How To Restore Corian Countertops – Corian is a durable and beautiful material that is a popular choice for countertops. It can look as beautiful as granite, quartz and other high-quality materials, and there can be a wider variety of colors. It is also a durable material, but it is not indestructible. You have to be careful with it, or you could be calling in a professional to refinish Corian countertops.

If you get a crack or light scratch in your Corian countertop, here are some things you can do for your Arizona Corian countertop:

How To Restore Corian Countertops

How To Restore Corian Countertops

The first thing you should do after you notice damage to your Corian countertop is to check the warranty. DuPont offers a 10-year warranty on Corian, so you should calculate the date when you had your countertop installed. Dig up your receipt, your registration card, your warranty information, or anything else that will help you date the countertop and prove your warranty claim.

The Corian Countertop And How To Clean It

Submit your claim to DuPont and they’ll take care of the rest – assuming the damage is covered by the warranty.

If your repair is not covered by the DuPont warranty, or if the warranty period has expired, you should contact a local Corian countertop repair specialist in Mesa. These professionals have been specially trained and certified in Corian countertop repairs. They will use the right tools, the right materials and the right technique to make the repair quickly and leave the countertop looking like new.

A crack may need some filling or if it is light enough it may be possible to sand it out. Talk to the professional about the options and what will give you the best results.

Plenty of DIY kits are available to repair your Corian countertops yourself. Although you can use this, we do not recommend it. Without proper training, you are more likely to create additional damage to your countertop, which can lead to more expensive repairs. If you try to fix the countertop yourself, you can also void the warranty if the countertop is still covered.

Meganite Vs. Corian: Choosing The Perfect Solid Surface Material

DIY kits usually provide a filler that you would place in the crack and allow to harden. You would then sand the area smooth. However, it is possible for the crack to continue to develop long after the initial crack is filled. That’s because you haven’t addressed the underlying structural problem that the crack has created. By calling a Gilbert Corian repair expert, you can be sure that the crack will be repaired and you will not have any further problems.

You don’t have to do much to keep your Corian looking good, but you do need to take some preventative measures to ensure no new cracks or other damage develops. Keep high-temperature items away from the countertop, as they can cause the material to expand and then crack when it reaches cooler, solid material with nowhere else to go. Use blankets and potholders for hot pans and spoons.

Also, be careful not to put anything too heavy down too soon. You can also cause damage by putting something down with too much force or by dropping a heavy object.

How To Restore Corian Countertops

With proper care, Corian can last for decades and provide you with a beautiful and durable countertop. If you have any accidents that cause damage, make sure you only call a professional to repair your Corian countertop or refinish Corian. The professionals are trained in the right methods to use for long term results.

Where To Buy Corian Countertops

Call AZ Countertop Repair and Restoration if you need Corian repair. Our company has been providing high quality Corian repairs and restorations for the past five years. We offer Corian Countertop Repair, Repair and Scratch Repair. We serve clients throughout the Mesa and Chandler areas and have earned a reputation for our exceptional service and excellent results. When we’re done fixing or repairing your countertop, you won’t be able to tell there was ever a problem. We’ll make your countertop look like new again. Call us today to schedule an estimate and find out why we are the Corian repair experts Arizona trusts. With the holidays around the corner, you’re probably thinking about cleaning and tidying up the house before all the guests arrive. Two questions that come up quite often at this time of year are:

Whether you have Corian®, Avonite Surfaces®, LG HI-MACS®, Staron®, Mystera® or any other type of solid surface countertop, the basics are the same as they are all acrylic-based resins and fillers (except STUDIO Collection® from Aristech® which is a more translucent resin).

Taking color into account is important when it comes to usage patterns and how to deal with stains and blemishes, as darker colors show wear more than lighter colors.

Before using any type of cleaner or performing any repairs on your solid surface countertop, consider the gloss of the surface and the color of the solid surface. The level of gloss on a solid surface is achieved by using progressively finer abrasives. To obtain a glossy finish, after using the fine abrasives, polishing with a sanding pad and polishing compound is the final step of the process. We mention this to reassure you that what we discuss below is consistent with how the finish was originally applied to your countertops.

Pros And Cons Of Corian Countertops

Examples of shine can be seen in the pictures of this article. Figure 1 is done in a flat/matte finish where none of the parts on the table top are reflective. Figure 2 has a satin finish represented by the “not-so-distinct” reflections cast by the objects on the tabletop. Figure 3 shows a semi-glossy finish with moderately prominent reflections. Figure 4 shows a glossy finish where the reflections of the objects are prominent.

For our review, we will look at two categories of finish: (1) flat/matte and (2) satin/semi-gloss/high-gloss. Lighter colors with a flat or matte finish are easiest to care for and repair. Darker colors with a flat or matte finish are also relatively easy to maintain. However, darker colors with a medium to high gloss finish are more difficult. Both will be discussed below.

For daily care of your Corian® countertop, no matter what type of texture or color, it’s best to wipe it down with soapy, warm water. Non-abrasive cleaners that contain ammonia or regular household countertop cleaners are also fine to use. Do not use window cleaners as they tend to leave a waxy residue that dulls the surface and tends to show up more on darker colours.

How To Restore Corian Countertops

Be sure to wipe up water or any other type of spill as soon as possible. If any kind of liquid is allowed to sit on the countertop until it dries, it will form a build-up due to minerals or other materials left from the water. Microfiber cloths are ideal for wiping up spills.

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For the flat/matte finish, surface care can be a relaxed proposition. A solid surface does not absorb liquid, and as a result, stains that have been allowed to dry are slightly more work to remove than stains that are fresh. Fresh stains can be easily wiped up with a dry cloth or paper towel, and most dried stains can be wiped up with a wet cloth or paper towel. If not, see the next section.

With daily use and intermittent cleaning, your countertop can appear stained or stained. This is caused by minerals or other substances in the liquid that have remained on the surface when the liquid has evaporated. To remove these deposits, apply a mild abrasive, liquid cleaner ie. Soft Scrub®, on the stain. Take a damp cloth or sponge with a non-abrasive surface and rub the area in an overlapping, circular motion until the stains disappear. Rinse the area with plain water and dry it completely. You may need to repeat this process for extra hard watermarks or apply CLR® or Lime-A-Way® and let it sit for a few minutes. Again, rinse with water and be sure to dry the surface completely. A regular multi-surface or household kitchen spray can be used to remove the most common household stains from selected items such as coffee, tea, red wine, lemon juice, vinegar, ketchup and the like.

If you somehow wrote on your hard surface with a permanent marker, or perhaps spilled nail polish on it, those would be considered permanent blemishes on most surfaces. On a smooth/matte solid surface it is very easy to remove. For a permanent mark, use the mild abrasive mentioned above with a wet paper towel. For the nail polish, scrape it off with a piece of plastic, or your fingernail, and use a mild abrasive for the rest.

Although solid surfaces are not porous, you may occasionally want to disinfect your countertop. Corian®, and other types of solid surface countertops, with a flat or matte finish, are resistant to diluted bleach, powdered abrasives, strong detergents, ammonia, oxalic acid solutions, and dilute hydrochloric or trisodium phosphate solutions. This is not recommended for semi-gloss or gloss

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