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If you have been involved in an accident and have been injured through no fault of your own, our experienced personal injury attorneys can help you get your life back on track. At Hauptman, O’Brien, Wolf & Lathrop, P.C., we have handled all types of personal injury litigation. Based on the circumstances of your accident, you may be entitled to compensation for the damages you accrue. Opposing insurance companies will likely offer you settlements that are far less than your case deserves. With the help of our Omaha and Sarpy County personal injury attorneys, we will protect you from insurance companies and ensure you are treated fairly.

Pain And Suffering Lawyer Near Me

Pain And Suffering Lawyer Near Me

Personal injury is the area of ​​law that determines your rights after you have suffered an injury caused by someone else’s negligent conduct.

Pain And Suffering Settlement Examples

In Nebraska, those rights include the right to monetary compensation for the pain, distress, and financial losses you have suffered as a result of your injury.

The individuals or businesses that caused your accident are liable for your damages. If they have insurance – as is often the case – the insurance company may be responsible for covering your financial compensation.

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always offer the full and fair compensation that victims deserve. At Hauptman, O’Brien, Wolf & Lathrop, we fight for the rights of wrongfully injured people in Nebraska.

As Omaha personal injury attorneys, we understand that personal injury is just that – personal. An accident can affect every area of ​​your life. Your financial recovery should reflect that. You are entitled to a full and fair recovery under the law, and we are here to fight for just that.

Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury attorney is an experienced legal professional who cares about you, represents your best interests, and handles every aspect of your injury claim.

When you hire the Omaha personal injury attorneys at Hauptman, O’Brien, Wolf & Lathrop, you get the benefit of an entire team of attorneys working together, combining their resources and cumulative years of experience to protect your interests every step of the way. .

Our Omaha personal injury attorneys have a long history of challenging even the largest insurance companies and corporate defendants. We are successful in reaching a favorable settlement in the majority of our cases, and we have a solid record of success at trial.

Pain And Suffering Lawyer Near Me

At Hauptman, O’Brien, Wolf & Lathrop, we represent personal injury clients on a contingency fee basis. Here’s what that means:

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We believe that working on a contingency fee basis gives us the incentive to work really hard to get you the best possible result. Why? Our fee is based on how much you recover. And if you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.

In this way, we work as partners in your success. It also means you really have nothing to lose. You can hire us without having to put a penny on the table and there is no risk to you if we fail.

While some very minor accidents may not benefit from the involvement of an attorney (more on that below), there are other situations where it is extremely important to consult with a personal injury attorney before making any decisions or entering into an agreement with the insurance company. company.

If any of these statements are true in your situation, or if you think your case could benefit from hiring a personal injury attorney for any other reason, we encourage you to contact our office and request a free consultation.

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Studies have shown that people who hire a personal injury attorney tend to recover larger amounts of financial compensation than those who do not.

Insurance companies don’t always handle claims fairly, but once you have an aggressive team of lawyers on your side, the insurance company’s strategy can change. We believe that hiring the right attorneys can make a difference in the outcome of a claim.

Virtually all personal injury lawyers handle cases on a contingency basis. The injured are already facing significant financial burdens. By representing clients in contingency, personal injury attorneys enable plaintiffs to pursue justice for their injuries and damages without incurring costs until the case is resolved.

Pain And Suffering Lawyer Near Me

With a contingent fee, the attorney agrees to take the client’s case without upfront payment or collection of fees while the case is pending. The client is charged a contingent fee only if the case is successful (ie, a settlement is reached or a tentative award is obtained).

What Is

It is important to make an informed decision when seeking legal representation. The attorneys at Hauptman, O’Brien, Wolf & Lathrop will discuss our fee agreement in detail so you understand when a contingency fee is charged and how the percentage is calculated.

Some accidents are so minor that there is not much a lawyer can do to help them. For example, if you were in a bumper with minimal property damage and no physical injuries, your claim may not benefit from the involvement of an attorney.

However, in more moderate accidents, it may make sense to speak with an experienced Omaha personal injury attorney. You may be entitled to more than you realize.

After any accident or injury, the most important thing you can do is seek medical attention immediately. Sometimes, the accident seems minor at first, but symptoms develop slowly or complications develop over time. Even in those cases, it will be important to have a documented medical examination immediately after the accident.

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For this reason—and to make sure you’re getting the care you need—even the tiniest accident should prompt an appointment with your doctor’s office.

“Pain and suffering” is a legal term that refers to the non-economic damages you may suffer after a personal injury accident.

Nebraska personal injury law recognizes that pain and suffering damages are very real. They deserve to be taken seriously. Personal injury victims in Nebraska have the right to file a claim for financial compensation for pain and suffering. However, calculating an appropriate monetary value for these damages can be challenging.

Pain And Suffering Lawyer Near Me

Unfortunately, insurance companies are notorious for trying to minimize or deny the pain and damage suffered. An experienced Omaha personal injury attorney can zealously advocate for a full and fair award for pain and suffering.

How Is Pain And Suffering Calculated In Illinois?

In many cases, these damages are a significant part of the accident victim’s recovery, so it is important to work with attorneys who are experienced in filing compelling claims for pain and suffering in Nebraska.

Nebraska uses a comparative negligence standard in determining liability for damages in personal injury claims. If the plaintiff is found to be partially responsible for the incident that resulted in the injury, recoverable damages are reduced in proportion to the plaintiff’s share of fault.

Recovery of damages is not barred unless “the claimant’s negligence is equal to or greater than the total negligence of all persons against whom recovery is sought” (see Nebraska Revised Statutes 25-21, 185.09). This is known as the “50% rule”.

It is not uncommon for defendants and insurance companies to try to blame the plaintiff for the accident in an attempt to avoid paying what is fair. You should not accept accusations of guilt at face value. Instead, the best course of action is to consult with a qualified personal injury attorney who can help you assert your rights and pursue the maximum compensation you deserve.

How Pain And Suffering Compensation Is Calculated

Traffic accidents are responsible for a large number of injuries and deaths each year in Nebraska. In 2016, there were nearly 35,000 crashes and 218 fatalities in Nebraska, according to the Department of Transportation. If you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident in the greater Omaha area due to negligence, contact our experienced car accident attorneys immediately so we can discuss securing legal representation.

Many people throughout the state of Nebraska enjoy boating with friends and family. Unfortunately, boating accidents occasionally occur due to the carelessness of other people on the water. Boating accidents often involve one boat crashing into another. These accidents can cause serious injuries to all involved. If you or a family member has been involved in a boating accident due to the negligence of another party, contact our experienced boating accident attorneys immediately so we can discuss securing legal representation.

Accidents involving commercial trucks traveling at high speed on the highway can cause extensive damage to the cars and motorcycles around them. A truck accident case in Nebraska can be complicated. Trucks have extensive insurance policies and many potentially liable parties. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident in Nebraska, contact our experienced truck accident attorneys to help you recover compensation.

Pain And Suffering Lawyer Near Me

Motorcyclists are without question the least protected drivers on the road. No matter how state-of-the-art their equipment is, very little will protect them from a larger vehicle, high speeds and hard asphalt. Because of this, motor vehicle accidents in

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