New York Bicycle Accident Lawyer – New York is a unique state because it is home to some of the world’s most iconic cityscapes, as well as charming, idyllic towns and villages in wooded rural areas. Its people are as diverse as the landscape and come from all walks of life.

One thing everyone has in common is the need to move around. Whether cruising the streets of a busy city, taking a leisurely ride through the parks, riding along the Hudson River Trail, or pedaling to work every day to save on gas, bicycling is a way people from all over New York choose to get around. look around.

New York Bicycle Accident Lawyer

New York Bicycle Accident Lawyer

But riding a bike is not without risks. Hundreds of people are injured in bicycle accidents each year, most of which involve motor vehicles. A collision with a car can cause some serious injuries and even death.

Reliable Bicycle Accident Lawyers In New York

What you need on your side, in that case, is a skilled personal injury attorney who is familiar with bicycle accidents. Cyclists are subject to the same traffic laws as motor vehicle drivers, but that doesn’t always protect them, especially if a driver is distracted.

Finkelstein & Partners, LLP has been around for decades, starting with a humble office in Newburgh, NY. It was an unusual site for Howard S. Finkelstein to look out his office window and see bicycles sharing the road with cars, taxis and trucks.

We now cover a much wider area, from Boston to Newark and most of the land in between. Bicycle accidents are just as dangerous now as they were then, largely because cyclists travel slower, lack protective features like metal frames of cars, and are disproportionately large and heavy compared to other vehicles on the road.

Today, with rising fuel prices and the desire of some to protect their health and reduce their carbon footprint, many people are returning to cycling to get around. The result is an increase in bicycle accidents.

New York Bike Accident Lawyers

In the last year, Albany reported 22 bicycle accidents, Poughkeepsie reported 22 injuries, and Newburgh had 10 bicycle-related injuries, nearly double the number of accidents from last year. White Plains experienced 50 bicycle accidents.

These numbers may seem lower than you imagine, and part of the reason for this is that few people actually report accidents and derailments in large urban areas such as New York City. Rochester reported 102 bicycle accidents resulting in injuries. Buffalo ranked first with 114 bicycle accidents per year.

Bicycle accidents, especially with motor vehicles, often result in permanent injuries and even death. These cases are often nuanced and require special attention to detail, investigation and other factors that affect settlements with insurance companies and other parties. You need a skilled attorney to argue your specific case to get the compensation you deserve.

New York Bicycle Accident Lawyer

It is always important to wear protective clothing when riding a bicycle. In New York State, all bicyclists under the age of 14 must wear helmets.

New York Bicycle Accident Attorney I Spar & Bernstein

If you’re injured in an accident, you’ve probably already taken the first steps: call 911, get to safety, and get medical help at the scene. Never leave the scene of an accident until law enforcement clears you. First responders can take you to the hospital for treatment.

Many factors can affect the compensation you receive for your injuries. Among these factors, responsibility is the most important. Do not pollute your waters responsibly at the scene of the accident.

You have been involved in a traumatic accident and may not be thinking clearly, but an insurance adjuster may use your statement against you to reduce or deny the compensation you are entitled to.

The severity of your injuries, including hospital bills, rehabilitation, psychological impact, and pain and suffering, can weigh heavily on your compensation. A quick settlement can mean the insurer overlooks future costs and bills, especially if you have permanent injuries or a long road to recovery.

The Bicycle As A Vehicle Of Protest

Permanent disabilities will require you to change how you live, and cognitive or emotional damage may affect your life. Extensive treatment can result in lost wages and even unemployment, and should be included in settlement negotiations.

If you and the insurer cannot reach an agreement, the matter may be taken to court so that the judge can award compensation. A judge can also award punitive damages if they find negligence, malice, or negligence on the part of the company that caused your injury from a company driver.

Finkelstein & Partners, LLP has extensive experience in these matters and can effectively negotiate with insurance companies who are trying to offer the lowest possible payout to maintain their bottom line. Your injuries are worth more than saving the company money, and those responsible for the injuries need to be held accountable.

New York Bicycle Accident Lawyer

You can feel hopeless, angry, and depressed after a bike accident, but there are some things you can do proactively to strengthen your insurance case. Seek medical treatment for your injuries immediately after the accident.

New York Personal Injury Lawyer

Provide these documents to your legal team at Finkelstein & Partners, LLP. This paperwork will help you increase your chances of getting a settlement that reflects your actual damages and suffering after a New York bicycle accident.

Another important tip is to keep quiet about your accidents and injuries on social media. While it’s natural to want to share information with friends and family, do so in a non-public way. Photos of you participating in daily activities posted on social media can prove that your injuries are not as serious as you make them out to be, even when your medical records indicate that they are.

A bicycle accident can change your life, which is why you need an attorney like Finkelstein & Partners, LLP, fighting for you. Our approach to working with our clients is unique as 170 paraprofessionals and case managers support our team of over 85 attorneys to give you that personal touch and never let you down.

A free consultation and a no-fee guarantee means you can get award-winning representation from us, regardless of your arrival. Our attorneys work on a case-by-case basis, meaning you won’t have to pay for services in advance, except for personal fees for copies of records from local government or other reports. If your attorney is successful, you will only need to pay a percentage of your settlement.

Bicycle Accidents In New York: What To Know

Hiring an attorney can help you avoid the hassle and hassle of navigating the legal system, fighting insurance companies, and gathering documents during an investigation while you focus on your health and well-being. Hiring a lawyer allows you to meet deadlines, file the appropriate paperwork, and be backed by years of experience to protect your rights and get the compensation you need.

Contact us today at (518) 452-2813 to set up a free consultation. Our team of experienced attorneys, paralegals, and allies in your fight are ready to help. In the sixty years we’ve served people like you, we haven’t backed down from big corporations, government agencies, or mega-insurance companies. We are ready to stand by your side and ensure you receive fair treatment and a fair settlement. The NYC Bicycle Accident Lawyers at Gair, Gair, Conason, Rubinowitz, Bloom, Hershenhorn, Steigman & Mackauf have been defending bicyclist rights since 1919. with the unique challenges under New York Law faced by injured bicyclists or families who have lost a loved one in a bicycling accident. Call us at 212-943-1090 for a free consultation.

Our bicycle accident attorneys are located in Manhattan and handle bicycle accident cases in metro New York, NY State and NJ. Some of the cases we handle are:

New York Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Our NYC bicycle accident lawyers recently settled a case for a woman on a bicycle who was injured when she was hit by a bus in New York. During discovery the video was obtained from the defendant bus company.

Electric Bike (e Bike) Lawsuit Lawyers

People injured in bicycle accidents face unique legal challenges under New York law, which requires special knowledge and experience as it relates to the rights of bicyclists. Our New York bicycle accident attorneys have years of experience representing bicycle accident victims and their families in all 5 boroughs of New York City and NY. Our attorneys specialize in handling catastrophic bicycle accident cases and have won multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts for our clients. Our firm was featured in the New York Law Journal’s Top 25 New York Verdicts of 2014 for receiving the highest award for a motor vehicle accident involving a bicycle. GGCRBHS&M was also named the 2013 Personal Injury Litigation Law Firm of the Year and a Tier 1 firm in New York City for Personal Injury Litigation – Plaintiff every year thereafter by US News – Best Lawyers ® “Best Law Firms”.

Our personal injury attorneys advocate for their clients’ financial well-being through thorough, thorough preparation for trial. He has a national reputation as a “career advisor” and is trusted by his peers as well as cycling activists and enthusiasts such as Mary Beth Kelly, a member of the Board of Directors of Transportation Alternatives and a founding member of Families. for Safe Streets to Drive


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