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Jeep Wrangler Tj Wheel And Tire Packages

Jeep Wrangler Tj Wheel And Tire Packages

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Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Silver

Jeep Store Custom Wheel & Tire Packages Custom Wheels Performance Suspension Chevy Silverado 1500 Chevy Silverado 2500 3500 HD GMC Sierra 1500 GMC Sierra 2500 3500 HD Dodge Ram 1500 To date with this Jeep I have used 30 “tires and 3 wheels. × 8 “. My wheels are made of both steel and aluminum. I always adhere to some goodyear tires because it is a reputable company and the quality is never a problem for me. I have never had a defective product or purchased the Goodyear product I desire. I have some experience with Firestone & BF Goodrich tires. But since I got over 250,000 miles on Goodyear without fail or regrets, I usually opt for Goodyear.

I am part of a large group of TJ owners whose Jeep comes with a Canyon 30 “Tire and Wheel Group from the factory. With that package, the tires are Goodyear Wrangler GSA 30” × 9.50 “. The tires are mounted on wheels. The canopy is made of aluminum. The canyon has 5 thin plates and is 15 “in diameter and has a wide mounting area of ​​8” so the wheels are 15 “× 8”. The rear span of the canyon is 5.5 inches (read: What is Backspacing? ) This amount of backspacing is perfect for this tire / tire combination as it provides the widest possible position while keeping the tire under OEM flame.

I like the look of these bikes and the weight saving by being made of aluminum is also a plus. The downside of these bikes is based on the use of trails. For example, the weighted outer lip is severely chewed after riding the road dozens or more times. Although I try to prevent this from happening, some things are inevitable. The lip suffered most of the damage from the tight squeezing on the track where the rock came in contact with the wheel. It acts like a lathe that removes pieces and bends the lips in some places. On a lighter note, apart from looking bad, the wheels still work well. Three out of five of my bikes had extensive damage to this lip, and the other two had minimal damage.

Jeep Wrangler Tj Wheel And Tire Packages

The other side of canyon wheels or other aluminum wheels is that they tend to crack if hit hard. The wheels will bend or crack instead of cracking. I do not get cracks on these wheels, but it is always a concern. The only way to get rid of cracks is to buy fake steel or aluminum wheels. Expensive aluminum wheels will react similarly to cast iron, but they are lighter and look more stylish than cast iron. So your choice is physical or realistic unless you go with the fake.

Jeep Spare Tire Spacer Up To A 33 Inch Spare Tire Wrangler Tj/yj/jk Rough Country

Overall, the 30 “× 9.50” × 15 “Goodyear Wrangler GSA tires served me well. After putting more than 45,000 miles on them, it still has more than 30% of the remaining tires usable on the road. Slightly less noise than expected for all ground radicals but tolerable. I kept it at 32-35psi for highway use and no less than 18psi for trail use. Less than 18psi will allow too much stain to get into the beads and cause slow leaks. These leaks are definitely fixable but take more time or money than increasing my traction. Obtained by less than 18psi.

Tires react poorly in the mud, and nearby tires pack in mud quickly and do not clean themselves. Good. This annoys you with muddy Jeepers because they are always waiting for you to cross an obstacle or pull your butt out. There really is no way to fix it other than not going into the mud or replacing it with mud. The side wall never caused me any trouble from hitting, you can see some places on the wall that are close to hitting branches and rocks. I mean, I gave these tires a good run for their money and they served me well. I would not buy these sets if I had the choice.

Once I had reached 40,000 miles on the Wrangler GSA tires, I wanted to start looking for some new tires. I know I want to go with 33 “× 12.50” tires and I need aggressive tires made of rubber compound that allow me to ride at least 35,000 miles. I also learned that with larger 3 “tires, I would need new wheels or new wheel spacers to reduce my rear gaps, and even have a wider fender to keep the tires in place. My wheels fit under the Jeep. I chose the Goodyear MT / R 33 “× 12.50” × 15 “tires and the American Racing Tailgunner 15” × 8 “wheels. I bought them on sale about 5,000 miles before I planned to install, so they sat in my garage until I was ready for installation at 45,000 miles.

For the bike, I plan to buy an expensive fake aluminum wheel, but to avoid buying it twice, I want to wait until I switch to a larger 5.5 “on 5 pattern wheel hubs before dropping cash on the fake aluminum. Here I want something cheap and cast iron, so I measured and decided I needed a bike. One that is between 3.75 “-4.25”. My choice is to keep the canyon looking nice and use a space tool or To replace the canyons with the backspacing wheels I needed. I opted for the full wheels for a number of reasons: they are slightly more expensive than a set of spacers, and this allows me to keep my canyons secure in storage. I want to restore my Jeep to factory one day.

Pre Owned 2006 Jeep Wrangler Tj Golden Eagle For Sale

The 15 “× 8” American Racing (AR) Tailgunner is slightly stronger than my alloy wheels. They have 4.0 “backspacing and this number of backspacing works perfectly with my 6” Wide Warn Trail Flares. It made it look like my Jeep from the factory like this is exactly what I really wanted Sure. They have been good on this road many times and nothing has happened yet. They seem to be well balanced and I like the AR mid helmet as an option I bought. I found these bikes to be very durable at the time, they cost only a few dollars more than a regular black AR-767 and had a bit of chrome number plate. The only downside to these bikes is that because they are chrome, they rust easily and I have to polish them every 5,000 miles with polished chrome to keep them from looking like rusty wheels.

I immediately looked at my favorite company, Goodyear, and their only decent choice for off-road tires was the Wrangler MT / R. I compared it to BF Goodrich MT and found that each of them has a special bonus that the other does not have. The main reasons I chose Goodyear MT / R on BFG M / T are:

I installed new tires on the AR Tailgunners and everything was in balance. I can ride a 33-inch bike because I already have a 1-inch body.

Jeep Wrangler Tj Wheel And Tire Packages


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