Military Surplus Vehicles For Sale Near Me – If you’re in the market for a military surplus truck, your opportunity is here. The United States is the world’s largest military spender. So far in 2019, we have spent $686 billion. Where does all that money go? Some of it is being used for new wheels. So the old items that are being replaced will be sold so that the government can get its money back.

Military supply site GovPlanet has announced that it will be selling off its old ITV “Growler” utility vehicle and MTVR cargo truck this March.

Military Surplus Vehicles For Sale Near Me

Military Surplus Vehicles For Sale Near Me

The M1161 Internally Transportable Light Attack Vehicle (ITV) “Growler” is a Jeep-style utility vehicle with a Navistar 2.8-liter diesel engine under the hood, producing 132 hp and 230 lb-ft of torque. Top speed is 85 mph on roads and 65 mph in open terrain. The price of a new one is around $200,000, but this deal could be a huge steal.

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The Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement 7-Ton (MTVR) cargo truck has six wheels instead of four, a Cat C12 diesel engine that produces 425 horsepower and 1,550 lb-ft of torque, and a maximum payload of 7 tons.

According to HotCars, these vehicles will be produced by the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps and will likely not be armed with machine guns or mortars. Today we’re talking about surplus military trucks again. And why shouldn’t we? Surplus military trucks are awesome! Check out military truck testing and mud driving videos on YouTube. You know what you want. Military trucks are designed to travel to some of the worst places on Earth. And the coolest thing? The Department of Defense, the Army, and other departments all auction off hundreds of trucks each year. You don’t need to do anything special or have any special credentials to purchase it. No dealer license required. All you need is a checking account and a winner’s attitude.

But what do you need to know about surplus military trucks before you bite the bullet and buy one? From titling, tagging, and registering military vehicles for legal use on public roads to the types of machines you can find on the civilian market, here are the answers you’ve been looking for.

As with many government contracts, these products do not have a specific manufacturer. Sometimes there are multiple manufacturers for the same product. For example, during World War II there were many manufacturers making common items.

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Use the infamous M2 or “ma-deuce” .50 BMG machine gun. The singer made a bunch of them. Yes, like a Singer sewing machine. I’m going to drill some holes, that’s for sure. Goodyear (as well as its tires) also manufactured the Vaught F4U Corsair fighter bomber under license.

M35 deuce and a half? Yes, they are made in the US alone by four different manufacturers and several foreign companies that license them. US manufacturers include:

Because the trucks are built to one design and under license from other companies, all parts are universal and fully compatible, so it makes no difference which flavor you choose.

Military Surplus Vehicles For Sale Near Me

In recent years, the main manufacturer of these trucks has been Stewart & Stevenson. Now they don’t just make military trucks. Stewart & Stevenson is one of the leading manufacturers of large 4X4 aircraft tugs. How do I know?

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Because that’s what we drove to tow a nice B-1B bomber with a not-so-bad KC-135R aerial tanker.

The interesting thing is that tugboats don’t use huge engines. no. The tugboat originally used a 12-valve Cummins 5.9l. Like old RAM. True story. I can’t guess the gear ratios, but I’d say top speed is around 10-15 mph. But it’s still impressive considering the ramp weight of a loaded B-1 is well over half a million pounds. Wild.

There are many different sizes of surplus military trucks you can purchase, but the most common over Humvees and 1¼-ton CUCVs are the 2½-ton and 5-ton models. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types.

The newest truck on the list is the FMTV, a family of flat-nose trucks that are either the 4X4 Light Medium Tactical Vehicle (LMTV) or the 6X6 Medium Tactical Vehicle (MTV).

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The 4X4 LMTV is a four-wheeled, 2½-tonne vehicle that replaces the classic M35 with 10 tires. Just logically, throwing away 6 tires is a huge improvement. The basic M1078 LMTV is a cargo package and can be used for almost anything, from carrying stocks to spare parts and artillery ammunition.

The 5-ton 6X6 MTV is used in all kinds of applications and has replaced the M929 and M817 5-ton trucks, which are readily available on the civilian market. Like previous generations, MTV is available in:

MTV is also produced as a 10-ton dump truck, which is rare in the civilian market. Here is a great overview of all production styles: Most styles will eventually find their way into civilian hands.

Military Surplus Vehicles For Sale Near Me

Since this article is about tagging and titling surplus military trucks, it focuses on products that can be sold directly by the DoD, which are primarily (but not exclusively) LMTV or MTV. Older models have likely already been phased out and auctioned off. The only thing currently on is the FMTV truck. There are many different styles available, and the longer you wait, the more you’ll find.

X8 Military Truck — Watson Wu Dot Com

Thankfully, many military trucks have been produced over the years, most of which are derived from a small number of basic models. This has resulted in extensive parts availability. First, many of the parts can be found through the same auction house as the truck. Of course, if you don’t need 239 door handles, you can always check out a number of individual retailers that sell FMTV parts.

Also check out eBay and Amazon. Amazon has many common parts, seals, etc. eBay has tons of original parts for these and other surplus military trucks. As always, parts can be found with just a Google search.

Consignment auctions are the easiest place to find surplus military vehicles and trucks. GovPlanet’s parent company, Iron Planet, is a good place to start. All auctions are conducted entirely online. Again, no dealer license required. All you have to do is sign up and wait for them to approve you.

You can also check Craigslist and Marketplace. Many of these are already titled and tagged for street legal use.

For Sale: A Refurbished Am General M35 6×6 Military Truck

This is just a suggestion, but both Colorado and California are unfriendly to street legal surplus military trucks, so it’s a good idea to exercise caution.

The military takes advantage of special exceptions that allow it to use public roads without the traditional registration process that applies to civilian vehicles. There are also numerous operational restrictions that are beyond the scope of this article, but simply put, troops can drive military vehicles on public roads, but no one else can.

All tactical vehicles are considered off-highway vehicles and are sold as such. But since so many states tag it, that doesn’t mean much. Of course, some people don’t. If you have questions about whether your state will grant title to a surplus military truck, check out our Street Legal Military Vehicle Program, which takes all the guesswork out of the process.

Military Surplus Vehicles For Sale Near Me

When you purchase a military surplus vehicle from an auction house, you will be issued an off-road only branded SF-97 form. It’s okay though. Some states will take this along with your bill of sale (issued by the auction house) and issue you with a clean title, tags, and registration. These states work together through military vehicle programs so you can get: You can enjoy the same benefits no matter where you live.

Am General M35a2 2 1/2 Ton 6×6 Military Truck

Management items are simple to handle. Be sure to get your SF-97 and bill of sale when purchasing a truck. Without this, it won’t get started. If you use our program, we will provide the remaining documentation.

As with any DOT approved vehicle, the following parts are generally required regardless of current condition: Military trucks are usually already equipped with these parts, but you should double-check.

Our program does not require inspection, so you do not need to install these parts for vehicle registration and license plate registration. Otherwise, you will be subject to your state’s vehicle inspection process.

We’ve already covered this a bit, but the answer is no. While we do not cover or research every state, we do know that surplus military vehicles will not be titled or tagged in California or Colorado. Considering they’re both pretty big states with some great off-road terrain, we think they’re important in their own right.

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In fact, Colorado’s ruling is oppressive

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