How To Think Positive When You Are Depressed – Because a broken arm does not carry the stigma that a mental disorder often does, people often avoid treatment or even discuss their illness with others. But these invisible illnesses deserve sympathy and validation. Find out how to tell if someone is struggling and what you can do to help.

If you see a change in someone you know, be kind. Every mental illness has its own symptoms. Don’t demand to know their health status or make assumptions. Just offer your help and listen without judgment.

How To Think Positive When You Are Depressed

How To Think Positive When You Are Depressed

If you or someone you know needs help right now, you should call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988 or call 911 right away.

Depressing Thoughts And Simple Steps You Can Take To Crush Them

With the stigma surrounding mental health, it takes courage to talk about an invisible illness. When a loved one confides in you about their struggles, your response can be helpful or frustrating. “One of the most important things you can do is just listen,” says psychiatrist Rebecca Wysocke, MD. “Instead of trying to solve the problem or give advice, just try to listen with empathy.”

Just like a physical illness, a mental illness may benefit from medication or treatments such as therapy. Sometimes a relapse can be the result of irregular medication. A psychiatrist or therapist can offer professional care personalized to the patient’s needs. “If they seem to have a really bad mood that doesn’t get better and lasts for a couple of weeks, that’s a sign to get help,” says Dr. Wysoske.

Seek help for your invisible illness from a compassionate, knowledgeable mental health expert. Call to schedule an appointment with one of our behavioral health specialists at 402.552.6007.

There are many ups and downs with an invisible illness. Sometimes the disease becomes severe and urgent care is needed. Currently, one in eight emergency room visits in the US involves a patient with a mental illness or substance abuse problem. Our 24-hour psychiatric emergency center is a calm and supportive environment for those in crisis. Would you like a copy of the ‘Depression Letter’ we have prepared to help you explain to your loved ones what depression is and how they can support you?

Depression Quotes To Not Feel Alone

To help people with depression feel less alone – and to help their supporters better understand depression – at The Depression Project, we recently asked our community of 1,000,000+ people on Facebook the following question:

We’ve included 50 of the most common responses below, and if you struggle with these negative thoughts yourself, we’ll share them with you in this blog post:

Moreover, negative thoughts like the examples we just shared with you (in addition to countless others) can cause you to feel depressed.

How To Think Positive When You Are Depressed

Negative thoughts, like the examples we just looked at, occur in response to one or more triggers. And while negative thoughts can be triggered in countless ways, for the sake of clarity, we’ve categorized these triggers into six main categories for you.

Depression: Causes, Symptoms, Types & Treatment

As you have, unfortunately, probably experienced, when you are depressed, negative thoughts can arise in your interpersonal relationships in many,

In addition to your interpersonal relationships, your emotions can also trigger negative thoughts. This is because when you’re struggling with depression, you’re also experiencing intense painful emotions that can cause you to think much more negatively than you otherwise would. Some common examples of this include:

In this context, by “something physical” we mean negative thoughts that are caused by something related to your body or your physical well-being. And when you’re depressed, perhaps the most common negative thoughts that arise because of “something physical” will be thoughts – because you feel completely exhausted as a result of your depression – something like:

In response to stepping on the scale and realizing you’re heavier than when you last weighed yourself.

The Connection Between Depression And Anger

Cognitive behavioral therapy strategies to cope with and overcome negative thoughts. Examples we’ve shared with you (and others like you) when you’re depressed

Now that we’ve identified some of the most common examples of negative thoughts experienced by people with depression, how negative thinking can lead to depression, and the ways in which negative thoughts are commonly triggered, we’d like to share with you three different cognitive behavioral therapy strategies you can use implement to help you realize that even though your negative thoughts may be really compelling, they are

Important because once you see this, your negative thoughts will most likely lose at least some of their power over you, instead of believing them and forcing them to fuel your depression accordingly, it will therefore become easier give them up.

How To Think Positive When You Are Depressed

The #1 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Strategy for Overcoming Your Negative Thoughts When You’re Depressed: Pay Attention to Evidence that Challenges Your Negative Thoughts3

Depression Quotes To Explain How Depressed People Feel

So the first strategy we want to share with you to help you realize that your negative thoughts are lies is to ask yourself:

Now, the reason this can be so helpful is that if you take a step back and examine the evidence that contradicts what your negative thoughts are telling you, you often end up with a much more accurate perception of reality, and you realize that you think through an overly pessimistic and/or critical lens.

Example of negative thought #1: “I didn’t do as well as I wanted in my exams, that means I’m stupid, that I’m a failure, and that I’ll never get a good job after university. .”

Example of negative thought #2: “I snapped at my daughter this morning, so I’m a terrible parent.”

Things You Should Never Say To Someone With Depression

“I struggle to do even the simplest things like brush my teeth, shave and shower – I’m so worthless.”

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Strategy #2 to Overcome Your Negative Thoughts When You’re Depressed: Reframe Your Negative Thoughts in a More Positive, Compassionate, and Accurate Way4

The second method we want to share to help you realize that your negative thoughts are lies is to ask yourself:

How To Think Positive When You Are Depressed

Asking yourself this question is an example of “cognitive reframing” and the reason it can be so helpful is that there usually really is a more positive, self-compassionate and accurate way to look at things!

Ways To Respond When Someone Says They Have Depression

To illustrate how cognitive reframing can work in practice, let’s look again at some common examples.

“I’m such a burden for being in a bad mood and needing my partner’s support every night this week.”

“It’s okay to not be okay, and just as I wouldn’t judge my partner and think they’re a burden when they need support, I shouldn’t judge myself either. At the end of the day, partners are there to lift each other up.”

“I’m actually very strong to carry the burden of depression issues for so long, and it’s okay if there are times when it’s too much for me.”

Positive, Uplifting, Encouraging Quotes For Depression

“Just because I haven’t gotten over my depression yet doesn’t mean I never will. In fact, if I get treatment, read self-help books, take online therapist courses, and do whatever I can to overcome my depression, then there’s a good chance I’ll eventually make it!”

Currently in a deep depressive episode, which means that right now my thoughts are based on pessimism and hopelessness, not reality. If I were in a much better space, I would be able to see that life is really worth living.”

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Strategy #3 to Overcome Your Negative Thoughts When You’re Depressed: Ask Yourself the Golden Question3

How To Think Positive When You Are Depressed

The third strategy we want to share with you to help you overcome your negative thoughts is to ask yourself what we call the “golden question” because it can be

Things To Say To Someone With Depression

If the friend were me, would I say the same negative, critical things to them that I now say to myself?

Asking yourself this question can be very powerful because it takes you away from your thoughts and looks at them from a different, more objective angle. And when you do, you often realize that you really,

For example, if your friend didn’t do as well in his exams as he wanted, would you think that he is a failure and that he will never get a good job?

If your friend was depressed and struggled to brush their teeth, shower, or do housework, would you think they were “lazy,” “useless,” “pathetic,” and/or “worthless”?

Depression: Screening And Diagnosis

If your friend needs support because they are struggling with depression, would you think of them as a burden?

If someone posted something on social media that your friend hasn’t yet achieved, would you think they’re “not good enough”?

Think of any of these negative, critical things about your friend – are we right? And if that’s true, then it’s proof that you really are too critical and judgmental of yourself, and you need to offer yourself a lot more love, care, and compassion instead.

How To Think Positive When You Are Depressed

For this strategy, start by closing your eyes, taking a few deep breaths, and then try to visualize your negative thoughts as harmlessly drifting away from you. For example:

Depression Symptoms: Recognising The Warning Signs

If you prefer another form of imagery that represents your thoughts coming and going in this way, then of course you can use that.

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