Not At Fault Insurance Claim – Today, I’m going to talk to you about the claims process for auto insurance claims when you’re not at fault, meaning

. You are involved in an accident, and someone else is responsible for the accident. They will be responsible for property damage to your vehicle, as well as any bodily injury you, or anyone in the vehicle with you, may have sustained.

Not At Fault Insurance Claim

Not At Fault Insurance Claim

So, let’s talk about the claim process. You are involved in a car accident, you or a member of your family, and it is in one of your cars. what are you doing?

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The first thing you need to do is make sure you call the police. Call the police or whatever authority should be there at that time. Make sure you get them there.

This is really important for a few reasons, but one of them is that you can have some kind of legal document to verify that the accident happened, and that it happened exactly as you said it would. In this record, it will have many different things that are really for you for your insurance claim. One of them, what will happen. It will have the time and date, so you can reference where the location was and also what the weather was like and all these different things like that. It will have all your information there. It will have names of you, who owns the car. This will contain your contact information, as well as the insurance company’s information. All these different things will be going on there, including if there are any witnesses. So if there are any witnesses, as well as the event diagram, all these things will be there and become important in the claim process.

Another thing you can do while you’re there is you can go ahead and just turn around and say, “

And you can simply use your cell phone, and take a picture of it. That way you also have it for your records, in case there is any confusion or question about it.

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Okay, so the claim was made. You have received the report. Now you’re ready to make sure it’s reported. You will be waiting to hear from your adjuster. Well, go ahead and contact your insurance company, even if you are not at fault. If you have an independent insurance agent, they will help you understand what the process is. They will want to keep a copy of this record in your file. And yet, if there’s a problem or you just need help, they’ll be there to help you through the claims process.

So you changed the claim, and you told your insurance agent about it. They have made a copy of the report and any other documents you have. All you have to do is wait to hear from the adjuster. You should hear from them within 24 hours. Sometimes it may take a little longer, but usually it should be within 24 hours. If you haven’t heard from them, you need to go ahead and just report the claim yourself.

But let’s say that everything is going smoothly, and the process is moving forward. So the first thing that happens is that the adjuster will contact you and give you one of three options. Each one, they’ll come out and they’ll look at your car themselves, estimate the damage, and then tell you, “Well, this is what we believe it’s going to take to fix your car. .Do you have any medical bills, or do you need a rental car?” And then you will provide them with this information, and they will take care of these things for you.

Not At Fault Insurance Claim

Now, in this scenario, you will go to any body shop of your choice and provide them with a copy of the estimate to show what the damages are. And then they should be able to take care of those damages for you. In this scenario, usually they will pay you directly. Then you will have to pay the body shop for the damages that were done.

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The second scenario is that the insurance company may have a premium store or pro shop. All this means is that they have already agreed to work with some companies in your area, which means different body shops. They have a contract with them where they will take care of the damages and estimates for them geographically. This is a good situation for you because it helps cut out one of the middlemen and also helps speed up the process for you. You can bring it to the body shop. They can look at it and guess, and then actually just make a timeline when they fix it for you. And they just care about it. There is no doubt about how much it will cost to fix it. They have already agreed that the body shop will take care of it, take a look, tear the car down, get the right parts and bring it back to you like it was before the damage happened.

In this case, they pay the body shop directly, and you don’t have to worry about getting the money, then transferring it to them or anything like that. Also, repairs are usually guaranteed for the life of the car. As long as you own the car, these repairs are generally guaranteed to you. If there’s any question… it helps eliminate any question about, well, well, they guessed, well, they found out that something else went wrong there. A body shop will be able to take care of all of this at once.

Well, the third scenario is that the insurance company might say, “Well, we’ll go to a couple of body shops that you like, get a couple of estimates. And then we’ll pay the lesser of the two. That’s a There is a situation where they will probably pay you again. And then you have to pay the body shop. In some cases, they may pay both of you, and you both have to sign it, or Pay the body shop when you choose which body shop you want to use.

So these are three different situations. Once you establish, okay, the car is damaged, how much it costs. That’s how long it will take me to get out of the car. They will then provide you with a rental car at their expense for one type and type of vehicle. So if you have a subcompact car, they will give you a subcompact rental. You have a pickup truck, they will give you a pickup as a rental. If you have some type of SUV or minivan, they will give you the same type of car.

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If there’s a misunderstanding, just know that if you need a bigger car, because that’s what you drive, they should be able to give you that. Now know where you live, it may be a little harder to get the type of car for you because of the rental market, and also if you live in a rural area. But know that they will take care of it.

Well, let’s say you have medical bills, they have to arrange for you to pay for any medical visits you have, prescription drugs, any rehabilitation, as well as any tests, such as MRIs, Bloody work, whatever. that They will take care of these things for you.

Now, what if you haven’t heard from the insurance company? It’s two, three days later, and you haven’t heard from anyone. Well, there are a few scenarios you can follow. One of them is that you can report the claim yourself. If you have a copy of the police report that provides information for the other party’s insurance, you can call the insurance company and report it yourself. Or your independent representative will be happy to assist you in this process. In that case, if you have a police report, remember you have to have a police report, you can call them and say, “Hey, look, I had an accident with your claimant. I didn’t I see no one has called me yet. Can we report the claim?”

Not At Fault Insurance Claim

They will ask you many different questions. One of them would be, do you have a copy of the police report? You can tell them. They will either ask you to send it to them, or they will get a copy of it themselves.

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