Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners – Top 12 High Paying Night Shift Jobs in Singapore Are you a night owl? If you think you’d rather work when everyone else is sleeping, check out these night shift jobs that pay well and require minimal experience!

Working at night certainly has its advantages, some of which include better pay, fewer distractions, and less competition. Read on to find out there are some high-paying night shift jobs in Singapore that you can consider!

Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

Being a warehouse night shift assistant is a fairly easy, no-frills gig. It can be physically demanding, but the exact nature of the work depends on the type of warehouse you end up working in.

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Clinic assistant roles are generally in demand throughout the year. While most clinics operate based on normal working hours, some clinics operate around the clock and therefore have a more defined night shift. Look around to find a role that suits you!

Experience/Certificate Required: Generally no formal qualification beyond O-levels is required. It is best that you are comfortable with the Microsoft suite, computer literate and communicating with strangers.

If you have obtained the necessary certification to become a security guard in national service or elsewhere, becoming a security guard may be a good night shift job to consider.

If you have the right heart and mind to care for others, becoming a professional caregiver can be a meaningful way for you to help others while earning a competitive salary. Many families will need round-the-clock care for their loved ones, so there will be families who need to watch over their loved ones while they sleep. The good thing about this role is its flexibility, as you can slot in assignments whenever you are free during the day or night.

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Help the person you care for with activities of daily living, some of which may include:

For night shift duty, your responsibilities will primarily be to make sure the people you care for take their medications, help them to the toilet, and monitor their vital signs throughout the night.

Experience/Certification Required: No previous experience required. The Care Advisory Team will advise whether you will need any caregiver training.

Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

Rather self-explanatory, night shift packer roles typically require you to help pack and sort items during the night, such as to fulfill orders.

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Experience/Certification Required: Formal qualifications are generally not required. Forklift or warehouse work experience will be favorably viewed.

Night shift work is par for the course for anyone working at an airport. Airport coordinators help ensure that the airport runs smoothly in its operations, whether hired by the airport or by various airport businesses.

Many companies need 24/7 customer service executives, especially in specific lines such as hospitality or online services.

Whether it’s a hotline or a customer service call center, there should always be someone available, especially for pressing needs.

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Long-distance transport may require night shift drivers for regular deliveries, especially as roads are less congested at night.

Now that the pandemic is under control and night spots are slowly reopening, many night life establishments are putting up job postings for bartenders.

Night shift maintenance work is always in demand in all industries so if a more technical job is up your alley, you may want to consider becoming a night shift maintenance technician.

Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

Experience/Certification Required: The specific certification required depends on the industry you are pursuing. Be sure to check if you need specific skills or certification, such as electrical engineering or soldering skills.

Class 4 Driver With Hook Lift Experience

Learn more about our careers as a caregiver or nurse and apply to become a Care Pro with us today!

Right from signing up for an account, booking on the app, to confirmation…

Been using this for over a year to help my grandfather who gets frequent aspiration pneumonia and has trouble quitting…money isn’t everything, but a high paying job doesn’t hurt. In our Decoding Global Talent report, Singaporean respondents listed financial compensation as their third top priority in job choices, rising three places from sixth in 2018. Meanwhile, financial stability has become the fifth top priority, up from seventh in 2018.

The ongoing global pandemic has prompted many people to save money for a rainy day. According to a survey by online personal finance platform SingSaver, one in three Singaporeans have improved their relationship with money since the pandemic began. Respondents cited the economic downturn and changes in personal goals as factors influencing their financial habits.

Singapore Job Forecast: Six Most In Demand Professions In 2023, According To Robert Walters

Employers are taking note of the needs of their workers. Mercer’s 2021 Total Remuneration Survey found that to combat high attrition rates, employers are now looking to financial incentives to attract and retain talent. Companies are offering referral bonuses, retention bonuses and salary increases.

According to The Straits Times, employers are preparing to pay workers more as Singapore’s economic outlook improves. They plan to increase average salaries by 3.8% in 2022, according to a survey by Willis Towers Watson, which polled local companies in Q4 2021.

Moreover, Singaporean workers are still the best paid in total compensation across the region. According to the 2022 Salary Report, Singapore has 41 industries with salary increases of more than 40%, ahead of Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

With all this in mind, Singapore’s workforce looks to be in good shape financially in the coming year. Don’t be afraid to talk to your boss if you think you deserve a raise.

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But remember that not all jobs are created equal—some industries pay more than others. If you are interested in earning more for your working hours, you should pay attention to the highest paying jobs in the country.

Knowing the average salary in a particular industry can help you understand how to negotiate your salary when presented with a job offer.

Here are the top 10 highest-paying specialties in Singapore (by median salary), according to Salary Report 2022.

Tech jobs are in high demand in Singapore, as the country strengthens its digitalization efforts to become a tech powerhouse in Asia. Computer/IT is the specialty with the highest average salary among all position levels.

Best Medical Jobs In Singapore. By Nucleus Health

Computer/IT Jobs Banking & Finance, Hospitality, Electrical/Electronics, Marketing/Advertising, Oil & Gas, Property/Real Estate, Retail/Trade, Science/Technology, Social Services, Telecommunication and Entertainment.

In terms of corporate wages, accounting/finance was seen as the top growth specialty, rising 17.3% over the previous year. In terms of position level, managers and senior managers with this specialty may see the highest salaries (consulting industry), salary increases (construction/building industry), and highest salary growth (transportation industry).

Also expect demand to increase – the highest number of job advertisements posted by industry in 2021 were in banking and finance. According to Business Times, the industry is expected to add 6,000-7,000 jobs by 2025.

Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

According to the Ministry of Education, Singapore’s engineering sector is a primary contributor to global business. It is a leading location in the region for oil and gas equipment manufacturing and aerospace maintenance repair and overhaul.

Career Opportunities In Singapore

In 2021, entry-level workers in the public service industry specializing in engineering saw the largest jump in salary at 23.4% from the previous year. Meanwhile, managers specializing in engineering in the healthcare industry had the highest monthly earnings in 2021 compared to their counterparts in other sectors.

Singapore has long built a strong scientific foundation in the country. The country has seven research institutes and five research societies in key areas including clinical sciences, genomics and bioengineering.

Singapore is also a well-known biomedical hub. According to our Job Outlook report, the biotech and pharma industries saw a 102.8% increase in job advertisements in Q1-Q3 2021. Europe, US and US Also the demand for drugs for emergency and intensive care use is high due to epidemics. Japan is the largest export market for Singapore.

Our salary report found that the building/construction specialty saw the biggest pay cut in 2021. Among all specialties, it had the largest percentage drop in average pay, with a 9.1% decrease.

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The construction industry was one of the hardest hit by the pandemic due to high costs of materials and labor as well as severe labor shortages. The government’s SGD 1.4 billion construction support package may have helped boost the recovery, as construction and building industry job advertisements saw a 91.32% increase in Q2 2021 compared to Q2 2020, according to the Job Outlook Report.

Sales and marketing jobs in Singapore saw the highest average salary increases for 2021, particularly for senior managers in the consumer goods industry, senior executives in industrial machinery and equipment, and senior managers in the manufacturing industry.

According to our Job Outlook report, retail and merchandise are among the four hardest-hit industries that have recovered modestly from the COVID-19 pandemic. While shopper traffic has dropped significantly, increased online sales may lead to a slower recovery. Meanwhile, manufacturing saw a surge in job advertisements, partly due to high demand for digital goods and services to help individuals stay connected during the pandemic.

Jobs In Singapore For Foreigners

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