How To Report Airbnb Host – Are you a host on Airbnb looking for important information you may need to file your tax return this year? Here’s a short step-by-step guide to help you find the Gross Earnings section of your Airbnb account.

1. From the Airbnb home page, click your profile picture at the top of the page to reveal a drop-down menu. Select “Account Settings” or “Settings”.

How To Report Airbnb Host

How To Report Airbnb Host

4. On the Total Earnings tab, select the time period you want to view by selecting the month and year in the “From” and “To” fields. For example, if your tax year is January to December 2018, select these in the From and To fields.

How To Log Into Airbnb As A Host

5. To download and save a copy of this history for your tax filing purposes, select “Download CSV”.

6. Open the CSV file in your favorite spreadsheet application. To calculate your earnings from hosting, add all the numbers in the “Amount” column. The numbers in the Amount column represent your gross earnings (the listing price of your experience) minus the host fee (Airbnb service fee).

If you have questions about reporting your Airbnb earnings, we recommend contacting a tax advisor in your area. You can also find helpful information on our UK Tax Hub.

*We recommend that you do your own research as this article is not comprehensive, and does not constitute legal or tax advice. Also, as we do not update this article in real time, please check each source and ensure that the information provided has not been changed recently. Some of the links mentioned are affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase, I may earn a commission. Commissions come at no additional cost to you.

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This podcast started as a crazy idea… you know how it is. You start brainstorming, and before you know it your crazy podcast idea celebrates its first year! what oh, yes The Hosting Journey Podcast is marking 1 year.

I used to do a monthly live webinar… did you all know? Oh yes, I have a YouTube channel with my webinars with guests and a solo show to prove it… I still do on occasion. This is a great tool at your disposal…

Anyway, during my first live webinar (yes, live webinar), I was asked a question by one of the attendees that really threw me for a loop… The question was, “How do you tell your guests that Your Airbnb is ‘clothing’. Optional?’” Yes, you heard the question right. This host has an Airbnb listing with “clothing optional” as part of its rules… I was floored. I mean, I had to laugh, but there it was…and live! No edits and I had to reply…

How To Report Airbnb Host

What a great way to test the waters! Of course, I answered that question in what I still think is the best way to handle anything. I said, “Be transparent and clear in your descriptions, and remind guests again when they are confirmed.” Lord knows you don’t want to book a bunch of nuns and then, surprise! no no You want honesty, clarity and transparency. And no clothes, if you move like that..

How Top Airbnb Hosts Leverage Their Reservation Data

Needless to say, Kent, the “clothing optional” host and I, became good hosting friends. He is truly a wonderful host in Florida. And whenever he comes to New York he visits me. You can still watch all those webinars on YouTube…enjoy…but go after the show!

I’m hoping to make a few more videos this year, but no promises… right now, I’m preparing some new courses for you all. Also, I’ve been speaking at a few conferences like the Vacation Rental Success Summit in San Antonio. So, we’ll see… but I’m considering it.

Anywho, I digress… I was doing this monthly live webinar, and then, I wondered… I thought… I thought… podcasts… hmm.

A podcast would probably reach a larger audience… Then, I reasoned, a podcast would probably be much easier… Oh, silly me.

Airbnb Launches New Dashboard And Updated App For Hosts

I think a podcast has more reach because it’s at the listener’s disposal whenever they want to listen to it… and you can be anywhere, doing anything…

Chuck, my co-writers, and I too, though… girl, just hit that record button and do it. Record, upload Bam, I have a podcast. How hard can it be? Isn’t it great when someone is so innocent and naive? my dear host

It turns out, for me, it’s very difficult… I just tried to pick up that mic and wing it… It just didn’t work out the way we hoped…

How To Report Airbnb Host

I run in circles like a dog chasing its tail. I lost track of what I was saying…

How To File A Claim For Damage On Airbnb: A Guide

Then we tried to get bullet points… Chuck would throw in these cool, Ivy League words that I couldn’t pronounce… I’d be like, “I can’t pronounce that!” And he would say, “Of course you can!” No! Yes! Then the paper would start to drop…again, not pretty.

You should see the list of words that are not usable… good words too… pretty.. just not usable… at least for me…

Anyway, it was a mess… You couldn’t tell by listening to those first few episodes, thanks to my dear friend and professional audio engineer, Joey Casalino, but trust me, those first few episodes were the test of my beloved hosts. And there were errors.. Take hours to record… hours! And hours to fix Joe and make me all pretty.

We now write each word. If it’s a solo show, it’s all scripted.. oh yeah. Easy peasy? Ah, I don’t think so.

Tourism And Hospitality

I write down the idea I want to say or convey….. then it goes to Chuck, who makes my words so fun and good.. I just tell him, “Make it clever!” It’s a joke we try to pronounce “clever”… I hope I pronounced it right? He still tries to sneak in some fancy, highfalutin words but they end up on the “list”.

And then it goes to Marieke, our copy editor, to make sure we get our English right… just in case the Queen tunes in… we might not be highfalutin, but we

It can be a test… you know the creatives… Chuck is sometimes,” Marieke turns a joke with her queenly English. When you change that word, the meaning changes!” And Chuck rejects his edits. And then I have to be the “good wife…” Luckily, Marieke’s in another time zone, so he’s usually asleep when some of these changes are made…

How To Report Airbnb Host

Then…..Joe, the audio engineer and I talk and together we do another rewrite (you know, the words I can’t pronounce) to make sure it’s all going really well. Yes and hopefully, I can’t hear. Scripted You’ll tell me if I do, and I hope I don’t.

Tax Rules For An Airbnb Or Vacation Rental

I thought about learning some basic audio editing, but I never really wanted to learn it. This is not my cup of tea or coffee…

As I’ve said before, I’ve worked as a producer in the advertising world. I am spoiled, my dear host. So, I hired Joe, who is an amazing audio engineer and the rest is history… he makes me sound… right and oh so beautiful. Don’t you think? who does magic He tries to explain it, and my eyes light up. Like talking about guests with our family and friends.

The truth is, I knew nothing about the inner workings of the podcast world… I mean, I listened to them, but recording, editing, uploading, legalities, any of that? no nothing Remember, we thought, “Just hit the record!” Wow, so naive.

Fortunately, I heard Pat Flynn from the Smart Passive Income website. I trusted him and his teachings. I have talked about that in the past. I met Pat at one of his conferences. And through that conference, I actually met all the members who later became my wonderful mastermind group.

Black Travelers Say Home Share Hosts Discriminate, And A New Airbnb Report Agrees

I suggest that if you want to learn about passive income, check out Pat’s podcast and YouTube channel, Smart Passive Income. He will not disappoint.

So, Pat Flynn has this YouTube podcast tutorial, which I just followed… step-by-baby step. It was fun… Now, Pat Flynn has a great podcast course, which I would have bought in a hot minute if it had been offered at the launch of the podcast… but that’s ok… trials and errors, my friends I have followed Pat Flynn for years… I trust him as an entrepreneur and teacher. I trust his advice. I have spent money to go to his conferences. I’m ready to put skin in the game to get things right… it’s a learning curve, I’m actually going to a podcast conference this July. Because learning never stops.

I also found a Facebook group called “She Podcast” by Elsie Escobar, which currently has over 9k members, helped me a lot. I had LC in Episode 15: LC Escobar Ask Me Why I Podcast?

How To Report Airbnb Host

Ultimately, I hired Amber de la Garza, and you can hear her in Episode 21: Productivity Made Easy for Your Airbnb Success. Amber helped me create a process and a better system

How To Get Good Airbnb Reviews As A Guest, According To Hosts

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