Marriage In Turkey For Foreigners – Marriage in Turkey is one of the issues of interest to foreigners in the country. The reason for this is the sharp increase in the number of foreigners. Therefore, it becomes important for those who wish to stay in Turkey for a longer period of time and settle there to understand the legal procedures and conditions of marriage in Turkey.

Marriage contracts in Turkey are civil contracts and are supervised by the Municipal Marriage Registry. The latter is the institution with the authority to conduct marriage transactions in Türkiye. According to the above provisions, a marriage that does not take place is considered an informal contract. Therefore, the Turkish government does not only recognize religious contracts. According to the above procedure, such a contract can only be entered into after a civil marriage contract has been signed.

Marriage In Turkey For Foreigners

Marriage In Turkey For Foreigners

Within the scope of legal conditions and procedures, foreigners can get married in Turkey, so a marriage contract can be concluded regardless of whether one of the spouses is a foreigner or both spouses are foreigners.

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Turkish authorities only recognize marriage contracts signed in Turkish civil courts if one of the spouses is Turkish and the other a foreigner, or if the spouses have two different foreign nationalities.

It is assumed that the spouses are of the same nationality. In this case, Turkish authorities recognize the contract authenticated by the home country’s embassy or consulate, and the marriage in Turkey can be confirmed in a civil court.

In order to legally establish a marriage in Turkey, Turkish law imposes certain conditions on marriage applicants that must be met. These conditions are:

A. Eligibility: In other words, the ability of the spouses to marry. This is measured by two main factors: mind and age.

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It is considered a violation of Turkish law for a person under 16 to marry, even if one parent agrees. In such cases, Turkish authorities typically separate the spouses, imprison the husband and wife’s guardians, and impose financial fines on them.

There are some illnesses that can be an obstacle to the strengthening of a marriage in Turkey, the most important of which are:

As in most other countries, couples in Turkey need to undergo a comprehensive medical examination covering the above-mentioned diseases, in addition to fertility tests and blood compatibility tests between spouses, to ensure their safety.

Marriage In Turkey For Foreigners

Although the most common religion in Turkey is Islam, Turkish law does not allow the organization of a second marriage contract unless the first contract between the spouses has been terminated. As for the wife, the condition for her being allowed to remarry is that nine months must have passed since the termination of the first contract, whether due to divorce or the death of her husband.

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Registration form, personal photos of both spouses, certified translations of spouses’ record output documents, rental contract or housing certificate, medical examination report of both spouses issued by a Turkish government hospital, and other documents required by regulations of the couple.

The form will be delivered to the relevant employee and the transaction fee will be paid in the presence of the spouse.

Soon after, the municipality will communicate with the spouses and determine the date for the marriage contract, which will be held at the municipality.

Afterwards, the genealogy issued by the Turkish municipality will be delivered and translated into multiple languages ​​as needed.

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Some official documents require legalization by the embassy or consulate. Translation and certification prices for Turkish notary offices vary depending on the document type and word count.

The cost of a health report is free or nearly free unless the report requires payment for certain procedures during the examination.

Married couples outside Turkey do not need to have their marriage confirmed in Turkey, but their country-issued documents have been translated into Turkish and approved by a Turkish notary.

Marriage In Turkey For Foreigners

The civil registration certificate must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs against the citizen’s passport and then authenticated by their consulate in Istanbul (followed by Kaim Makham) or the embassy in Ankara (followed by the Turkish Embassy). Seal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Türkiye).

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The document must contain the names of the father and mother, in which case the birth certificate will be exempted. If the document does not contain the names of the father and mother, the birth certificate must also be certified.

Turkish family books are useful for legally registering children and for establishing marriages in the home country upon return. The time between submission of the registration form and invitation to sign a marriage contract is usually approximately one week. Turkish municipalities have the right to decide at which health center or government hospital the medical examination should be performed and the report obtained.

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Turkish Citizenship by Investment 2016 marks the beginning of the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program (sometimes referred to as the Turkish Golden Visa). The program allows overseas investors to obtain a Turkish passport in just three years.

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Marriage In Turkey For Foreigners

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. Furthermore, before your wedding in Antalya, our professional team will advise you on official documents, check and guide you in providing the official documents required for a civil marriage in Antalya, Turkey.

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According to Turkish law, a Turkish citizen can marry a foreigner, or two foreigners who are not citizens of the same country can marry before an authorized Turkish marriage registrar. Two foreigners who are citizens of the same country can get married at their respective country’s representative office in Turkey, or

Applications for marriage to foreigners are accepted by the Marriage Officer and the basic and procedural provisions of the Rules regarding the marriage of Turkish citizens also apply to foreign citizens. Obtaining a marriage certificate is accomplished through a process of direct communication between the marriage registration officer and the foreign consulate general, through which the documents can be forwarded.

Marriage officers accept marriage applications from stateless aliens or refugees whose citizenship status is inconsistent. If conditions preventing marriage exist and the person is registered in Turkey, the General Directorate will issue a marriage certificate; if the person’s registration has not yet been determined, the action taken based on the information contained in the files of the security authorities will be determined by the documents provided by the security authorities.

Marriage In Turkey For Foreigners

. If there are doubts about the authenticity of a document at the time of marriage, officials can request clarification from a state representative through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs channels to clarify its correctness.

Marriage Laws In Turkey

Marriage documents for stateless persons, refugees and persons with citizenship issues must be confirmed by the record-keeping authority on the basis of the information in the register and the full name of the person to indicate whether there are any obstacles to marriage. Foreign citizens must first obtain a celibacy document from the consulate in their city, confirm it with the prefectural legal office, and make 3 copies.

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