How To Remove Wiper Scratches From Car Windshield – No matter where you live, it will rain or snow at some point. Then those wipers that you so often forget about will come in handy. But if your wipers have seen better days—they’re visibly damaged or of poor quality—you’re likely to scratch your windshield. Damage caused by a bad windshield wiper can cause scratches and nicks on the glass.

Why do windshield wipers damage your windshield so much? Today’s wiper blades are designed with a thin metal strip inside the blade that is inserted under a piece of rubber. If the rubber is torn or completely broken off, only the metal remains. When you activate the windshield wipers, it’s this piece of metal that scrapes the glass with every movement. Windshield scratches are annoying, reflecting sunlight and headlight beams, directing water, and causing premature wear on new wiper blades and your windshield as a whole.

How To Remove Wiper Scratches From Car Windshield

How To Remove Wiper Scratches From Car Windshield

In many cases, when the scratches are relatively small, it is possible to smooth the damage from the glass. The process is complex and can cause deformation or distortion if not done correctly. That’s why you’ll want a professional windshield repair service.

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Often, a quick inspection by a glass repair technician is all you need to determine the best course of action. Whether you need to replace or repair the windshield depends on the damage to the glass. If there are nothing more than small scuffs and scratches, technicians can repair the glass. For deep cuts or extensive surface damage, replacement is the best option.

If you notice that the windshield wipers are damaging the windshield, replace them immediately. To properly repair your glass damage, contact Advanced Glass Systems at 972-869-9033. A scratched windshield is not something you should ignore as it can cause some problems. Scratches can collect water and reflect sunlight, making it difficult for you to drive. So, if you’ve ever had a question: how to get rid of wiper scratches if they’re too deep, we have the answer.

Most windshield wiper scratches are minor and can be easily removed. Glass polish (acrylic scratch remover) and abrasive pads can be effective for minor scratches. This blog post will focus on deeper scratches that cannot be removed by polishing.

Scratches on your car’s windshield are a nuisance. Not only is it annoying, but it can also be dangerous. A deep scratch on the windshield can obstruct the driver’s visibility and endanger the safety of passengers. Most windshield scratches can be repaired once you determine the cause and how deep the scratches are.

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The best way to remove windshield scratches is to use a resin crack repair kit. The same kit is commonly used to prevent the propagation of cracks in the windshield. Here is a simple and easy 6-step guide to help you get rid of wiper scratches:

New windshield wipers rarely cause scratches. You may notice scratches from old wipers. Before removing the scratches on the screen, you need to know how deep the scratches on the windshield are. An effective way to do this is to check the depth of the scratch with your fingernail.

If the scratches are minor, the surface will be smooth and without edges. But if your nails get stuck, then the scratch is deep and rough. You should wear a pair of protective gloves while inspecting windshield scratches. Gloves will protect your fingertips from glass cuts.

How To Remove Wiper Scratches From Car Windshield

If the scratches are minimal, they can be removed by polishing the glass. However, if the scratch marks on the windshield are too deep, leave as soon as possible. Over time, deep scratches can weaken your windshield.

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The glass repair kit is the most professional solution for removing scratch marks on the windshield. Instead of household tips and tricks to remove scratches, it is better to reach for a more permanent solution. You can purchase a glass or windshield repair kit in two ways:

There are many options of glass repair kit from which you can choose the most suitable one for you. But make sure the one you buy has crack resin and curing tape.

Before using the glass repair kit, clean the car windshield first. We start the work in a shaded room with a moderate temperature. Until the repair is done, do not stay in the open sun.

Use a mixture of soap and water to thoroughly clean your car. It will help remove any debris or dirt from the windshield, giving you a much smoother surface to remove scratches from.

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Then take a clean microfiber cloth to thoroughly dry the windshield. Do not apply any compound unless the screen is completely dry. Otherwise, the compound will not work on a sloppy, wet surface.

Starting at one end of the windshield scratch, apply the crack resin directly to the scratch. Now, at a 45 degree angle, look closely at the scratches. You will see a dark area that is completely covered with resin.

If you notice air pockets on the scratches, it is recommended to apply light pressure from the inside of the windshield. Apply pressure only on the sides and center of the scratch on the windshield.

How To Remove Wiper Scratches From Car Windshield

Crack resin will prevent the scratch from going deeper and prevent water and debris from getting inside. Finally, apply curing strips to the entire area where the resin is being used.

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After applying the crack resin and reinforcing tape, place the car in sunlight to dry the glass. If there is not enough sunlight or the weather is cloudy. You can also use the following to cure and dry the resin:

The resin will only take 15 to 20 minutes to dry. The car should not be left in the sun for too long.

Now you can remove all the strips when the resin is completely dry. But if the strips are wet, let them stand for a longer time.

Once you’re sure the crack resin is completely dry, use a razor. You will set a 90 degree angle and scrape off the hardened resin.

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You do not need to apply any pressure at this point. The blade has enough power to cut hardened resin without pressure. There is no need to worry if you see white flakes, as it is normal for white flakes to appear when scraping.

Finally, clean the area with a soft cloth to remove any excess material. It is the final step in removing windshield scratches. After this, you can also sand the entire windshield to make the surface more even.

Scratches on the windshield can be quite annoying. But at the same time, it can also be dangerous for you. If your car’s windshield is scratched, there is a chance that it will obstruct your vision. Invisibility can lead you to an accident, making the situation worse for you.

How To Remove Wiper Scratches From Car Windshield

That’s why it’s essential to get rid of scratches before they get worse. You don’t need a bunch of random household methods to remove scratches. All you need is a glass repair kit with some crack resin. Follow these step-by-step instructions to remove wiper scratches. In just a few hours, you’ll have a clear, scratch-free windshield with minimal work. I just bought a Cooper SD (2012) – which I love – but the previous owner installed a broken windshield wiper that “scraped” on the windshield when in use. I have since replaced the wipers – but there are some scratches on the windshield. Surface size is approximately 1″ square. (see image below!)

Request] How To Help With The Scratches On My Windshield Aside From Replacement. I See A Lot Of Things Online But What Actually Works?

Can these scratches be removed? Can anyone advise how to take care of these scratches? Do I need a professional (such as a ‘Chips Away’ type service) or is there a product I can buy? Or – I need a new windshield!?

I should add that the photo is very zoomed in… and the actual scratches are about 1 inch square – it doesn’t affect the driver’s view – just very annoying!

Windshields – like all other parts of your car – wear out over time. Windshield scratches are more than just unsightly, a compromised windshield can affect visibility and even cause accidents. A scratched windshield can be the result of various everyday…

Another recommendation I’ve seen is to use whitening toothpaste, similar to what you can use on the front plastic light covers to revive them from faded and green.

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