Luxury 5th Wheels For Sale – All remaining 2023 model RVs are for sale! For a limited time, Orangewood RV Center is offering “Priced Out” pricing on all new 2023 RVs. Now is the time to save BIG on your next travel adventure. These quotes are not published, so you must call us at 623-974-3000 or message us through our website or visit our sales department to get a quote from one of our experienced sales professionals. Don’t delay because these new 2023 RVs are on sale!

All fifth wheels, touring cars, toy haulers, Class A Gas, Class A Diesel, Class B and Class C

Luxury 5th Wheels For Sale

Luxury 5th Wheels For Sale

Orangewood RV Center – Located in an amazing location, AZ – Orangewood RV Center proudly offers new and pre-owned Montana, Fusion, Impact, Hideaway, Imagination, Solitude and more!

Road Warrior Rv: Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler For Sale With Patio Kit

The open road calls! Traveling this route on a motorcycle or towing a luxury fifth wheel, toy hauler or travel trailer reminds you that it’s often about the journey, not the destination. When you reach your destination, memories are made and stories are shared with family and friends. Lakes with amazing mountain views, sand dunes with huge bonfires after a day of hiking, your secret spot in the forest where no one knows or disappearing into the ocean at the sight of the sun. Taking all of this and knowing that all the comforts of home come with you makes this the perfect vacation, long-term stay or quick weekend getaway.

Orangewood RV Center carries the #1 RV brand in America! Influences from Montana, Hideout, Fuzion and Keystone RV. Solitude, thought, imagination and drive by Grand Design, Sportster and Eclipse attitude by KZ-RV along with pre-owned stock. We understand the needs of the RV community and provide a full service experience starting with purchase. We don’t just service what we sell, we service what we don’t – Class A, B and C motor vehicles, fifth wheel trailers and travel trailers. Our iconic, top of the line and luxury Landmark fifth wheel RV launched our brand nearly twenty years ago. The Landmark 365 features a walk-in closet with deep shelves, double-hung drawers, cedar closets, and washer/dryer prep. Our industry leading 8,000 liter axle on H range cylinder with 3.8˝ brakes, MORryde LRE 4000, gas shock and storage capacity puts the Landmark 365 fifth wheel RV at number one in the luxury RV market.

Secured with a drop frame, our three-way access basement has 30% more storage space, clean panel compartments and a smooth slatted door to maximize storage capacity and make loading and unloading easy.

With double the insulating value, superior strength and half the weight of wood, our composite material adds durability and lightens your adventures. The reduced weight helps reduce fuel costs while absorbing sound waves for a quieter ride.

New Fifth Wheel Models For 2023

Real Owners “We definitely chose the Bighorn 3120RK for the large refrigerator and open concept, back kitchen. “We fell in love with the way Heartland designed this fifth wheel.”

Mark the Landmark fifth wheel. Amazing features that don’t replace style and warranties that guarantee a lifetime of adventure.

Add to Compare Dealer Stock Only Scottsdale MSRP $192,596.00 Sleeps 3-4 Length 43’10” Dry Weight 16,098 lbs Curb Weight 3,415 lbs.

Luxury 5th Wheels For Sale

Add to Compare Dealer Stock Only Chesapeake MSRP $192,984.00 Sleeps 3-4 Length 43′-1″ Dry Weight 15,698 lbs Curb Weight 3,000 lbs

Fifth Wheel Rvs

Add to Compare Dealer Stock Only Lafayette MSRP $200, 450.00 Sleeps 5-6 Length 43′-10″ Dry Weight 15,251 lbs Curb Weight 3,918 lbs.

Add to Compare Dealer Stock Only Newport MSRP $187, 275.00 Sleeps 3-4 Length 43′-7-1/2″ Dry Weight 14,843 lbs Curb Weight 3,048 lbs.

Floor Plan Type All Bathrooms Rear Bathroom Rear Living/Rear Stove Rear Kitchen Rear Entertainment Front Kitchen Rear Kitchen Rear Toy Storage

Add to Compare Dealer Stock Only Tucson MSRP $185, 345.00 Sleeps 3-4 Length 43’10” Dry Weight 15,657 lbs Curb Weight 3,745 lbs.

New 2023 Fifth Wheel Rv Interiors!

Whether you have general questions about RVing or specific questions about our products, we have the answers, or we’ll do our best to find them for you.

Mallard, Northway and Sansands RVs are manufactured at multiple Heartland RV manufacturing facilities in Eldahart, Indiana and Nampa, Idaho. These brands offer slightly different models depending on where you live. Select your region to see products for sale in your area. Select “All Regions” to view the entire Heartland collection. At this price point, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a complete fifth-wheel camper with this luxurious mix of features. The 2022 North Point Luxury Fifth Wheel has even more luxurious interior details than before. Updated bathrooms, kitchens, sunroom options and a variety of features will be appreciated by the experienced or newbie RVer. Whether you own a motorcycle and want to transition to a tower, or want to upgrade from a minivan, North Point is sure to satisfy.

New floor options include an upgraded rear kitchen, elegant new couple’s coach, and two two-bedroom models.

Luxury 5th Wheels For Sale

This system gives you complete control. Designed by our product development team and partners, you can monitor and control key operations from anywhere on your phone or tablet.

Open Range Fifth Wheels Dealer Stock Only

The 5-Star Handling Package is a special blend of five premium components selected and installed to provide a safer and more stable luxury fifth-wheel towing experience.

Rugged fabric steel Durawall® construction improves durability and portability, while being compatible with balloon pressure monitoring systems and balloon inflation stations. Drag with confidence.

Extend your camping season with extreme heat and cold protection, even in temperatures of 100 degrees or below zero degrees (Fahrenheit).

A dedicated safety system includes multiple tow truck-controlled exterior lights to indicate turning, braking, reverse travel and dangerous situations, because a split second can make all the difference.

The Crossroads Elevation Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler Offers Unique Luxury

One of the first companies to offer solar panels or solar panels on every RV. With walkways and roof-mounted prep kits, you can easily install solar panels for extra power at your campsite.

Other manufacturers often weld or modify stock frames, but each RV is built on a custom frame, designed and sized to best support each unit for years to come.

Each sidewall, rear wall and sliding wall panels are welded together under a minimum of 16 minutes and 144 tons of pressure, creating the lightest yet strongest construction available in the RV industry.

Luxury 5th Wheels For Sale

In testing, the Creative Engineering system withstood 4,500 pounds—50 percent more than competitors’ roofs. Walk with confidence on your seat and feel safer in wind or snow.

Forest River Sierra Luxury 321rl Rv For Sale In Mesa, Az 85213

The Magnum Truss™ roof system is one of the strongest roofs in the industry. It can handle up to 50% more weight than the competition, from 4 to 500 pounds.

Use OSB or other materials with the fan because it is environmentally friendly (formaldehyde-free), handles moisture better, is light in weight, and keeps twists well.

RV needs a solid foundation built specifically for your floor plan. We build each truck for its size and shape on a specially designed frame by our team of skilled engineers to better withstand the rigors of the road. Our frame includes more outriggers and cross members for better support and structural integrity.

Functionality is key, which is why I use MORryde over other brands. MORryde suspension absorbs 3-4 times the up-and-down travel that you usually get on the road.

Fifth Wheels For Sale

‘s standard Goodyear® tire is made of rugged fabric and reinforced for exceptional traction. Increased durability, carrier-carrying capabilities and higher speed ratings help you stay safe, while a balloon pressure monitoring system and compatibility with typical balloon inflation stations help prevent dangerous shocks.

The axle is a key factor for a comfortable and stable towing experience. That is why we have been cooperating with the American company Dexter for a long time.

Most manufacturers use standard 3,500-pound springs, but on all luxury fifth-wheels and toy haulers, we upgrade to 4,000-pound springs for maximum power.

Luxury 5th Wheels For Sale

The Magnum Truss™ roof system is one of the strongest roofs in the industry. It can handle 4,500 pounds, 50 percent more than the competition.

Rv Review: Luxe Elite Fifth Wheels

Uses OSB or other materials with ventilators because it is environmentally friendly (formaldehyde-free), handles moisture well, is light in weight, and has a good nose-keeping effect.

An RV needs a solid foundation built specifically for your floor plan. We frame each truck specially designed by our skilled team


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