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Is Napier Jewelry Worth Anything

Is Napier Jewelry Worth Anything

Vintage NAPIER Gold Plated Necklace and Gold Plated Bracelet with Imitation Pearl Cabochons NAPIER Pat. #4,774,743 Vintage jewelry from the 1980s

Napier Crescent Necklace Gold Tone 16 19” Adjustable Length New

*Description: Vintage Napier necklace and bracelet signed NAPIER Pat. #4, 774, 743 on the flap above the clasps. The necklace is gold-plated and has round cabochons made of artificial pearls. The bracelet is gold in color and has oval cabochons made of artificial pearl. This Napier set will make a beautiful jewelry addition to any outfit. I acid tested the chain and tested it on at least 10 KG of upholstery. There is no bracelet and it is gold in color. This is an excellent NAPIER jewelry set for demi-parures; very attractive necklace and bracelet.

*Condition: Excellent vintage condition. All cabochons are present. The glue can be seen under magnification. Signs of wear can be seen under magnification.

Please look at the photos carefully as they are part of the description. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have before purchasing. You are viewing the correct article. Photos show an object for size comparison, such as a ruler or coin.

We try to show the piece through more pictures and always welcome questions. Please note that the item has been previously owned and can be well taken care of.

Dating Napier Costume Jewelry From The 1920s And 1930s

Each of our items is sold “as is” since everything we sell has been previously owned. Our goal is to share everything we know about each item to the best of our ability. We are not experts, but we research every item. If you have any questions or need additional photos, please contact us.

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Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL Vintage Vendome Crystal Bracelet!!!!! Seller shipped FAST; The bracelet is wrapped for protection and she told me it was on its way. She even wrapped it beautifully in a gift box and glittery butterfly mesh bag! I am so, VERY happy with my purchase!!! WE RECOMMEND! ️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Is Napier Jewelry Worth Anything

Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL vintage Vendome crystal bracelet!!!!! Seller shipped FAST; bracelet in a box for protection and texted me that it was on its way. She even wrapped it beautifully in a gift box and glittery butterfly mesh bag! I am so, VERY happy with my purchase!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Vintage Napier Chain Bracelet

Thank you so much for your thoughtful and free review! We are so happy that you are happy with your Vendome purchase! We appreciate you taking the time to review your purchase and we are very pleased. Thanks again. Sincerely, Ida and Jen

Thanks a lot! We are very glad that you are satisfied with your vintage jewelry! Sincerely, Ida and Jen

Thank you very much! We are so happy you like your vintage necklace and earrings! Thank you again for your thoughtful review. Sincerely, Ida and Jen

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Vintage Signed Napier Gold Tone Round Shell Clip On Earrings

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Is Napier Jewelry Worth Anything

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Sold At Auction: Vintage Costume Jewelry Lot

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Napier Gold Tone 16

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Is Napier Jewelry Worth Anything

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Tips On How To Identify And Sell Vintage Costume Jewelry

Customized advertising may be considered the “sale” or “sharing” of information under the privacy laws of California and other states, and you may have the right to opt out. By deactivating personalized advertising, you can exercise the right to object. To learn more, see our Privacy Policy, Help Center and Policy on Cookies and Similar Technologies. One of the most famous jewelry brands in the history of fashion, Napier jewelry adorned the wrists, necks and earlobes of movie stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelley. While most of the company’s offerings were gold-plated or made from other metals such as sterling silver, a few pieces were made from real gold.

Napier jewelry is mostly known for its stunning array of beautiful designs and striking styles rather than precious metals and gemstones, but according to Collectors Weekly, some pieces included real gold. This was a very small part of Napier’s offering.

Napier Jewelry made 14-karat gold pieces on a very limited basis during the 1950s and 1960s, according to Illusion Jewels, a major resource on costume jewelry history and identification. You may come across the following gold coins from Napier:

If you suspect you may have a piece of Napier gold jewelry, inspect it carefully. It will contain the Napier mark, which will include the company name, often in block form. It will also be stamped with “14k” to indicate the metal content. Any other stamp, such as “gilded”, means that the piece is not real gold.

Vintage Napier Earrings Unusual Vintage Earrings Coiled

In order for metal jewelry to be sold as gold in the United States, it must be at least 10k gold. Anything less is not “real gold” jewelry. Instead of being real gold, many Napier pieces are gold plated.

Reports that a large number of designs were made of gilded brass. Here’s how you can recognize them:

Whether the Napier is an item of real gold, it is a beautiful piece of fashion history. Outstanding design sets this jewelry company apart from the competition and makes it known for its solid gold style. Napier Jewelry is an American jewelry brand that produces quality items at prices that the average woman can afford. Costume jewelry in the 1920s was often ornately decorated. Napier has earned its reputation by standing out from the pack with simpler, more elegant designs. Known for their more modern elements, Napier pieces often featured simple geometric shapes. Many popular pieces drew on floral inspirations.

Is Napier Jewelry Worth Anything

The Napier Jewelry Company can trace its origins to 1875 in Attleboro, Massachusetts. Originally known as Whitney and Rice, the company specialized in silver products rather than jewelry. Several name changes occurred during the years leading up to the First World War. After the end of the First World War, the company shifted its focus from silver products to jewelry. James Napier took over the company in 1920 and changed the name of the company to Napier Jewelry in 1922. Known for its elegantly designed costume jewelry, the company continued to thrive throughout the 20th century.

Vintage Napier Gold Tone Grape Cluster Earrings

Peaking in popularity in the 1950s and 60s, Napier jewelery pieces span a wide range of styles, including pieces featuring faux pearls and pearls, large chains in gold or silver tones, colorful enamel pieces and earrings, necklaces and bracelets that they have milk glass beads or art glass pendants. The company also produced a line of sterling silver pieces. Chunky bracelets, oversized brooches and large stud earrings were also produced by Napier.

Napier pieces of jewelry can be identified by a specific mark that the company began using in 1922. The word “Napier, “

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