Nursing Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners – Singapore is one of the four developed economies in Asia. The country’s job market is thriving, attracting immigrants from various countries to migrate to Singapore. Immigrants want to work in Singapore because of the excellent quality of life. Employers provide high salaries to attract foreign workers.

In Singapore, there is a high demand for professionals in various sectors such as healthcare, marketing, technology, etc. The unemployment rate in Singapore is 2.0 in the third quarter of 2022. Total employment in the country increased by 75,900 people. The chances of employment growth are high. also forecast for the fourth quarter. Some of the most in-demand professions along with their salaries in the country are:

Nursing Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

Nursing Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

Singapore has a strong economy and there are many jobs in the country. There are many benefits of working in the country and some of them are discussed below.

Skills Required In Resume For Nursing Jobs In Singapore

The job market in Singapore is full of career opportunities, with jobs available in sectors such as marketing, technology, healthcare, engineering, etc. Employers in the country are eager to hire foreign skilled workers. Companies offer high salaries to immigrants to attract them. Here is a list of industries in the country that are facing talent shortages:

There are many sectors in Singapore where there are jobs and employers pay high salaries to immigrants. The Ministry of Human Resources annually publishes wage data for various occupations. The highest average salaries, according to the latest report, are presented in the table below:

Income tax in Singapore depends on your tax resident status. The current income tax rate is shown in the table below:

If you plan to work in Singapore, you will need to apply for a work visa. The visa application process is described below:

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The process of applying for permanent residence in Singapore is very simple. To apply for permanent residence, you need to complete the following steps:

The Singapore Ministry of Education cares about education. The academic year starts in January and ends in November. Public schools have four semesters with breaks between each semester. Singapore public schools have a high standard of teaching and learning. English is a means of learning and communication.

Students will be divided into different streams: Express, Regular Academic and Regular Technical based on their PSLE ​​scores.

Nursing Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

In their first year, students will be required to choose an Arts or Science major. At the end of their JC studies, students will take national exams (A-Levels) – J2.

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Singapore has a diverse population due to immigration. The largest population is Chinese, followed by Malays, Indians and ethnic groups. The Chinese practice religions such as Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. Some Indians and Malays practice Islam. The Christian community is also growing rapidly in the country. Singapore uses four languages ​​for communication. The first and most popular is English, followed by Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. The official language of the country is Malay.

The work culture in Singapore is team-oriented. The company has to form different teams to achieve its goals. You will have to work with your team members and agree on decisions. Employees must work:

Employees are also entitled to overtime work, which will be 72 hours per month. Overtime pay will be 1.5 times the base hourly rate.

Social security benefits in Singapore include a Central Provident Fund to which employers and employees are required to contribute. This fund can be used for healthcare, housing and retirement. CPF has three subcategories:

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Funds in a regular account can be used at any time for home purchases, investments, or educational expenses. The Medisave account can be used to pay medical bills, hospitalization expenses and approved health insurance. Special and regular accounts roll into a retirement account after employees reach age 55. At this age they have the right to withdraw their funds.

The mother will receive 16 weeks of paid leave, and the father can share four weeks of the mother’s leave. The criteria for granting leave are as follows: As Singapore prepares to hire around 4,000 new nurses by the end of 2023, with many more coming from overseas, some CNAs (certified nursing assistants) are discussing the factors that motivate them to work elsewhere. Singapore has a competitive advantage due to its proximity to home countries and a relatively simple application process amid growing global demand for foreign nurses, health workers and experts say.

Singapore is also trying to replace nurses who left for other countries during the pandemic, including by providing larger salary packages. However, retention remains a challenge, with some CNAs saying they are considering moving overseas due to the difficulty of settling here. According to the Singapore Nursing Council, foreign-trained nurses who wish to work in Singapore must pass a licensing exam and competency assessment.

Nursing Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

However, in other countries such as the US or UK, foreign job seekers may require additional steps such as an English language test. The cost of each test typically ranges from $180 to $325, depending on where they take it, which may discourage some candidates from applying to such countries.

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“Nurses have a lot more options today than before because the pandemic has forced everyone to prioritize nurses,” said Associate Professor Jeremy Lim from the National University of Singapore’s Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health. Another important factor for foreign nurses is being close to their family while working abroad, he said.

“Many nurses come from the Philippines or other countries in the region, and people leave their home countries to earn money, but they still want to be close enough to home,” explained Associate Professor Lim. “So, frankly, Singapore benefits from our proximity to the Philippines, India and Myanmar, unlike the US and European countries, and we have an inherent advantage when it comes to recruiting foreign nurses.”

Earlier this month, Health Minister Ong Ye Kung announced that Singapore would hire about 4,000 new nurses by the end of 2023. This represents about 10% of the current nursing workforce and is 700 more than the total number of nurses hired last year. To offset a two-year slowdown in foreign nurse recruitment caused by COVID-19 border restrictions, the majority of those 4,000 nurses will be foreign, with a local nurse ratio of approximately 60:40.

In Singapore, attrition rates of local and foreign nurses in the public sector increased in 2021 compared to 2020. Local outmigration was 7.4 percent in 2021, down from 5.4 percent the previous year. The outflow of foreign nurses has more than doubled year on year, reaching 14.8% in 2021. In July, the Ministry of Health announced that more than 25,000 nurses would receive special payments worth between 1.7 and 2.1 months of their basic salary.

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Despite these efforts to attract and retain foreign nurses, some of those working here cite the difficulty of making Singapore their permanent home as one of the factors influencing their decision to look elsewhere.

Paul (ambiguous) is an Indian national who worked as a nurse in a public hospital in Singapore for four years. After working as a nurse in India for three years, the 29-year-old decided to move to Singapore.

“I chose Singapore because it is closer to India than other countries,” he explained. “My parents are old and have a lot of health problems, so if I were to go to a European country that is quite far from India, it would take too long.

Nursing Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

“I don’t plan to leave Singapore yet because I think it’s a good place to work and the salary is better than what I would get at home.” Paul wants to make peace with his partner.

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With the ongoing global nursing shortage and growing demand for care, Associate Professor Lim believes that providing long-term residency to foreign nurses will help boost Singapore’s competitiveness and reduce attrition rates in the long term.

“We are definitely one of the best in Southeast Asia and our public health system is probably one of the best in the world, so the nurses who come through us really get a sense of trust,” said Dr Lim Huai Yang, a public health specialist , interested in organizational health.

“They see us as a place where they can add something to their resume, get some good training for a few years and gain some experience before moving to another country where the salary is likely to be better and the balance between work and personal life is better. »

According to Associate Professor Lim from the National University of Singapore, the struggle to attract and retain talented nurses is increasingly about quality as well as quantity.” We are in a global market and if we don’t need them, someone else will. “, says the author. “He gave a warning.” We have lost many of our most experienced foreign nurses and replacing a nurse who has worked in Singapore for 15 years is not easy. “We can’t expect one nurse who just arrived in Singapore to be the same.”

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