Outdoor Car Covers For Classic Cars – Our unique nanotechnology means this fabric is fully waterproof with both a waterproof membrane and a unique waterproof coating. It is the ultimate protection for outdoor use

This is our most advanced outdoor fabric, similar to neoprene, making it very soft on the vehicle’s paint, and extremely durable.

Outdoor Car Covers For Classic Cars

Outdoor Car Covers For Classic Cars

Mirror pockets are available in sizes S1 – LL, and are only available for select vehicles. When you select your vehicle, if appropriate, mirror pockets will appear as an option

Advantages Of Outdoor Car Covers Vs. Tarps

This unique fabric is slightly stretchy and available in 17 sizes, which means the covers fit snugly to the bodywork, which stops movement in the wind.

These Ultimate covers come with three sets of fully removable straps and can be used in conjunction with our cable lock.

Our waterproof membrane will ensure that no dust, bird droppings or tree sap will penetrate to the paint underneath, keeping these contaminants away from the bodywork.

Our Ultimate Car Covers are made from specially formulated advanced Nanotechnology fabric, giving a unique waterproof coating to ensure long lasting protection and care for your car.

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These are the world’s first “standard fit” car cover available in this fabric with its unique nanotechnology properties.

This cover is manufactured from our most advanced fabric; fully waterproof*, fully breathable, strong and stretchy. The fabric is a little like a wetsuit, making them extremely soft on the inside and extremely durable. The covers have three sets of fully removable straps that go under the car.

These covers offer all the benefits of the Custom Ultimate Car Covers but at a more affordable price. The covers are available in 17 sizes designed to fit a wide range of cars. Manufactured in a discreet gray colour, these car covers are suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor Car Covers For Classic Cars

The Ultimate Outdoor covers have three sets of fully removable straps underneath to help secure the cover, one at each end and one in the middle.

The Best Car Covers To Keep Your Car Safe From The Elements

These covers are now available with mirror pockets for select vehicles (the option will appear when you select your make/model). Please see our gallery here.

We can also provide custom made outdoor blankets giving a perfectly tailored fit. Please see our custom outdoor car covers.

*While the fabric is waterproof sometimes some leakage may occur through the seams, this will evaporate naturally as the fabric is breathable.

If you have any questions about whether this cover is suitable for use in your car, please see our guide page or don’t hesitate to call us – 01938 561717.

What Is The Best Car Cover Material?

“The cars and motorcycles that I was able to retain or collect all had a special connection…

“Thank you so much for the great snood for my little red car, it fits perfectly and will keep her warm… Any car enthusiast will prefer to keep their pride and joy away from the elements and, in the absence of a garage, an outdoor car cover is a good alternative.

When a car is left outside unprotected, it is vulnerable to scratches and bumps as well as the harmful effects of the sun and air pollution, as well as tree sap, dirt and bird droppings. So a high-quality car cover is a good investment, although it’s good to take precautions.

Outdoor Car Covers For Classic Cars

A cover should not be applied to a wet vehicle, and snow should be brushed off as soon as possible to aid breathability. It is also good to check that moisture does not build up on paint. We tried eight solutions to protect a classic Ford Capri RS3100 (courtesy of Capricare UK, 01908 365560).

The 10 Best Outdoor Car Covers In 2023 (including Waterproof And Uv Resistant Options)

If a cover can’t breathe, it can trap moisture between it and the body, and damage paint. Breathability was assessed using a steam-filled box with a moisture trap on top, noting the results after five minutes. To check for leaks, we hosed each one down before pouring 500ml of water on one area and leaving it for 10 minutes. Drop test evaluated protection against accidental shocks.

We also checked build quality and ease of use, plus we wanted tether straps, mirror pockets, carry bags and zipped door panels. Some blankets came in a standard size, others were either part or completely custom made. We have taken into account prices from online sources, although these vary according to the size of the covers.

Sealey’s SCCL did most things well, but its relatively low price really clinched the win. For a car that guarantees better performance and tailored fit, the Concours and Richbrook Superstorm covers were very impressive.

With this cover, you gain an extra layer over Sealey’s CCL version, and we think it’s worth it, especially as it only costs a few pounds more.

Amazon.com: Carcovers Scratch Resistant Indoor Car Cover With Warranty, Compatible With Ford 1964 1968 Mustang

We found the composite material to be fully waterproof and breathable, and average in terms of impact resistance. The fit was good, with very little overhang at either end, and it was secure, as it was the only one here with three rather than two tether straps.

Unlike some, we were able to get it back into its bag, an important feature for owners who regularly fit and remove.

The new All Seasons range consists of five blankets in sizes XS to XL, making it easy to get just the right fit. We liked the soft protective inner lining, and found the breathability to be extremely good. The impact protection was much better than that of its test rivals, but that was not surprising given that it was almost twice as much as the last winner, at 4.9kg. The fit was good, with elastic sections front and back, and three chains to pass under the vehicle. The reflective silver finish can be an acquired taste, however it removed the moisture very effectively. Breathability was top notch, but the Sealey just stole the win here.

Outdoor Car Covers For Classic Cars

Like the Halfords cover, this was finished in space-age shiny silver, although it was much lighter. This made it easier to maneuver, but led to slightly lower impact resistance than on its more expensive sibling. It also meant we could fold it easily into the bag. Twin straps helped secure it and we liked the reinforced hole in the center for the optional locking cable.

Essential Tips For Car Cover Success

Cover prices start at around £99 and vary by size and specification. Its double-stitched seams contributed to its excellent outdoor moisture performance.

Richbrook’s top model had a four-layer fabric that was the second heaviest at 3.6kg, although we were still able to get it into its carrier just fine. Constructed using heat and ultrasonic techniques, it repelled all our external water, was impressively breathable and resisted impacts well. The twin double-point chain straps and safety flap have been reinforced and combined with the front and back elastics to make it tight.

It was the most expensive cover here – prices start at £175 – so you should consider whether the cost is justified.

The ultimate carport when you’ve got the space but not the £20k needed for a brick garage – and it doesn’t need planning permission.

Choosing The Right Car Cover For Uv Protection: A Guide To Protecting Your Car

It took a day to set up and we were impressed with the way it shook off the effects of heavy rain and high winds the next day. The three-layer, waterproof, woven polyethylene fabric was also good, as it was UV-treated with anti-fungal agents for protection against sun and rain. Inside, the white finish made it light and it easily swallowed the car with room left for tools and accessories.

Clarke’s entry was by far the cheapest here, but the lightweight synthetic cover was too long for the Capri.

It easily removed external moisture, but was not breathable. We liked the strong elastic edges front and back, which had their work cut out for them on the windy test day. It was under the sides and starting to rise a little and we would have paid a little more for the relief of a couple of straps. Impact protection has been limited to the odd push and shove, but as a cheap way to cover a car for a short time, it’s worth a look.

Outdoor Car Covers For Classic Cars

This was finished in shiny silver, a color that will divide opinion. In theory the ‘large’ cover should be ideal, but it was quite a bit too long for our car and probably a ‘medium’ would be better. It came well down each side and had two fixed tether straps, though without a locking cable option, and it was far too large to fit easily into his bag.

Amazon.com: Ezyshade 10 Layer Waterproof Sports Car Cover. See Vehicle Size Chart For Accurate Fit. All Weather Full Outdoor Covers. Miata Porsche Slk Z3 Z4 Classic Cars. Sun Snow Rain. Size C1 (see Size

Its hefty weight of 4.3kg made it a bit clumsy, but it did mean very good impact protection. The price was also good and we liked the two-year warranty.

Sealey’s CCL was quite basic, with only two non-breathable layers. The outer anti-UV repels moisture very well, but with limited impact resistance, while the soft inner layer was paintable.

The elastics in the front and back worked well, but the cover blew quite a bit in the wind, thanks to not having chain straps. It was the only one with a zipped door opening – ideal to save having to remove the cover to enter the cabin, and two vents on the top to help prevent moisture. It did come with a zip-up bag, but we found it impossible to get the cover into it.

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