Performance Brakes For Ram 1500 – Includes: – High performance radial mounting calipers (forged alloy 6061-T6). – 2 units floating rotors with alloy caps (full floating rotors available). – DOT/ADR compliant teflon/stainless steel brake lines (UK made). – Brackets and screws for direct mounting of a caliper. – Brake pads (can also be purchased from other brands). – All mounting hardware needed for direct screw installation. Caliper Specs: 2 piece aerospace alloy forged 6061-T6 calipers. – Radial mounting design for less flex. – Pistons are available in 6061-T6 alloy with anti-corrosion coating, or stainless steel. – Double seals with high temperature resistant oil ring and dust scrapers. – Stainless steel bleed screw. – Carbon steel caliper adapter for direct installation with guaranteed screwing. -DOT/ADR approved Teflon and stainless steel brake lines with banjo bolt. Brake line hoses are a direct fit and made in the UK. – Logo in CNC processing. – Anti-corrosion coating + customized color finish: “anodization” or “anodization + glossy color”. Rotor Specs: – 2 piece floating rotors with aerospace grade 6061-T6 alloy cap. perfectly balanced. – FC30 cast iron rotor ring with anti-corrosion coating. – Drilled / slotted / slotted rotor ring available at no extra cost. (We advise street and hole drilling only for track and race applications). – Curved vane ventilation for optimal cooling. – Full floating rotors use floating hardware with anti-noise system (removable and rebuildable). It provides a lower tendency to warp, less drag and wear as the rotor ring aligns itself with the pads. Available for 330mm and larger rotors only. The semi-floating rotor uses standard bolts in place and the rotor is fixed to the cap. – Custom color anodized rotor cap.

Available front rotor size (mm): 380×32 405×36 430×36 Available rear rotor size (mm): 345×28 356×28 356×32 365×32 M380x32 L380x32 380×34 405×34

Performance Brakes For Ram 1500

Performance Brakes For Ram 1500

Your car requires this type of parking brake system for the rear kit: electronic electronic brake Other systems are available for custom building.

Chrysler Group Llc To Offer Truckload Of Performance Parts And Accessories For New 2013 Ram 1500

Rotor diameter/maximum kit size for wheel diameter (for reference only). To check for exact fit, refer to the brake pattern tab below. 15-inch wheel: 286 mm 16-inch wheel: 304 mm 17-inch wheel: 330 mm 18-inch wheel: 356 mm 19-inch wheel: 380 mm 20-inch wheel: 405 mm

Click to download the pattern file, print (check that the scale is correct), cut around the dotted line and apply inside your wheel to check clearances:

We have four brake pad compounds to give you high performance braking, depending on your driving conditions. You can see the description of each complex below. You can also use other brake pad brands (such as Alcon, AP Racing, Brembo, Ferodo, Hawk, Mintex, PAGID, Porsche, Wilwood and more) with our calipers. You can purchase an additional set of brake pads with your kit, if you wish, from the spare parts section. We have the following compounds available: – Street pads (grey) for street use, no noise, very little dust, good braking power and friction both at low and high temperatures. These are specially designed to provide good bite and feel, as well as good longevity of the pads and rotors. Optimum temperature range: 0~500°C Maximum temperature: ~550°C Friction coefficient: 0.38~0.45 – Sports pads (blue) for street/track use, provide low noise, little dust, high braking power and friction, both at low and high temperatures. These have been specifically designed to provide a stronger bite and racing feel, as well as good pad and rotor life. Optimum temperature range: 0~550°C Maximum temperature: ~600°C Friction coefficient: 0.40~0.50 – Racing pads (red) for racing use only: for maximum braking power, bite and friction. These brake pads are noisy, they will wear the rotors faster than the street pads and create more dust. The operating temperature range is higher and it is not safe for daily street use. However, they are a must for a race car or track day providing consistent and predictable strong braking and longevity in high temperatures. Feel free to request two sets of pads if you want a street set and a race set for your weekend warrior. Optimal temperature range: 100~700°C Maximum temperature: ~750°C Friction coefficient: 0.42~0.58 – Pro Race pads (yellow) for racing use only: This is a new race compound that pushes the limits even further. We were able to achieve a much higher temperature range while providing a very high coefficient of friction for extreme racing conditions. Optimum temperature range: 100~800°C Maximum temperature: ~850°C Friction coefficient: 0.58~0.68

Two years on casting calipers, caliper parts and gaskets. – Two years on mounting hardware and brackets. – Two years on brake lines. DOT/ADR approval – 10,000 km / 3 months on rotors.

Brake World. 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Chromebrakes Drilled And Slotted Silver Front Rotor

Production takes approximately 15 working days depending on your specifications and availability. Shipping is 3 to 4 business days worldwide via UPS or TNT. We will confirm your order within 24 hours. If designing a kit from scratch, please allow us an additional 10 working days for the additional design and testing.

Custom built with race proven design and technology. For everyday street use up to professional racing according to the selected specifications.

Why choose CEIKA? Order your large brake kit directly from us, save and take advantage of our high performance extras! Since 2008 every CEIKA order is unique and the entire team is here to make sure you get the perfect brake package for your project. At every stage of the build, from sizing and options advice, pattern printing to installation/maintenance advice, our experts will be here to help.

Performance Brakes For Ram 1500

Make sure you choose a size similar to or larger than stock for the rotor diameter. If you want a small stock kit for a lightweight race or street application, contact our expert team to check for approval issues first. Feel free to contact us to email you PDF template files to print and check certificates on your wheels.

Ebc Brakes Rear Stage 15 Kits Orangestuff Brake Pads And Usr Slotted Rotors Ram 1500 Trx

We guarantee that your big brake kit fit will be bolt on to your car and we will send you repaired replacement parts free of charge if anything doesn’t fit. However, CEIKA will not be responsible for fitting the wheels. A clearance problem with the wheel spokes can occur when installing larger brakes. Wheel fitting and compatibility is the customers responsibility, as every car and wheel combination is different.

We recommend that you check with the templates before ordering if you are not willing to purchase spacers to resolve possible release issues. That way we can also direct you towards a kit that will fit without gaps.

I received my brakes and they are perfect. They arrived ready and well packaged. Super clean and made to my specifications. Installation was easy and I will order them again for future projects. The performance was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks to the customer service representative who gave me constant updates every time I asked. 5/5 all day

The large custom built brake kit provided by Seika had an amazing finish. The product was well packaged. Overall, the performance met my expectations. I would definitely order brakes from here for any car as long as they have options for it.

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Gauthier helped me out with a kit for our 87 TII using 16″ wheels with 1″ spacing. The 304 x 22 kit fits perfectly. No more worries about the rear brakes on these cars, since Mazda retired the rear brake calipers. Glad I chose to go with Seika. Excellent communication and service with excellent quality products. By entering your email, you agree to receive automated marketing emails from the email provided.

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Hi friend. Adam is here with and today we take a closer look and install the Power Stop Performance front calipers in red that are available for all 2002 through 2018 Ram 1500s except the SRT-10 model. Well, if you own a Ram 1500 and need a new set of brake calipers and mounts, this is a great way to go for form as well as function. Now when it comes to the caliper it is an exact OEM replacement. The only difference here guys is the fact that it’s powder coated red, and to be honest it looks really, really good. You can see it very clearly through the spokes of your wheels and it fits all aftermarket and stock wheels that clear a factory caliper. It’s that simple. It will fit into the factory locations. It does come with a new bleed screw, pins and all the necessary clips for reinstallation using new hardware. The only thing you’re going to reuse are the factory bracket bolts, so just two 21mm ones. This is a great upgrade if your factory caliper has some blown pistons, you’re just going to replace it with the same dual piston setup as you see here. Now, one thing should be noted here. The red isn’t going to crack, fade or break under extreme impact we all know these brakes

Performance Brakes For Ram 1500


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