New Paint Colors For Cars – You’ve seen them—those muted, gray, washed-out colors on new cars. Where did they come from and why do car buyers choose them?

You may have noticed that the paint colors on many new cars are quite dirty. Where we once saw iridescent metallics and triple-pearl whites, we now see army grays, military greens, and muddy beiges. They remind us of the colors of American cars of the 1940s and 1950s. Everything old is new again in the latest car color trend.

New Paint Colors For Cars

New Paint Colors For Cars

Color trends always come with analogies from paint manufacturers. They use terms like ‘sense of adventure’, ‘coverage’ and ‘harmony and nature’.

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But these cars aren’t stuck in the back row on dealership lots. They sell at a premium, with automakers like Porsche offering muted colors with names like “chalk.” And some of these car colors are only available for a limited time, adding another incentive for customers to drive away with exclusive car paint colors on their new rides.

Arguably, the trend started in 2013 with Nardo Grey, a non-metallic gray on the Audi RS 7 sedans. The German automaker soon expanded its availability to other models after noticing the popularity of the Nardo Grey. The solid color stood out because it’s the polar opposite of the bright blue and red metallics typical of BMWs, Mustangs and Dodge Hellcats.

Internally, car manufacturers know which colors find favorable results, but this information is almost impossible to obtain. So the LA Times looked at how quickly cars with painted exteriors were selling. According to a Hyundai representative, Santa Cruz pickups painted in Blue Stone or Sage Gray are selling fast.

Enthusiasts know that the three most popular car colors over the decades have been black, white and silver. They make up 75% of the cars sold in the United States. So, in a way, gray and other muddy colors are an extension of this paint preference.

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Primer Gray is the color of choice for owners who choose to modify their vehicles. It’s been that way since racers first hit the dry lake beds outside Los Angeles in the 1930s. Primer gray is a common sight until the changes are complete. The owner then gives the ride a proper paint job.

But for some, this primer look is a trend in itself. Many hot rod and custom car owners say that once the primer is applied, the car is done. However, even some Mercedes-Benz and Tesla owners choose plain colors as a color primer.

Others say the trend has increased because consumers have become more environmentally conscious. Just look at Nissan’s earthy color names: Boulder Grey, Baja Storm and Tactical Green. Nissan’s lead color and trim designer Moira Hill calls it “down-to-earth high-tech.”

New Paint Colors For Cars

Porsche’s “Paint to Sample” program allows buyers to supply the color of their choice to the Stuttgart automaker. It starts at a premium of $23,000. But pre-approved colors from the program cost about $11,000, and many of them are gray green, muddy beige and faded pink. When presented as ultra-premium colors, how can any Porsche enthusiast resist? Super Shades: 30 Best New Car Colors of 2022 BMW Mint Green, Dodge Stryker Red and Hyundai Digital Teal are just a few of the best car colors to come. It will be released in 2022.

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Not enough people buy cars in good colors. A study by PPG found that white was the most popular paint in the US by a long shot, followed by black, gray and silver. boring. But why choose an exterior that people don’t care about when you could choose one of 30 new colors available in 2022?

Rich oranges, beautiful blues and fiery reds are some of the new color options available this year. And not only on high-end luxury cars; Chevrolet, Kia, Toyota and others are expanding their color palette in hopes that buyers will choose something more interesting than white or black.

New to Acura’s lineup, introduced last year on the NSX, gorgeous Long Beach Blue makes its way to the TLX Type S for the first time via the new PMC Edition. Along with other colors like 130R White and Curva Red, the PMC Edition TLX also gets 20-inch brass wheels and black roof accents.

For the 2023 Audi S6 and S7, the company introduced a sharp new color: Arrow Grey. It’s matched with a Brilliant Black roof exclusively as part of the Design Edition available on both models, joined by 21-inch wheels and some blacked-out accents.

Dodge Charger Lineup Gains A Crazy New Paint Color

The Bentley Batur was shown in Monterrey with an exquisite satin finish. But a car with this dramatic styling needs a paint job that’s just as dramatic. Purple Sector’s arrival on the first prototype for public testing was just what Batur needed to make it stand out even more.

The love-it-or-hate-it mint green exterior is part of BMW’s massive portfolio of custom paint options. We actually had a chance to check out this shade in person at BMW Welt in Germany, and it’s just as stunning in person as it is in these pictures.

While BMW’s custom paint program offers a wide selection of unique paint finishes, you won’t have to make a special request to get the 2 Series Coupe in the new Thundernight Metallic. Although this purple paint is an extra $550, the 2 Series Coupe is the only BMW (currently) to offer it.

New Paint Colors For Cars

Two cars as electrified as the CT4-V and CT5-V Blackwing deserve bold new paint to match. The aptly named Electric Blue is available on both models for an extra $625, along with other new colors like Blaze Orange and Infrared — but it’s our favorite.

Toyota Tacoma Trd Pro Introduces Special Terra Paint Color

One of three new hues available on the Corvette for 2022 and beyond, Amplify Orange is a bright new addition to the range. It shows off the sharp angles of the C8 and appears when paired with one of the Corvette’s black wheel options. This is a $995 option.

Dodge showed off the Charger Daytona SRT in fierce Stryker Red paint at this year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas. With 18-inch carbon fiber wheels and ‘Stage 2’ badging – indicating higher performance – the Electric Charger looks even better in this bright color instead of the earlier, dark-colored teaser.

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the Cavalcade – the annual gathering of Ferrari owners in Monaco – a new Bianco Courmayeur paint job will join the range for 2022. It combines white with blue for a truly unique finish and is available as part of Ferrari’s Tailor Made program.

Not only is the Ford Mustang Dark Horse the most powerful naturally aspirated Mustang ever built, with 500 horsepower, but it also has a pretty clean paint job. Debuting in this Blue Ember exterior with black accents, the bold hue helps enhance the Mustang’s aggressive exterior.

What Is With The Paint Colors On New Cars Lately?

The Ford Expedition Timberline comes with trendy Forged Green paint that complements its orange accents and standard 18-inch wheels. As the most rugged expedition of the bunch, the forest-inspired exterior really does this SUV justice.

The newly redesigned Honda Pilot comes with the TrailSport trim, which brings with it a gorgeous diffused blue paint. Closer to baby blue than royal, Honda’s subtle shade looks great on the trail.

Aside from the great name, Hyundai’s new Digital Blue color for the Ioniq 5 EV is a striking rear tint. The greenish, turquoise paint is offset by the Ioniq 5’s chunky silver headlights and side skirts, which go well with the two-tone wheel option. Even better, it’s a paid option.

New Paint Colors For Cars

The new Ioniq 5 has two paint jobs that we really like. Along with Digital Teal, the matte Shooting Star finish further enhances the futuristic appeal of the Ioniq. It’s a subtle flat, dark silver that blends well with the bright silver accents on the exterior and the black wheels.

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Although Jeep calls this new paint “Earl Grey” — like teal — it’s actually closer to a deep blue or aquamarine. Either way, it looks amazing on the Gladiator and gives it a really unique look.

Tan isn’t usually the most exciting color in the pencil case, but when it’s the desert-inspired Gobi Tan for the Jeep Gladiator and Wrangler, we wonder. This new color was available for a limited time between March and June of this year by special order only (so yes, it’s already sold out) and cost Gladiator and Wrangler buyers an additional $495.

Tuscadero Pink may not be every Jeep buyer’s first preference when it comes to paint, but the unique hue was available for a limited time on the Wrangler for an extra $395. And it was available on all Wranglers, meaning you could order the V8-powered 392 in pink paint if you wanted.

Ascot Green is new to Kia’s lineup for 2022, specifically on top of the Stinger. And it might be the best color available on the Stinger to date. It joins the updated sports sedan range with the four-cylinder model’s now-standard GT-Line package, which adds sharper wheels and new black chrome accents that further elevate the styling.

What Is Going On With New Car Paint Colors?

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