Is Car Insurance Higher For Red Cars – Choose a car in the color you like: After all, you will be looking at it on a daily basis for a long time. However, if your first choice is red, you may be hesitant when you hear the rumor that red cars are more expensive to insure.

Do red cars cost more to insure? If you’ve heard this myth, you’re not alone: ​​A survey by found that 44% of Americans believe owning a red car will increase your insurance premiums, according to CNBC.

Is Car Insurance Higher For Red Cars

Is Car Insurance Higher For Red Cars

However, never fear. The myth that red cars cost more to insure is actually a myth. While auto insurance companies take many factors into account when calculating your insurance rate, the color of the car is not one of them.

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When you sign up for auto insurance, your insurance company wants to know the make, model, and year of your vehicle, as well as its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Your insurance company will be more interested in the make and model of your car than the color of your car. For example, a standard, mainstream model will be cheaper to insure than a high-end imported vehicle.

Auto insurance companies look at risk factors that could mean you’re more likely to make a claim. This includes factors such as your claims, location, age, gender and driving record.

However, remember that insurance companies tend to look at the same risk factors, but they calculate their insurance rates differently. This means you can shop around by getting quotes from different insurance companies to find the best rates.

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Insurance premiums take into account the make and model of the car, including engine size and sticker price.

Insurers often offer discounts for features that can reduce the risk of theft accidents, such as daytime running lights or anti-theft alarm systems.

Part of the red car myth is that red cars are more likely to be pulled over by the police than other cars. Some studies have shown that certain models of cars are more likely to be towed, although these results are not particularly strong.

Is Car Insurance Higher For Red Cars’s 2016 review of traffic violation data for more than 300 models, CoverBlock reports, shows that vehicles most likely to be ticketed include a mix of economy and luxury models.

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Because police pull over vehicles based on driver behavior rather than model, this finding actually suggests that certain types of drivers are pulled over for different vehicle models, rather than that police choose to pull over certain models more often.

Although studies are inconclusive, they suggest that red cars or cars with flashing lights are more likely to get a ticket. The theory here is that drivers who are more likely to get violations are also more likely to choose red cars or brighter models.

Dangerous drivers can get tickets and have to pay more for their insurance. Because auto insurance companies calculate that these drivers are more likely to submit a claim. So the red car insurance myth may be true in a certain way. But it’s not simply the case that insurers are putting higher premiums on red cars.

If it’s not true that red cars cost more to insure, where did this urban legend come from? Some say this is because of their bright, instantly noticeable color. The hypothesis here is that police issuing tickets are more likely to draw their attention to a bright red car. Others point out that red cars are traditionally associated with car racing, so drivers who like to go fast are more likely to buy a red car than other types of drivers.

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However, as Esurance points out, a 2007 study by Monash University in Australia found that vehicles in low-visibility colors like gray, silver, and black were statistically associated with an increased risk of accidents.

However, because there are very few studies of different car ticket or crash rates by color, there is no conclusive evidence that there is any relationship between car color, safety, or tickets.

A Monash University study found that other factors, such as vehicle model and lighting conditions, had a greater effect on crash risk than car color.

Is Car Insurance Higher For Red Cars

More expensive car models cost more to insure because, from the insurer’s point of view, they are more difficult to replace if stolen. Additionally, if your car is stolen, you may have to file a claim with your insurance company, increasing your rates. So, when you are trying to decide which color to buy, which color car is more or less likely to be stolen.

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Fortunately, if you like red, you can consider yourself lucky: A CCC Information Services report found in 2012 that car thieves are more likely to go after black, white, gold and green cars, reports Cover Black.

If the color of your car doesn’t affect your premium, what does? Factors that indicate you are more likely to be in an accident will increase your premium. This includes:

Whether your car is prone to damage will also affect your premium, which is why where you park your car is important.

Insurance is more expensive for drivers under the age of 25 because younger and newer drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents.

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Do red cars cost more to insure? If you’re in the market for a red car, rest assured: this common story is actually a myth.

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Is Car Insurance Higher For Red Cars

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How Much Should Car Insurance Cost? How much is car insurance for teenagers? When does car insurance expire? How much is insurance for a new driver? Many drivers ask “are red cars more expensive?” They have to choose any color for their vehicle. Although this is a common myth, many factors are more likely to increase your premium. Read on to find out if color really matters when choosing a car.

A survey by found that 44 percent of Americans think owning a red car will increase their insurance premiums. Although this is a common belief, it is 100 percent false. According to, this is one of the top six car insurance myths. Insurance companies do not consider the color of your car when calculating your premium.

However, they consider many factors to keep in mind while choosing car insurance. They will ask for the year, make, model and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your vehicle. Most insurance companies don’t even ask for the color of your car when calculating your quote, says Western National Insurance.

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Another myth about red cars is that you’re more likely to get pulled over by a police officer while riding in one. There is no concrete data to verify this myth; However, some studies show that some car models are towed more often than others. Cover says these findings are not very robust. conducted a study in 2016 in which researchers analyzed claims and traffic violation data for more than 300 car models. The study found that a mix of luxury and economy vehicles are the models with the highest rates of traffic tickets. Drivers should remember that police pull them over based on their behavior. These studies also indicate that people with poor driving records are more attracted to these types of vehicles.

While insurance companies may not care about the base color of your car, they may feel differently about a custom paint job. Insurance companies may view a custom paint job as custom parts or equipment, depending on the insurance. These features, even if not to a great extent, can increase your premium. In most cases, this will be a small additional charge.

Is Car Insurance Higher For Red Cars

While studies on color affecting towed rates are inconclusive, there are studies on which color cars are stolen the most. CCC Information Services reported in a 2012 study that red cars are not among the most stolen car colors. Instead, car thieves tend to go for black, gold, green and white cars. It also found that silver is the most stolen car color. Researchers believe that silver is less dense than other colors.

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Now that we’ve debunked the red car myth, let’s focus on the factors that can affect your premium. When giving you a quote, insurance companies consider:

Insurance companies need to know what type of car you have when calculating your quote. They will


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