How To Take Scratches Out Of Dvd – Retro Game Fan uses the best disc repair machines available to remove scratches from your DVD movies, music CDs, books on discs, video game discs and more!

Do not throw away damaged discs! Send them to us for repair and we can restore their surface with our superior scratch removal service.

How To Take Scratches Out Of Dvd

How To Take Scratches Out Of Dvd

We specialize in high volume drive repairs for business customers, but also offer smaller volume repairs so our regular customers can benefit from this great service too! Cd Dvd Blu Ray Or Hd Dvd Disc Cleaner Scratch Repair Machine

We can restore your valuable drives to like new condition. The industrial machines we use are not just cleaners or buffers, but the highest quality industrial grade disc grinding machines!

Most scratched discs can be repaired with this service. For complete information, visit our drive repair information page.

This listing is for a professional repair of 1300 rims. If you need a different quantity of refurbished rims, please see other listings in our store.

Note. We recover just about any disc format you can imagine (video game discs, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, PCs, etc.). Feel free to mix and match any type of disc with any order you place with us.

Blu Ray More Scratch Resistant Than Dvd

*Blu-ray based media is the most difficult type of disc to recover. They have a much thinner layer covering the data layer on the read side of the drive. They also have a hard coating that is much harder to scratch than a DVD. Unfortunately, the design of Blu-ray-based media makes it impossible to repair anything other than light to moderate scratches. Deep scratches on Blu-ray media cannot be removed by any disc repair service.

Important: Although our machines produce exceptional results, they cannot work miracles. Although we can recover most drives, it is obvious that any recovery process has limitations. For complete information on the repair process, types of drive damage, what can and cannot be repaired, etc., please review the following pages before ordering:

If you have any questions or need assistance regarding our drive repair service, please email us at sales@ and we will be happy to help! A compact disc (CD) is a molded plastic disc containing digital data. The data is scanned onto it with a laser beam [source: Britannica]. A digital video disc (DVD) uses laser technology to read the digital data encoded on it. Because DVD uses a digital format, it can store any kind of data, such as movies, images, or text [source: Britannica].

How To Take Scratches Out Of Dvd

Since DVD stores data on an external drive, it can be easily scratched, which may affect the data. Scratches are a disc’s worst enemy. Whether a scratched disc can be repaired depends on where the scratch is located. If the scratch is on the top shiny part of the disc, the disc is beyond repair and all data is lost. If the scratch is on the bottom plastic part of the disc, you can repair the disc by treating the surface and polishing it. Today, some disc manufacturers are developing scratch-resistant discs. This will save you the hassle of trying to fix them [source: TDK]. Professional companies advise throwing away scratched discs [sources: Roksan, Iomega]. However, if you want to try to fix the scratches, you can follow these instructions.

Disc Cleaning & Repair Kit For Cd Cd Rom Dvd Blu Ray Vcd Video Game Movie Music +vcc Micro Fiber

Whether a scratched DVD can be repaired depends on where the scratch is located. If the scratch is on the top shiny part of the disc, it cannot be repaired. If the scratch is on the bottom plastic part of the disc, you may be able to repair it.

While some people report that using Magic Eraser can get rid of light scratches on a drive, it is risky because it can actually strip the coating off the drive and render it useless and beyond repair.

Yes, toothpaste can be used to remove scratches. Clean the disc with warm soapy water and a cloth, and then dry it, making sure there is no lint left on it. Squeeze the toothpaste onto the disc and wipe the disc using straight strokes from the center outwards. Finally, rinse off the toothpaste and dry the disc. It should work now!

You may be able to find a mom and pop store that will repair your drive for a few dollars, but if not, your best bet is to buy a kit or machine. Three great options include: JFJ One-Step Eyecon, Maxell CD/CD-ROM Scratch Repair Kit, and SkipDr. Each month we review several children’s DVDs and CDs from our library. We love the library, but what causes the wide variety of educational films? Most of them are damaged and do not play without skipping or freezing in our DVD player.

How To Clean A Dvd Disc Safely

I’ve experimented with several different methods for safely repairing scratched DVDs: soap and water, toothpaste, Windex. Neither of these seemed to have any effect on playback quality.

I knew the toothpaste was supposed to get rid of the grooves and scratches, but it didn’t help.

I thought something thicker and waxier would be easier to apply and stick to the surface of the disc. So I got out Pledge Furniture Polish and tried it out on the DVD I had just cleaned. I’m not kidding, the results were

How To Take Scratches Out Of Dvd

Ever since I discovered that Pledge helps repair scratched DVDs, I have started washing and polishing all the DVDs we inspect before putting them in the DVD player. Since then I’ve only had one DVD, which was too damaged to work with my magic method. Everyone else played just great!

Aleratec Dvd Cd Motorized Disc Repair Plus System, Cd Cleaner And Scratch Remover Kit

Grab furniture polish and cleaning cloths (microfiber cloths are best!). Then follow these steps to repair scratched DVDs:

If your DVD, CD or Blu-ray still won’t work, apply Brasso metal polish to and around the scratches. You have to be very careful with it – it’s designed for polishing hard metals, not delicate wood furniture!

Brasso works differently than Pledge on disks. Pledge furniture polish is a waxy substance that fills scratches. Brasso smoothes and polishes scratches. It’s effective, but

Note: Do not use Pledge All-Purpose Spray in the blue can. It’s great at repelling dust from electronics and everything else, but it doesn’t have that waxy consistency you need for DVD repair.

Don Lindich’s Sound Advice: Here’s How To Remove Scratches From Cds, Dvds

Do you use another method to repair scratched DVDs? Leave a comment letting me know your best advice!

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How To Take Scratches Out Of Dvd

Scratches on DVDs usually appear after regular use, but they can be easily buffed out using several cleaning methods. No matter how well you take care of your DVDs, they will get scratches at some point. That’s what’s happening. Luckily, it’s very easy to get rid of these scratches and make your DVDs watchable again, so you never have to worry about your collection being lost or damaged beyond repair!

Scratched Cd Stock Photos

Is a “wiki” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-authored by multiple authors. To create this article, 10 people, some anonymously, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 617,724 times.

If there are small scratches on the surface of your DVD, you can fix them by polishing the DVD. Clean the surface of the DVD with a soft cloth dampened with clean water. Then wipe the DVD with a dry microfiber cloth, working from the center of the disc outward. If the DVD still does not play after this, gently buff the surface with a polish such as car polish, DVD polish, or toothpaste. Apply polish to the entire surface, then rinse it off and buff the disc with a clean, dry jewelry cleaning cloth.

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