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The cheapest Kentucky car insurance can be found as low as $36 per month for liability insurance from Geico and $132 per month for comprehensive coverage from Geico.

Kentucky Minimum Auto Insurance Coverage

Kentucky Minimum Auto Insurance Coverage

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Kentucky Driving Records

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A large auto payment does not require a large sum of money. Many of the companies that offer the cheapest car insurance in Kentucky are the top providers in the country. We at the team of guides will provide you with cost estimates for different driver profiles and a list of recommended profiles. You’ll also find basic information about Kentucky insurance laws and regulations.

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The team of guides is ready to provide you with reliable information that will help you make the best decision regarding your car insurance. Because consumers rely on us to provide objective and accurate information, we’ve created a comprehensive rating system to rank the best car insurance companies. We’ve collected data on dozens of auto insurance providers to evaluate companies on a wide range of rating factors. After 800 hours of research, the final result was an overall ranking of each provider, with the most points leading among insurers.

Why Is Car Insurance Mandatory?

Kentucky auto insurance rates are slightly higher than the national average. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting great car insurance in Kentucky at great prices. Here we review the cheapest car insurance companies and coverage options in the state, starting with the most affordable providers.

Geico, State Farm, USAA, Auto-Owners Insurance and Travelers are the cheapest car insurance companies in Kentucky. Overall and cost ratings are provided below for these insurers.

*Our research team considers country-wide factors when scoring providers. The provider ratings in this table are specific to Kentucky car insurance.

Kentucky Minimum Auto Insurance Coverage

Because car insurance companies have different methods of calculating premiums, no two are the same. For this reason, we recommend comparing rates from several providers if you want to find the cheapest car insurance in Kentucky.

What Is 25/50/25 Insurance?

The level of coverage has a big impact on rates. Many car insurance quotes from providers include estimates of minimum liability and comprehensive car coverage. Although minimum liability is all that is required, it is a good idea for drivers to consider full coverage auto insurance.

At $36 per month or $429 per year, State Farm provides the cheapest auto liability insurance in Kentucky on average. Drivers can also find cheaper coverage through Geico or USAA. Below is a complete list of inexpensive liability coverage options in Kentucky.

*All Kentucky drivers are required to carry minimum liability coverage, which is the cheapest level of car insurance.

Geico offers the cheapest comprehensive car insurance coverage at an average of $132 per month or $1,583 per year. State Farm and USAA may also be available options for drivers. We’ve highlighted a full list of the cheapest full coverage options for Kentucky auto insurance below.

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*These rate estimates are based on a 35-year-old driver profile with a clean driving history and good credit.

Age, driving history and a person’s credit score can have a significant impact on car insurance costs in Kentucky. Below we compare cheap car insurance quotes for Kentucky drivers in these categories.

Young drivers can pay significantly more for car insurance than older drivers. The tables below show the cheapest car insurance for young drivers in Kentucky, along with estimated monthly and annual costs.

Kentucky Minimum Auto Insurance Coverage

Geico tends to offer the cheapest car insurance in Kentucky for 16-year-old drivers at an average of $5,311 per year or $443 per month. The average estimated rate for Kentucky 16-year-old drivers who purchase their own policy is $9,597 per year or $800 per month.

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For 17-year-old drivers in Kentucky, Geico typically offers the cheapest rates at around $2,881 per year or $240 per month. The average estimated rate for a 17-year-old Kentucky driver is $5,659 per year or $472 per month.

Geico typically offers the lowest rates on car insurance for 18-year-olds in Kentucky, averaging $2,783 per year or $232 per month. The average estimate for 18-year-old drivers in Kentucky is $4,936 per year or $411 per month.

When it comes to 21-year-old drivers in Kentucky, Geico tends to offer the lowest car insurance rates at around $1,751 per year or $146 per month. The average assessment for 21-year-old drivers in Kentucky is $2,802 per year or $234 per month.

Travelers also offers the cheapest car insurance rates in Kentucky for 25-year-old drivers at around $1,868 per year or $156 per month for full coverage. The median salary for 25-year-olds in the Bluegrass State is $2,964 per year or $247 per month.

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Geico offers the lowest rates for most adult drivers in Kentucky, with State Farm in second place and the most affordable for 75-year-olds.

Geico offers the lowest rates for 30-year-old drivers at $1,122 per year or $94 per month. That’s 41% less than the national average of $1,906 per year or $159 per month for 30-year-old drivers.

Geico’s average rates for 35-year-old drivers in Kentucky are $1,583 per year or $132 per month, 38% lower than the Kentucky average of $2,522 per year or $210 per month for this age group.

Kentucky Minimum Auto Insurance Coverage

For 40-year-old drivers in Kentucky, Geico comes in 39% below the national average, at $1,791 a year or $149 a month.

Who Has The Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes In Kentucky?

For 50-year-old drivers, Geico offers average rates of $1,069 per year or $89 per month, which is 35% lower than the average of $1,646 per year and $137 per month for 50-year-old Kentucky drivers.

For drivers age 65, Kentucky car insurance through Geico is 41% cheaper than the state average of $1,703 per year or $142 per month.

For Kentucky drivers age 75 and over, State Farm holds Geico’s most affordable title, coming in at 36% below the annual average of $2,018 for drivers that age.

Your age and location are both very influential factors in your Kentucky car insurance premiums, but they are not the only ones. Other variables related to your driving record and credit score also have an impact.

State By State Car Insurance Minimums

A speeding ticket on your driving history can significantly increase your car insurance prices in Kentucky. Those caught speeding in the state pay an average of $2,973 a year, far more than those with experience driving.

Drivers who have recently caused an accident can expect to pay steeper prices for car insurance in Kentucky. The average rate is $3,655 per year for Kentucky drivers after an at-fault accident.

A recent DUI can dramatically increase your monthly premiums because you are labeled a high-risk driver. The average full coverage auto insurance rate in Kentucky is $4,122 per year after a DUI violation.

Kentucky Minimum Auto Insurance Coverage

Avoiding increased auto insurance prices with a bad credit score is difficult. Kentucky drivers with bad credit spend an average of $5,090 a year on their car insurance.

Can I Be Sued For A Car Accident If I Don’t Have Insurance?

One of the best ways Kentucky motorists can lower their car insurance premiums is through car insurance deals and discounts. The table below compares auto insurance discounts from the top providers in the Bluegrass State, which we discuss in more detail below.

*This is the standard car insurance discount offered by each company. Discount availability may vary by state, so you should talk to your insurance agent to find out about car insurance discounts.

Kentucky drivers who take advantage of car insurance discounts can expect to pay less for car insurance. And when you’re shopping for a new auto insurance provider, you’ll want to keep an eye out for companies that offer the best discounts and deals for your situation. Remember to check with your current provider to see if there are any discount opportunities you’re missing out on.

For those who want to know about the cheapest auto insurance in Kentucky, the sections below contain more detailed information.

Cheap Auto Insurance (2023)

Geico offers affordable car insurance coverage and strong customer service. The company receives an above-average score in the J.D. Power 2022 US Auto Claims Satisfaction Study℠. Geico’s outstanding financial strength rating from AM Best indicates the company’s reliability when it comes to its ability to pay claims.

Geico also offers more than 1o rebates, helping drivers save on insurance premiums

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