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Software applicants usually have a science or IT background. However, graduates from other fields, such as engineering, chemistry, mathematics, statistics and physics, often find themselves in software testing tasks. If you’re considering a career in software testing, you’ll also need a relevant software tester qualification, such as an ISTQB or CSTE certification, specializing in the testing lifecycle, software development, and various testing methodologies.

The ISTQB or International Software Testing Qualifications Board certification teaches skills that are used in many areas of testing. The certification is offered by the American Software Testing Qualifications Board, which offers several other certifications such as Advanced Test Analyst and Advanced Security Tester.

CSTE or Certified Software Tester certification requires either six years of experience in the field to apply for the exam, or an undergraduate degree followed by two years of work.

Performance Testing Jobs In Singapore

Career development as a software tester can be fast, depending on your skills, qualifications and natural abilities. You can start a software testing career in an entry-level position in a graduate program, but as you gain more experience and acquire relevant certifications, you can advance to senior roles such as senior software tester, test manager, and software testing team leader.

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Software testers work closely with project teams, so a natural career path for testers is a project management or PMO role.

This might not be the first word that comes to mind when you think of a role in software testing. However, you need to be innovative when testing a software application. A good software tester must think like the customer and understand the possible pain points that he may encounter while using the software. This includes researching the latest trends, analyzing different phases of the software, and presenting the results to developers to improve the overall quality of the product.

No two days are the same in the software testing role. As a buffer between the user and the new product, you have the opportunity to use and test the latest technology before others. You can test software for websites, mobile apps or content management systems. This provides an ongoing and ongoing opportunity to learn.

Almost every industry that uses software needs software testing. From banking to retail, testers are used in many industries and in various roles. You can choose between manual testing, performance testing, or automated testing, which offers multiple route options.

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If you enjoy challenges and solving complex problems, a career in software testing may be right for you. Each new software is different and causes different problems. This requires looking at products from different perspectives and taking a new approach to testing each time.

Companies recruit software testers from several fields, so there is a constant demand for testers. Software developers play a key role in the software development lifecycle – they ensure that each new product meets optimal quality standards. So the demand for skill testing is high and constant.

At FDM, we offer you several weeks of industry-recognised, accredited training that will give you the skills and confidence to start your career as a software tester. Once trained, you will be employed as an FDM consultant to work with our valued clients to gain valuable commercial experience.

Performance Testing Jobs In Singapore

You will learn how to write and execute tests, assess and manage risks, report results, and communicate effectively with stakeholders at all levels throughout the development lifecycle. You will also learn the basics of Java programming, which will allow you to work with test automation tools and frameworks such as Selenium Webdriver and Cucumber.

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You will learn to test successfully in both Waterfall and Agile environments, thus gaining experience in different work methods. To certify and strengthen your new skills, FDM also offers you access to the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation level qualification.

Once on-site, you will work in fast-paced digital environments supporting projects that deliver innovative new features and software across mobile and web from both a functionality and user experience perspective. You can test anything from self-service POS devices and software for retailers, regulatory reporting systems for global banks, advertising scheduling systems for major media organizations, vehicle diagnostic applications for the automotive industry, and more. Performance testing measures how well systems work when exposed to various workloads. The most important properties to be tested are stability and responsiveness. Performance testing shows the robustness and reliability of systems in general, as well as specific potential points of failure. k6 is an open source framework designed to make performance testing fun for developers.

In this tutorial, you will use k6 for load testing with a simple API hosted on the Heroku platform. Then you will learn how to interpret the results obtained from the tests. This tutorial is a companion to HTTP request testing with k6.

Our tutorials are platform agnostic but are used as an example. If you don’t have an account, register for free here.

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As a performance testing framework, k6 stands out in the way it encapsulates usability and performance. Tools like a command line interface for running scripts and a dashboard for monitoring test run results add to its appeal.

K6 is written in the Goja programming language, which is an implementation of ES2015(ES6) JavaScript in pure Golang. This means you can use JavaScript to write k6 scripts, even though the language’s syntax is only compatible with JavaScript ES2015 syntax.

Now that you know what’s going on under the k6’s hood, why not take the k6 out for some performance testing?

Performance Testing Jobs In Singapore

Unlike JavaScript modules, k6 must be installed using a package manager. On MacOS you can use Homebrew. On Windows, you can use Chocolatey. Additional installation options for other operating systems are available in the k6 documentation. In this tutorial, we will follow the macOS installation guide. Run this command in Homebrew:

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Good job! You have installed k6 and know how it works. Next is to understand what k6 measures and what metrics you can use to write your first load test. Load testing models the expected usage of the system by simulating multiple users using the system at the same time. In our case, we are simulating multiple users using our API over a period of time.

The example load tests measure the responsiveness and stability of our API system for different user groups. In example tests, the breaking points and acceptable limits of the system are determined.

In this tutorial, we will run scripts against a k6 test file that first creates a task for an already hosted API application on Heroku. For this to be considered a load test, we need to include factors such as scaling virtual users, scaling requests, or variable time. In our case, we focus on scaling users to the application during tests. This feature is pre-built with the k6 framework, making it very easy to implement.

To simulate this, we use the k6 concept of executors. Executors provide the horsepower in the k6 execution engine and are responsible for how the scripts are executed. The runner can specify these:

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