I Was Involved In A Car Accident – Generally, once you’ve passed the scene of your car accident, you need to be aware of slightly less urgent, but still time-sensitive and highly complex matters.

If you’re sitting at home asking, “What do I do after my car accident?” You assume that you are physically well After all, you were able to walk away from the accident without any broken bones, and a few scrapes and bruises.

I Was Involved In A Car Accident

I Was Involved In A Car Accident

The problem is, you’re not a doctor You are not trained to look for signs of injury other than broken bones, bruises, and scraped skin After all, it’s usually the injuries you don’t see that become the worst

What Is Involved In A Truck Accident Investigation?

Do yourself and your family a favor and get checked out by a medical professional You will sleep better at night for this effort In addition, if you file a claim or lawsuit for personal injuries sustained in this accident, you will need a doctor’s report that relates your medical condition to the incident.

This step must happen before you talk to the insurance provider What you say or don’t say when filing an accident report with your insurance company can hurt you in the process.

A car accident lawyer speaks the language of insurance providers and understands the methods these agents use when interviewing you about your accident. It is in the insurance carrier’s best interest that the agent blame you for the collision or discover some other loophole that enables them to deny your claim.

In Arizona, like most states, you have a limited time from the date of the accident in which to bring legal action against the at-fault party. States refer to these time limits as their statutory limits

Car Accident — Simpson Cannon Law Firm, P.a

Your car accident lawyer knows the deadlines you need to meet so they can present your case in court.

So far, we’ve given you two pretty easy steps to take after your car accident What comes next? Nothing Your car accident lawyer can and should handle everything else in your case

Without a car accident lawyer, you will have to take care of each of these steps Even if you do it right, it’s still a tedious process If you get it wrong, you waste your time – and blow your chances of recovering your costs and losses.

I Was Involved In A Car Accident

If someone else’s negligence causes your car to crash, you have the right to recover for the damages you suffered as a result of the accident

What Happens If You Get In An Accident Without Insurance?

When you file a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance provider, or if you sue the person in court, you may receive compensation for any or all of the following:

If a family member dies in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, you can file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Tips for What to Do at the Scene of Your Car Accident It’s probably too late to include these tips for accidents you’ve probably experienced, but if you encounter another car accident on the road, these ideas may come in handy:

The legal team at Janes Law knows the ins and outs of car accidents Whether your case settles with the insurance provider, or we end up litigating in Arizona civil court, we will do everything from A to Z to represent you and your right to compensation. Call Janus Law today for a free legal consultation Our number is 866-499-8989. After a Fort Lauderdale car accident, you may find yourself traumatized, possibly injured or shocked, and not sure what to do next. However, this knowledge can protect you and your finances Here are nine important things to consider if you are involved in a car accident:

Should You Call Your Insurance Company After A Minor Accident?

Although every car accident is different, these nine steps will help ensure your health and safety and preserve your right to seek compensation from the insurance company for any injuries and damages you may have suffered.

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This means you stand well off the shoulder if you’re on an expressway or have an accident on a city street

I Was Involved In A Car Accident

Unless the car accident was really a minor “fender bender” (ie, absolutely no damage to the car), ask the operator to send emergency medical personnel. It is important for the health of everyone involved to maintain your legal right to seek compensation

Steps To Take After Involved In Animal Car Crash

Car accident victims often sustain concussions, whiplash and internal injuries, most of which are not visible immediately after the accident. You may also feel dizzy, which can mask symptoms or pain that might otherwise be obvious to you

If you don’t seek treatment at the scene but later find out that you sustained injuries, the other party’s insurer can confirm that you did not sustain your injuries in the accident. This can hurt your chances of getting a fair financial settlement for your injuries

Try to take photos of each vehicle involved – from as many angles as possible – and the overall view Take photos of any road hazards, traffic signs or markings, skid marks, and any other details that may provide important context later.

Even if your car appears roadworthy, you may want to call a towing service to take the vehicle to a repair shop.

Role Of Police At The Scene Of An Accident In Arizona

Your vehicle may have hidden damage that may make it unsafe to drive Also, driving a vehicle can cause more damage – especially if it loses oil, water or other important mechanical fluids or components.

If you don’t have a collision damage repair shop of your choice, ask your regular auto mechanic for a towing service.

If you can do this safely, you will need to remove your car from the road If possible, try to take photos of the vehicles and their location before you leave

I Was Involved In A Car Accident

If you fail to report the accident, even if you don’t plan to file a claim with your insurer, you may be in violation of the terms of your policy. However, don’t provide more than basic details, and don’t admit fault

Failure To Identify Yourself After An Accident Is A Serious Crime In Texas

Note: If the other driver’s insurer contacts you, watch what you say If the adjuster requests a recorded statement, decline until you speak with an attorney.

Record any symptoms you have, the date and time and doctor’s visits or other medical treatment Keep track of receipts and other documents that support your permanent damages, such as bills from the towing company.

You must attend doctor’s appointments and follow your doctor’s orders If you stop treatment, the insurer can argue that you are contributing to your injury

A car accident lawyer can help protect your legal rights and explain your options for filing an insurance claim with your insurance company or the other driver’s insurance. Your attorney can help you determine where to fix your car and get the right treatment for your injuries

The Difference Between A Minor Car Accident And A Major Car Accident

If you have injuries after a car accident, especially if they are severe, you should check with an ambulance to the nearest medical facility.

If you have been seriously injured in a car accident, your only focus should be on getting to the hospital as soon as possible. If you have access to a phone and are physically able, call 911 yourself and call an ambulance. Otherwise, try to get the attention of someone nearby and call for help if they don’t.

Unless you need an ambulance to take you to the hospital immediately—and you should err on the side of caution here—then you should try to gather as much evidence as possible at the scene of the accident.

I Was Involved In A Car Accident

Take pictures of the accident scene, focusing on getting footage from as many angles and vantage points as possible – close-ups that show the extent of the damage to your vehicle, and pan-out shots that reveal wider views and angles. in which the vehicle collided

What To Do If You Are Involved In A Multi Vehicle Car Accident

Also, if you can, try to talk to witnesses at the scene, collect statements from them, and collect their contact information. Such evidence can greatly assist your lawyer as he builds a case against the responsible party and pursues them for compensation.

Then, even if your injuries appear minor (or unreal), see a doctor for a medical exam as soon as possible on the day of the accident.

At first, you may be injured but not feel it Some injuries — especially head injuries — can take days or weeks to manifest And by the time these injuries present symptoms, they are more serious and difficult to treat than if you address them after they occur.

Your health is too important to neglect to save two hours and a doctor’s office copy after an accident The only peace of mind you get when

If You Were Involved In A Car Accident Here Are 6 Mistakes To Avoid

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