If You Are Injured In An Auto Accident – Car accidents can be terrifying. There’s so much going on…and you want to make sure your needs are taken care of, especially if you’re a passenger. There are several important steps to take to care for your injuries.

Regardless of whether the driver of the vehicle you were in was at fault or not, you should gather information. After all, you need answers to the questions that are running through your mind. Most importantly, does your insurance cover you, the driver’s insurance or the other driver’s insurance?

If You Are Injured In An Auto Accident

If You Are Injured In An Auto Accident

At Allan Berger & Associates, we are committed to helping you get the legal help you need. This ensures that you have thought everything through. Someone has to take care of you. As a passenger, you are often forgotten. Drivers are focused on themselves and their vehicles.

Steps To Take After A Car Accident

By following a few steps, you can make sure you have everything you need to file a claim when you need to. This ensures that you

Your goal should be to gather as much information as possible, preferably while you are still at the scene of the accident. Collect insurance information from both drivers. If you can get a copy of the accident report made by the police, that may also help. If there are witnesses, try to get an explanation from them. If witnesses cannot stay until the police arrive, collect their contact information.

You never know how much information can be helpful when filing claims. While most information is shared between drivers, you also have rights. Take pictures if you can, as they may support your point.

There may be situations where you also do not know the driver of the vehicle you are in. For example, if you use a ride-sharing app, you only have basic information. Ask questions to get all the information you need. At the end of the day, you are the victim. As a passenger, you should not be liable for injuries resulting from an injury that was not your fault.

What Happens To Your Body In A Rollover Accident?

You have the option of filing a claim with the driver’s insurance company. Regardless of which driver was at fault (the vehicle you were in or another vehicle), they must be held liable for your injuries. It’s a mandatory requirement for auto insurance in Louisiana, and most drivers aren’t going to risk fines without coverage.

Bodily liability is considered third-party insurance because it only covers the other driver and passengers, not the person actually at fault in the accident.

While $15,000 is the minimum coverage required in Louisiana, many drivers carry more. It is intended to cover various expenses:

If You Are Injured In An Auto Accident

The biggest problem you may face is that the total extent of your injuries may be much higher than the driver’s insurance will allow. It can also be difficult to determine who caused the accident.

What To Do If You’re Injured In An Auto Accident

Just because you’re a passenger doesn’t mean you don’t have rights. You just have to explore all your options, including working with a personal injury attorney.

It can be difficult to figure out who was at fault – and the police on the scene may not be able to figure it out either. Whether or not your driver was at fault in the accident, it can be beneficial to file a claim. Depending on the insurance coverage they have, this may help cover some of the costs involved in getting you back to where you need to be.

This is one of the main reasons you want to collect information. With both drivers’ insurance information, you can contact both insurance companies for financial assistance.

You may need to file a claim with your own insurance. Whether you’re applying through auto insurance or health insurance, you may need to secure the medical care you need. If the at-fault party is underinsured, this can also help cover costs so they don’t become a financial burden.

Charlotte Car Accident Lawyer

While your own insurance policies can help reduce out-of-pocket costs, it’s also important to note that if you do receive compensation from one of your other insurance companies or a settlement, your health insurance company must be reimbursed for those costs. .

It can be extremely difficult to keep track of all of this, so getting legal help can be helpful.

Car accidents can result in various types of injuries. When you’ve been injured, there’s often no easy way to navigate the process. At Allan Berger & Associates, we are familiar with Louisiana law. We’ve helped our clients in New Orleans in a number of ways – and we hope to help you.

If You Are Injured In An Auto Accident

You should never accept an insurance company settlement without first discussing your options with a lawyer. The moment you accept a settlement agreement, you sign away your rights to never ask for more. That’s when you have to ask yourself if you’re getting enough.

Average Settlement For Car Accident Back & Neck Injury

The lawyers at our firm can talk to you about various “what if” scenarios. What if you need physical therapy? What if you can’t go back to work right away? We will work to establish a settlement amount that covers these what-if scenarios and work with the at-fault driver and their insurance company on your behalf. This can help you focus on getting better without the stress of a legal battle.

Call the firm today at 504-526-2222 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. We’ll talk you through your options and help you proceed to get the best results.

By Allan Berger & Associates |2021-02-05T22:48:20+00:005 Mar 2021|Car Accidents|Comments Off on 5 Steps to Take if You’re Injured in a Car Accident. Did you know that there are over 6 million car accidents on the road each year in the United States alone? No one likes to think about getting into an accident, but it’s important to be prepared if you ever do. What should you do after you’ve been in an accident? Check out our What to Do After a Car Accident Checklist!

This step is probably the most important step to keep in mind, even if you don’t know what to do when you find yourself in a crypt. Never leave the scene of an accident, especially if someone has called 911.

Charleston Wv Car Accident Lawyer

You will need to make a police report and you may need medical attention. If you leave the scene of an accident and someone in another car is injured or killed, you may be charged with hit and run.

Assess your injuries. If you feel pain, don’t move—moving can make any potential injuries worse, especially neck and soft tissue injuries.

If you are not injured, leave your vehicle and check for other drivers and passengers. Remember to call 911 to report the accident and call 911 on the scene to treat the victims and investigate the accident.

If You Are Injured In An Auto Accident

Once you’ve called the police, your next step is to exchange insurance information with the other driver and contact your insurance company to let them know you’ve been involved in an accident.

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Your insurance company will most likely ask you to contact them again after you file a police report. Do not apologize or admit fault, but at the same time do not make any accusations against other drivers. The police and the insurance company decide how your case will go.

It’s not always possible to do this, but if you can, be sure to talk to witnesses who saw the accident and collect their contact information.

Another good idea is to ask if witnesses have seen an accident in that location before. Blind spots, poor lighting, and improperly programmed traffic signals can all contribute to accidents, so it’s a good idea to notify the police if any of these factors are present at the scene of an accident.

Smartphones are a godsend when it comes to car accidents because they allow you to take pictures of the damage and any visible injuries. Images help track damage over time, which is valuable information for your insurance company.

What Are The Biggest Mistakes People Make After An Auto Accident?

Be sure to see a doctor as soon as possible after an accident. Not only can the symptoms of a soft tissue injury go away for days or weeks, but the longer you wait to make an appointment, the harder it will be to link the injuries directly to the car accident.

The paper trail is your friend. Keep any documents you receive—whether it’s a diagnosis from your doctor or a repair estimate from your mechanic—in a safe place. You may not need any of these, but if your case goes to trial, a paper trail is an invaluable tool.

Depending on the circumstances of your accident, it may be a good idea to hire an attorney, especially if someone is injured. Availability of a lawyer

If You Are Injured In An Auto Accident

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