India Tourist Visa For Us Citizens – This document is a very detailed, step-by-step guide on how to apply for an Indian visa from the US for Americans. I set it up myself and took notes and screenshots of each step of the process. You won’t find a more detailed guide than this one online. If you’re from the UK, check out my article on how to apply for an Indian visa for UK citizens where my English friend has written a more detailed step by step guide. This document is updated frequently to keep up with the times.

This visa is difficult to apply for if you are coming to India and want a visa for more than one year. If you are traveling for less, you need an e-visa valid for up to one year. Ignore everything below if you need a visa for one year or more and go to this blog that tells you everything you need about the e-visa application process.

India Tourist Visa For Us Citizens

India Tourist Visa For Us Citizens

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Countries Indians Can Travel To Visa Free With A Us Visa

How to Apply for Indian Tourist Visa from USA on Long Term Visa – Step by Step

Everything is on offer at Cox and King. Any questions I had while writing this, I called Cox and King to get answers to make sure all the information is correct.

This is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for an Indian Tourist Visa from the US. Also, you can check the post on how to get India visa from UK at this post.

Step 1. Start at Cox and King India Visa Center to check the type of visa you need. I’m only discussing tourist visas in this post, so make sure that’s the type you’ll be looking for. [If you need a type of visa other than tourism, you still have to do all these steps but you will have more questions and more procedures to fill out]. Next, under “visa” in the top left corner, click “visa application – start”. You will automatically fill the page that appears with the original information. This is the easy part! You will be told your “message” here based on the state you entered. Remember this! For Ohio, mine was New York. Again, you will see a “temporary application ID”. You should write this down and keep it. At the end of the form when you check everything, it will ask if everything is correct. Once you say YES, you can’t change anything later. You will have to start on a new page.

Visa Policy Of India

“The original, signed passport is valid for 6 months from the date of application, and has at least two visa pages without the Indian visa stamp. Altered documents are not valid for visa stamps. ”

Step 3. Start the application form that leads to the Indian website. It’s “step 2” and Cox and King will automatically take you here after saving your initial information on Cox and King. You will be redirected to the India website for this section. It will ask if this is ok, say “yes”. Click the big orange button that says “click here”. You must complete the sections of Step 2, and return to Cox and King after: “You must return to the CKGS website within 1.5 hours or your course will be terminated and you must complete the state application and reapply.”

Another page of the shop is the actual application, as I said. You want to click on the orange button that says “regular visa application”.

India Tourist Visa For Us Citizens

Fill in the information carefully. Once you go to the second page of this page, a new application ID will appear. This is not the same as your first temporary ID. You MUST save this. It is very important. Now I will talk a little about the questions asked on the Indian visa application form.

Policy To Get An India Visa For Minors

Step 4. At the top is “choose office messages”. You were told this in step 1 but if you forgot, you can go find your authorization by clicking this link. Check the applicant’s country of affiliation with the embassy. For example, Ohio is sending documents to New York. So at the top of the application for a temporary ID select USA:NY.

The following steps go through the process of filling out the Indian visa application form on their website, although they change it every few months and you may see different types of questions. It’s important, though!

Step 5. When filling out this application, see Questions About the Visa Application Form and read number 9. How many months do I enter if I’m only going for two weeks? Note in C&K:

“If the applicant has a middle name, it must be entered as “Given Name” in the online application and MUST match the name in the passport.”

India Relaxes Tourist Visa Rules; No Need For Two Month Sit Out For Multiple Entry

The page will ask if you have another password and once you click “no” if you don’t, the other questions will disappear and copy the capcha code “login” and click “Save and Continue”.

Step 6. Fill out page 2 with your address (check the “one” box if you’re a permanent resident), parent details, etc. to the end and submit the FAQ for any areas you’re not sure about.

Step 7. Click save and continue and go to page 3. Visa type: tourist visa. Places to visit, just mention the Indian cities you are interested in, whatever fits in the box. Visa duration in months: 6 (that’s what I used to do, but they offer more now). Number of entries: multiple (this is for backpackers who might cross over to Nepal or something. You can choose one entry if you KNOW 100% that you are going to India only once in those 6 months.) Purpose: Tourism. The next time you fly there, what airport do you plan to fly to? The middle parts are easy, and at the end you put a contact person in India. You can post a hotel, but post the correct address. If you don’t have a place to stay, search for hotels online and check in

India Tourist Visa For Us Citizens

If you are visiting a friend, enter their information. Finally, talking to a friend in the US can confirm that you are not a terrorist.

Documents Required For Tourist Visa

* Remember the start date of your 6 months in India, not the date you arrived in India. Also, it says to make sure you include your e-mail and mobile phone number, which should be in the application form.

Step 8. Download the photo. I had problems with this (weird, I know) but it worked after two tries. Next, you will glue one of the printed 2×2 pieces to the applique. When you click save and continue, it takes you to the “is everything OK?” page. This is your last chance to edit or you will have to do the whole thing up if you see something after printing. Check and double check and check and move on. Now write. It should also show you the FILE number/ID reference/application number. This is not the same as a temporary ID and should also be recorded and saved in case you need to print another copy of this later. Note in C&K:

“Please ensure that the Application Form is printed correctly with the port of entry and exit printed correctly at the bottom as well as the bar code.”

Step 9. Be sure to sign on both pages: Under the photo on the first page, and at the bottom of the second page. Except for the signature DO NOT WRITE on the application. Do not make handwritten changes to the application or it will not be accepted, the site says.

Getting An Indian Visa In Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Step 10. Place your 2×2 photo on glossy, white paper with no glass in place. Use paper or stamps but DO NOT PRINT. Your face should be in 80% of the frame.

Step 11. Collect your residence permits & everything else you need. Here is a list of documents needed through Cox and King; above select “tourist visa”. It will show you a list of all the things you need to put in your package and actually go through the paperwork. It will take you to a “special additional form” that shows you the rest of what you need to send and fill out, such as a “religious request letter”. Always write down every form they ask you to fill out. For residence permits (if you need them) Here is what they call a proof:

“Government issued ID cards i.e. valid driver’s license, Water, gas, electricity, sewage bills, copy of valid rent, and signature of landlord and tenant must be provided. Do not reduce any documents such as driving license, copy of passport A useful project must be from the last 90 years

India Tourist Visa For Us Citizens

Days. Here are some documents they won’t take: cell phone bills, credit card statements, bank statements, cable bills, insurance policies, any addresses and

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