Insurance Claim For Roof Damage – Do you have roof damage that makes you think it’s time to replace your roof? If you’ve spent years paying homeowners insurance premiums, you may want to apply to get help paying for a new roof. But when is it actually a good idea to file a lawsuit? Are there any negative consequences of filing a lawsuit? The experts at Eagle Watch Roofing deal with insurance claims all the time. In this article, we’ll go over some of the considerations you’ll want to make before you decide to file a roof damage insurance claim. And if you have additional questions, you can always contact us for additional help in deciding when the right time to apply is.

The most important thing you can do before you decide to file a claim is to familiarize yourself with your policy. You can do this by reading your policy yourself. But if the fine print is a little difficult to understand, don’t hesitate to call your insurance broker. Depending on the size of their office, you will speak with a broker or other representative. They should be happy to explain the details of your cover. You can ask questions and get the information you need to consider whether to apply.

Insurance Claim For Roof Damage

Insurance Claim For Roof Damage

Generally, there are two main types of coverage. Two homeowners with the same damage can receive very different payouts depending on the type of coverage they agreed to when the policy was purchased. The first type of coverage is Actual Cash Value (ACV). Another type is replacement cost coverage. ACV coverage will usually have lower premiums, but will also have lower payouts. When it comes to roofing, the difference between an ACV payout and a replacement cost payout can be significant, so knowing your policy is an important first step in deciding when to file a claim.

Steps To The Insurance Claim Process

With an ACV policy, you will receive the cash value of the item being replaced, in this case, your roof. At first, paying cash may seem like a big deal, but it can actually leave you in a difficult position. This is because the insurance company only pays the current cash value of your roof. It’s not what you paid for it when it was installed and not how much it will cost to get a new one. Instead, to calculate the current cash value of your roof, the adjuster will start with the original value of your roof when it was new and then subtract the depreciation. Depreciation is a calculation of how much less your roof is worth in its current condition (before the damage you’re claiming) than it was when you installed it.

Let’s look at an example of an ACV claim on your roof. Let’s say the cost to replace your roof today is $10,000. The insurance broker will not pay that amount. Instead, he or she will prorate the current value of your roof according to its age and its remaining life (if it is not damaged). So if your adjuster determines that your 20-year-old roof had a reasonable life expectancy of 30 years, your roof has lost two-thirds of its value in those 20 years. The theory is that you’ve enjoyed your roof for 20 years and thus “used up” two-thirds of its value. Why would the insurance company pay you for another 30 years of roofing when you’ve already gotten 20 years out of the roofing they covered?

So after factoring in the depreciation of two-thirds of the value of your roof, the actual cash value of your roof before damage is only one-third of the cost of a new roof, in this case, $3,333. Now consider that your insurance deductible is $1,000. That means the insurance company will pay a total of $2,333 for your new $10,000 roof. Is it worth claiming? Maybe. We will talk more about that later.

Replacement cost coverage is essentially what it sounds like. Covers the cost of replacing the lost item. So if your roof is a total loss and needs to be replaced, the insurance payout will cover the full cost of replacing your roof. There is no depreciation calculation, just how much it will cost to get you back to health. After looking at the limitations of ACV coverage, it should be obvious why this is a superior form of coverage. Unlike ACV coverage, replacement cost coverage will make you whole again. However, as you might expect, it costs more. You will pay higher premiums than an ACV policy.

Roof Damage Insurance Claim Brownsburg In

Let’s see an example of replacement cost coverage in action. You have enjoyed your roof, which you have for 20 years. Suddenly, a storm hits your already aging roof and causes serious damage. After an inspection by an established roofing company, you get the bad news that it’s time to replace your roof. They give you a written estimate for $10,000 to replace the roof. You file a claim, and the insurance company comes to your home to do their own inspection. The adjuster agrees that you need a new roof. So you present your written estimate for $10,000 to the controller. If the adjuster thinks it’s a reasonable estimate, you get the full replacement cost minus the $1,000 deductible, for a total payment of $9,000.

There are some important steps in the process of filing a lawsuit. First, a written assessment is absolutely necessary. You won’t get paid without a written, detailed estimate from a reliable roofing company. Second, the adjuster must determine that a replacement is truly necessary. In the event of a repair claim, the adjuster will determine exactly what damage is covered and what repairs will be paid for by insurance. This is where partnering with a good roofing company pays off.

Once you submit a claim, Eagle Watch Roofing will come to your home to meet with an adjuster. We will accompany the adjuster during their inspection to make sure the adjuster has fairly determined the extent of the damage to your roof.

Insurance Claim For Roof Damage

The adjuster and the insurance company must agree with the roofer on the price of the replacement. We will be happy to help with that. You will then receive at least two checks. The first check will be part of the replacement cost. It’s a payment. Once the job is done, we’ll invoice your insurance directly.

Roof Damage Insurance Claim Process A Step By Step Guide

If you have replacement cost coverage, your insurance will pay us the remaining amount on the invoice, less your deductible. So if the replacement cost is $10,000, your insurance will pay Eagle Watch Roofing $9,000 and we will bill you for the remaining $1,000 deductible. If you have ACV coverage, using the example above, the insurance company will pay us a total of $2,333 and we will bill you for the remaining $7,677. If you need help paying, we offer convenient financing options.

The big question most homeowners have is whether it’s worth filing a claim. The answer is that it depends. The fear most homeowners have is that filing a claim will increase their premiums or even cause their insurance to not renew coverage. And it’s not a completely unfounded fear. According to, a single homeowner’s insurance claim could increase your insurance premium by an average of 9%. Another claim could increase your premiums by 20%. In Georgia, an insurance company cannot cancel your insurance policy because of a legitimate claim, but it can choose not to renew your policy.

As a general rule, you shouldn’t use homeowner’s insurance for small claims. The threshold for most insurance companies is one claim every ten years. What’s more, your coverage or your premiums may be at risk. Even if you go to another insurer, your claims history will follow you. This is because all claims are recorded in a national database and any potential insurer can check your claims history before offering a policy. If your insurer turns you down for too many claims, you may find it difficult to get new insurance. There are options for insurers in the excess lines market, but the coverage will usually be more expensive and have less coverage than regular insurance policies.

Since you won’t be using your small claims insurance, it makes sense to opt for the highest deductible you could afford to pay in the event of a catastrophic loss. If you plan to pay out-of-pocket for damages of only a few hundred or thousands of dollars, as you should, it doesn’t make sense to pay extra for a low deductible.

How To Read Your Insurance Claim Document: The Front Page

If you are unsure of the extent of the damage to your roof or have questions about the claims process, the experts at Eagle Watch Roofing are happy to help. We will come to your home and

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