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The initial price indicated refers to the Explorer program, valid for the entire duration. During your application, you will choose a program that suits your needs and its duration – the final price will vary based on this choice. Here are the programs we offer:

Internship In Singapore For Foreigners

Internship In Singapore For Foreigners

Settler: Includes all Explorer benefits, plus private accommodation, airport pick-up, first-day drop-off, SIM card, transport card, and tours.

Summer Global Internship, Singapore

Celebrated for its seamless blend of urban sophistication and pristine natural landscapes, Singapore stands as a beacon of business excellence, advanced education, and sustainable development. Recognized as one of the safest countries in the world, Singapore promises a dynamic and safe environment for ambitious interns.

The Asia Internship Program (AIP) offers an unparalleled opportunity for you to dive into the diverse business and financial sectors of this vibrant metropolis. Whether you’re looking for a placement with a multinational corporation, want to immerse yourself in the innovative spirit of a local startup, or want to make a difference at a non-governmental organization, AIP can tailor the perfect internship for you in Asia’s unique Park. City.

Start your journey with AIP and open the door to a world full of opportunities. Remember, the first step towards your future starts with a decision!

I do my internship mostly in the US and this year, I decided to do it in Asia. I hesitated to use an agency at first because I was sure to apply directly to the company. After several applications and rejections, I decided to schedule an interview with the Asian Internship Program because I often see them on Instragram.

Music Student Accepted For Singapore Internship

Things are a bit scary at first but trust me when I tell you that your AIP supervisor will guide and attend interviews with companies to support you. I thought their service ends right after they put me since I only paid for the basic package but they also provided me with some documents needed for my visa application. Overall, I am very satisfied and will apply again for the last internship next year.

I completed a 1 month business development internship in Singapore, and had an amazing time during my stay. AIP helped me find a great company, and really enjoy my time at work. AIP also found me accommodation in Singapore, centrally located, and helped me with the necessary documents for my trip. They also contacted me during my stay and asked how everything was going.

I really recommend coming to Singapore, it’s an amazing and futuristic city, and I’m very grateful to AIP, they helped me and supported me all the time and gave me this amazing opportunity.

Internship In Singapore For Foreigners

I would really recommend coming to Singapore, it’s such an amazing city, and I’m very grateful that AIP helped me with this amazing opportunity.

Logistic Program With Internship( Easy Entry To Singapore)

I enjoyed my internship provided by AIP in Singapore tons. They helped me find a place unlike any other workplace I’ve ever been in, where I could grow and learn significantly. The process of working with AIP was very smooth and did not cause me any stress. They helped me prepare for the interview and were able to find a match for my interests. I ended up with several internship opportunities that AIP found for me and then it was possible to work out what would be best for me. They also helped me with all the travel documents, making my trip simple.

Had a great placement at a friendly and informative law firm. We had lunch together almost every day, and I had a good boss and coworkers. My hotel is safe and centrally located, which made it easy to get around, as well as close to my internship. The staff was friendly and easy to reach. You are also picked up from the airport when you first arrive, which is very helpful. All are great programs that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about a specific field abroad, all very direct.

Super amazing program. My internship fit perfectly, and the hotel I stayed in was lovely and centrally located. I loved my boss and co-workers, and the work environment in general was very good. We eat lunch together almost every day. Had a lot of fun and this city is so interesting and easy to get around it is very easy to get in contact with people supervising my internship / trip abroad. Singapore is also a very good location to choose because of its simple public transportation. Highly recommend!

What made my internship with AIP so great was how cooperative the team was in creating a collaborative and independent experience. Not only do they organize events and activities specifically for Singapore but they are also very easy to communicate with when adjustments are needed. They work hard to make sure things run smoothly as well as safely for us. I thank AIP and hope that anyone who has the opportunity to intern with them, makes the most of their experience :).

How To Get An Internship In Singapore

It was an experience of a lifetime and it was all thanks to AIP. From the beginning to Singapore I was taken care of. I had a brilliant workplace arranged for me by the AIP team and my experience was invaluable. Working as a software engineer abroad is not an easy thing to do but when you have great people around you like I did with AIP then the experience becomes smooth, and if you have any problems, they are immediately there to help you . I also LOVE Singapore, it is a must visit.

Singapore is most well known for its infamously high price-tag; however, missing out on this country on your Asian tour would be a disservice. The country consists of 46% green space, when you go out of the city there is more to do than shops.

The Asia Internship Program is the first integrated internship provider in the Asian region, connecting ambitious young professionals with students and organizations. Our internship program can be customized and tailored to your skill set, expectations, and career goals. AIP cooperates with global companies, dynamic NGOs, and…Ready in the right place? Intern in Singapore. Singapore is one of the world’s most globalized cities and countries with one of the fastest growing and most exciting economies. In today’s competitive job market, you won’t find a better way to stand out from the crowd. Meeting of influential industry experts. Build valuable work experience through an internship in Singapore.

Internship In Singapore For Foreigners

Our Singapore internship program is offered for one or two months and is created exclusively to focus on your career development and to secure you real-world experience and the opportunity to develop the professional skills necessary to enter a certain career field. In addition to your guaranteed internship in Singapore, you will gain exposure to networking events where you will have the opportunity to meet and socialize with important industry experts. Choose from the most interesting industries including finance, marketing, business, public relations and more from Singapore internships.

Internship In Singapore And Valuable Experiences

The program includes an in-person internship placement in the industry of your choice, high-quality shared accommodation, airport pick-up services, a weekend welcome and orientation event, and professional development activities.

We work with small and large companies with established internship programs. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a list of companies we work with due to confidentiality reasons.

You will live in high quality student housing, located in the heart of the city. Transport links are only a short walk away. Living and socializing with other students from all over the world will be a fun and memorable part of your summer experience with Absolute Internship.

You must purchase your own flight and international insurance. In addition, you will be required to cover food, drink and personal shopping expenses incurred during the summer.

My Internship Experience @ Singapore University Of Technology And Design (sutd)

Work-based learning is considered an educational opportunity, and more often visa specifications require unpaid international internships.

Our placement team will not make this a priority when looking for your internship and therefore we recommend that you consider your internship unpaid.

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Internship In Singapore For Foreigners

Studies show that internship experience is at least twice as important as college reputation, GPA, and course relevance. Secure your top-level internship while having a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience!

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