Off Road Tires For Silverado – For the fourth generation of Silverado trucks, Chevy has introduced the RST trim line for the first time. RST stands for “Rally Sport Truck” and you will often see this mark on vehicles from the GM generation. This Silverado sports a better, more aggressive look from every angle that gives this new generation a bigger presence on the road…

While the RST looks great from the factory, what’s really interesting to do with a new toy? Well… real change! This Silverado RST sports the new Hardline front and rear Iron Cross Automotive paint that perfectly matches the Red Hot (yes, that’s the color code) Chevy. One of my favorite things with the Hardline bumper is the RST badging that looks on the front right corner. In addition to the modified body, we got a massive 6″ lift from Superlift Suspension to complement our favorite part of the roof – the beautiful Hardrock H503 SPINE XPOSED! Scroll down to continue reading.

Off Road Tires For Silverado

Off Road Tires For Silverado

This RST sports the H503 finished in a beautiful black with milled tones to add that layer of depth. In a seat with a 6” lift, we chose to put a set of 20x12s around to meet the owner’s use for the car. The 20×12 H503 sports a 4.8″ deep lip and can support a 40.04 tire. Our RST on the 20x12s is running a 37×13.50r20 Grabber series by General Tire.

Call In Spec Ops W/this Silverado W/off Road Rims And Tires

Now, we know that every manufacturer has its loyal following and we can appreciate that, but one look at the RST will change your mind… If you own a Silverado, or any other vehicle for that matter, and you’re looking for a tire, call our sales team at (626) 960-4829 or email cs@. It may not be an accurate representation of the product.

DELIVERY UPDATE As soon as possible: Mon, Oct 30 The delivery date is an estimate based on the time of past orders and the location of your product on our website. The actual delivery date may be earlier or later than this date due to various factors. in the lower 48

With nearly 20 years of tire experience, teams composed of motorcycle enthusiasts, ARKON OFF-ROAD aims to revolutionize the motorcycle industry!

The ARKON OFF-ROAD Lincoln was designed by Shawn Chartier. Shawn is the CEO of Enthusiast Enterprises which owns ARKON OFF-ROAD, Custom Offsets, Fitment Industries, and more.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 With 22×12 44 Monster Offroad M17 And 35/12.5r22 Gladiator Xcomp Mt And Suspension Lift 6

It started with a canvas and a lot of bad pictures (his words). After several sketches, he arrived at a design he liked. He likes to put everything he wants out of the wheel for his car.

Shawn knew he wanted to create a chunky accent and large windows for a clean and simple look that would go with all the buildings. He also knew that he wanted to make the right reference wheel (property) to give the customer an expensive feeling without paying the price. He said that it was very difficult to record his experience on paper. Wheel design is complicated.

Once he had a sketch and an idea he was happy with when it was time to send the artist to do it in person. This took 4 wheel samples to get right. When he saw that sample 4, he and the others knew it was a win. His overall goal of designing and making a wheel was accomplished.

Off Road Tires For Silverado

The Lincoln features an eight-spoke design with a more aggressive lip. People love this bike because it not only shows the aggressiveness in its design but also because of its beautiful simplicity. Lincoln is built to last so you can have peace of mind when you put a pair of ARKON OFF-ROAD tires on your car that can handle your lifestyle every day. date and watch the amazing work. .

Chevy Silverado 2500hd Zr2 Epitomizes ‘work Hard, Play Hard’

Love the wheels, very light weight, great design, now finish the project and get the best pictures! Indeed a company that I am now a proud representative of, even though mistakes have been made, Arkon has prepared a way with service and support! Can’t wait for future work with these wheels and maybe a new setup on my next car 🤫

The pictures don’t do them justice, love them so much and how much they change the look of my car.

I buy tires and I always go back to the Lincoln, awesome tires and the customer was happy with the experience.

The best tires for the car condition are beautiful

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 With 20×10 23 Gear Off Road Big Block And 33/12.5r20 Federal Couragia Mt And Leveling Kit

I went with beautiful black. Comfortable tires. Directional sign with a phat lip. They look good on my car reg. The car is parked properly. Ordering is easy. Took about a month but shipping is crazy so far so I’m not complaining at all. Well packaged. I appreciate other good things. Very happy with my purchase.

I ordered the mandela but it is on backorder and will take 90+ days. They took care of me every week. After 2 months I didn’t like it anymore so I switched to the Lincoln. The customer service was great and answered my questions quickly. 5 star Customer Service Thanks Hector for your great work can’t wait for my wheels and tires!

These wheels are amazing on my car. After ordering four different wheels, these are the ones I’m very happy with.

Off Road Tires For Silverado

The fit and finish of the wheel would definitely give it 4 stars. The outer lip of the barrel (the back of the wheel) looks a little rough. And in two places near the spokes, the chrome is gone. The way they looked on my car gave me 5 stars. Other than a few flaws, I love these wheels. The same goes for my friends.

Stock Wheels With Mud Tires

Love these wheels and tires I got here from Kyle! 7.5in lift. 37s x 24 x 12. Love love love the look

These are the ones I got I love the way they look, so easy to clean and everything looks great

These tires are about 22×15. returning because it was damaged in shipping but it’s better

My only complaint is the center caps on the back which have 2 of the old style and 2 new center caps. I’m sure they’ll match it when they get it. The shipping was amazing with the package and everything!

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Reg Cab 4wd

I have loved these wheels since they came out and I couldn’t be happier with them.

Arkon Lincoln tires are great on my 2018 chevy I am very happy with them they are 20×12 tires so thanks again

It fits perfectly with a 4 inch lift on a 33 car only complaint is that the paint finish is not the longest.

Off Road Tires For Silverado

Got a set of 24 x 12 rims and tires for my 2001 Excurtion need to change the size of the front bumper other than that Looks great!!!

Rimtyme Custom Wheels & Tires — Chevy Silverado Sitting On 20” Xf Off Road Xf 214

Went very well with my Venom Power R/T tires my ford is more powerful than the chrome.

I am very happy that these tires turned my car from a flat tire to a brand new one.

I know they are a good price, but I can’t give a 5 star because there are runs in the paint on the back. The 24 inch you can see them if you look at the casting wheel

The tires are amazing!! Easy picture with shipping method too. Lots of improvements in a very short time running this set!! Good luck with the Custom and Arkon offsets!!

Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Contra

It was put together when I got the wheels that put me in 3 roles and one left but I quickly got a replacement and I couldn’t be happier with the result they have a place to put the pictures .

Absolutely love these tires! The concave look really sets these tires apart from others available! The results of the wheels are not the same. I love the fact that the wheel isn’t too popular, especially for my build! I would rate 10 stars if I could! 10/10 recommend these tires!

Great line of products, couldn’t be happier with all the products and services I wanted. If I could give 10 stars, I would!

Off Road Tires For Silverado

It’s as spacious as expected. The finish looks great. See in two years. The only problem I have with them is that the center caps on the rear hubs don’t fit easily. I actually broke two of them. I emailed customer service, and their solution was to run a spacer to get the center cap off the rear hub. Well… that’s not going to happen. Must do the NorCal mod. It is not possible to expand them with torsion bars alone

Chevrolet Silverado Hd Zr2 Debuts With Massive 35 Inch Tires To Tackle Anything You Throw At It

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