I Was Injured In A Car Accident – Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer / How much money can I expect if I am injured as a passenger in a car accident?

As a passenger in a car accident, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries. Depending on the severity of the accident and the type of insurance coverage included, you may be entitled to recover damages to cover medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering.

I Was Injured In A Car Accident

I Was Injured In A Car Accident

Passengers in car accidents have a clear advantage over drivers because they are unlikely to be at fault for the accident. However, as a victim, they still need the help of a car accident attorney to determine the at-fault party and file the appropriate claim. The amount of money a passenger can collect depends on a variety of factors, including the severity of their injuries.

Single Car Accident

When someone is involved in a no-fault accident, the initial claim is usually made by filing a claim with their own insurer. However, when someone is a passenger, the issue of making a claim can get complicated.

Regardless of whether the driver of the vehicle the passenger was in is at fault or if fault can be found against the other driver, the passenger can bring a third-party claim against the driver. Some factors that will help determine the final settlement amount include the type of coverage the at-fault driver carries.

In almost all cases, a passenger in a car accident is not responsible when involved in a car accident. However, they still have financial losses from the incident.

A car accident attorney can help victims understand their legal rights as a passenger. The amount of money a passenger can collect depends on several factors, which an experienced attorney can explain. Since no two accidents are identical, the unique circumstances of each case must be carefully evaluated to determine what a fair settlement looks like.

Can I Sue For Emotional Distress After A Car Accident?

The two most important things a car accident victim should do is seek medical attention and seek legal advice. When someone is injured in an accident that is not their fault, they have the right to seek the advice of a lawyer who can explain their rights and legal options.

Due to the complexity of making a claim as a passenger, it is a good idea to seek legal guidance. Remember that the insurance company will not act in the victim’s best interest. The insurer’s goal is to minimize their exposure by denying claims.

An experienced attorney understands the complexities of personal injury law and can build a strong case on behalf of a victim. They can also advise victims of specific rules that help them understand how a claim is filed and processed. Lawyers can also help by negotiating with the insurance company and ensuring that the victim has someone to advocate on their behalf to get the best possible settlement for their injuries.

I Was Injured In A Car Accident

It is important to remember that it is always a choice whether to hire a lawyer after a car accident as a passenger. However, an experienced attorney can help ensure that victims’ rights are protected and recover the full compensation they are entitled to for their injuries.

What Not To Do In A Car Accident Lawsuit

These are just a small sample of the types of injuries a vehicle passenger can face after an accident. The potential mental stress of an accident should not be overlooked either. Some travelers may even experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which may require treatment.

When the victim of a car accident is a passenger, they will have to deal with an insurance adjuster. When the victim is not aware of his rights, the regulator may try to take advantage. Adjusters are not required to explain the victim’s rights to them, nor are they required to explain laws to them. This is why a passenger in a car accident should consult an attorney before filing a claim.

The more serious the victim’s injury, the more likely they will need legal representation. Lawyers experienced in handling personal injury claims are well versed in the various techniques an insurer will use to minimize the amount they have to pay when they receive a claim.

A lawyer can negotiate on behalf of a victim and make sure that they are not used in the trial. All car accident victims should be aware that each insurance company has a legal team representing them to try to support their decisions to reduce or deny a claim.

Can A Car Accident Exacerbate An Old Injury

Many passengers who are injured in a car accident believe that they can file a claim on their own because they were not at fault for the accident. While in a perfect world this might be ideal, it usually isn’t.

Car accident victims are often reluctant to hire an attorney due to cost or if they feel they will lose control of their case. None of these things should cause concern. In almost all cases, a car accident attorney works on a contingency fee basis. This means that the victim will only have to pay for legal services if the lawyer can secure a settlement on their behalf. Although there may be other fees for specific services such as expert opinions or filing fees, there will be no legal fees.

A secondary concern is the loss of control over the insurance claim. This will not happen because lawyers must present to their clients every offer made by an insurance company. The victim always has the final say on whether a settlement offer is accepted. The victim’s attorney can present the pros and cons of such an offer, but even when the attorney disagrees with the client, the client’s decision is final.

I Was Injured In A Car Accident

When a car passenger is involved in an accident, seeking the advice of an attorney is always a smart move. Even if the victim thinks they don’t need an attorney, there’s nothing wrong with getting a free case evaluation.

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These consultations are free and allow a car accident victim to better understand their legal options as a passenger in a car accident. Get a free consultation with a Philadelphia personal injury attorney as soon as possible to learn about your legal options as an injured passenger.

Gabriel Levine is an extremely experienced and reliable attorney with over 10 years of practice in Pennsylvania. Known for his tenacity, he has represented clients in a wide range of civil cases, handling hundreds of cases. He prepares each case as if it were going to trial, ensuring meticulous attention to detail.

Unlike many firms that delegate tasks, Levin personally handles every aspect of a case and maintains open communication with clients at all times. He has secured millions in compensation, making him a trusted choice for those seeking legal representation.

“Great experience… Friendly and highly motivated in resolving all issues related to my car accident. Settlement after treatment was quick and all expenses covered and fair compensation for pain and suffering.” – Natalie M. 05/06/22

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“I was hit by an uninsured driver and was referred to The Levin Firm by a close friend. I am so glad we went with The Levin Firm. Megan, our paralegal was AWESOME! She kept me updated about my case. She also answered my many questions I had about this process. My attorney, Gabe, is fighting to make sure we get the compensation I deserve. I highly recommend The Levin Firm.” – Melissa S. 05/06/22

“You never think you’ll need a car accident lawyer, but when someone hits you and doesn’t take responsibility, it’s inevitable. The Levin firm took on my case and handled everything with ease. They are great to have in your corner.” – Nicole E. 05/18/22

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I Was Injured In A Car Accident

“Levin handled my motor vehicle accident from start to finish in a professional and caring manner. I highly recommend this company!” – Ashley N. 05/05/22

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“If you want positive results and the maximum settlement in your car accident case, I highly recommend The Levin Firm. Gabe and Ashley did the job and put my concerns to rest.” – Rachel P. 07/04/22

“Hi, I was in a Lyft car accident and it wasn’t too bad, but I had some injuries and my back still hurts. But anyway my lawyer was Ashley and when I tell you she will really do her best to get you the best deal I was so shocked and pleased! Not only because of the amount, but her response time and customer service were the best! And I know people who have been in similar incidents and walked away with NOTHING and still are…” – Amiesha B. 03/10/21

“I highly recommend calling this law firm if you have been involved in a car accident. Not only did my attorney do an outstanding job, but his office manager, Iesha, was wonderful to work with. I had never experienced what I experienced while working with this company. Both my lawyer and Iesha have expressed repeatedly that my well-being and recovery are the most important thing to them. Both are sympathetic

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