How To Remove Scratches From Plexiglass Windshield – Plexiglass: It follows us everywhere, from the shower to the car, and we don’t even realize what an important role this transparent material plays in our everyday lives. Until it gets scratched.

Windshields, mirrors, rear windows, motorcycle helmet visors, headlight and taillight covers, boat windows and even RV shower doors are all made of clear plastics – acrylic (Lucite) and polycarbonate (Lexan) that are prone to cracks and scratches.

How To Remove Scratches From Plexiglass Windshield

How To Remove Scratches From Plexiglass Windshield

Scratches are a common problem on all vehicles, but what happens when they start to affect the appearance of your car? Is there a way to safely remove scuff marks and blemishes and restore a smooth finish without withdrawing a large portion of your savings account?

Tiny Scratches Over Instrument Cluster

We’ll show you how the professionals use a rotary polisher to remove scratches from Plexiglas. Having access to this little tool puts the power of polishing at your fingertips, but please remember that this is a skill that even experts take years to perfect. Take your time, don’t rush, and know that properly smoothing scratches is a slow, deliberate process.

If the buffer is set very low to prevent the cutting material from being “flung off,” use a low speed to spread the material over the damaged area.

After spreading, increase the speed to 1800 rpm and stroke back and forth to smooth out scratches. Be careful not to overdo this step. It requires very little pressure and time to fully prepare a surface.

Important note: Low speed and light pressure are important. This is important to note because an inexperienced operator can easily burn a surface by holding the buffer in one position for too long. Always use continuous, sweeping movements.

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The compound accumulates and can “coagulate” in the wool. To clean it, hold the polisher at your side with the pad facing outward and run the “spur” tool from the center to the edge as the pad rotates. Do this regularly while compounding.

Focus on one small area at a time. After compacting the area, either flip your turning pad over or use a clean one. Spray the polished surface with a high-quality protectant and spread it evenly using a wool or foam pad at low speed. Immediately switch to a higher speed (maximum 1800) to buff in the protectant until it is completely dry. Be careful not to let it dry out into a haze.

Take your time and enjoy the process. When used correctly, the result is a shiny, velvety and moisture-free look and feel. About: I bonded with a 100% Canadian tundra wolf. I’m 6’5″ tall and when he stands on his hind legs he can put his paws on my shoulders and we’re at eye level. He weighs more than me at 224 pounds. I love him from… More about Tundrawolf »

How To Remove Scratches From Plexiglass Windshield

I ride a large cruiser motorcycle and it has a Lexan brand windshield. I did some research online and it turns out I can only find people who polish and repair acrylic windshields. They say Lexan windshields need to be replaced. Ugh on that.

How To Clean The Inside Of Your Windshield

Times are difficult for all kinds of people these days. Your 50 MPG motorcycle, which costs $5 a month to insure, may be your best choice for getting around. There’s no reason you should spend more than $4 to get a clear, safe windshield.

My motorcycle’s windshield is slightly yellowed with age, scratched from the harsh desert environment I live in, *and* apparently someone had attached a sign to it at some point.

When driving off-road, I would have to look over or around the windshield to avoid rocks, ruts, etc. I couldn’t see through the windshield, and that’s dangerous on a motorcycle.

First you need to remove the windshield. It’s a little difficult to polish while it’s still on the bike. Plane Perfect Eyes Outside Plastic And Glass Windshield Cleaner

Each screw required a 12mm metric wrench. You can’t reach them with a socket wrench, so use an open-end or box wrench.

Using a Phillips screwdriver and a 10mm wrench or socket, remove the screws and cap nuts and mounting hardware.

You will immediately notice how the pad on the mounting material has rubbed the plastic and left a permanent mark.

How To Remove Scratches From Plexiglass Windshield

1. How the brackets work that bolt to the mount on the motorcycle (they are easily reversed).

Windshield Covered In Tiny Scratches, Is There Some Trick To Get Rid Of These?

And 2. That TWO of the screws are longer than the others. These screws are inserted into the top corners of the windshield where the belt brackets overlap.

If you forget it, it’s easy to fix. It’s just easier to get it right the first time.

I used regular dish soap and a soft rag (don’t use anything hard, remember this windshield is plastic) in the bathtub with cold water. There’s also no reason you can’t use warm water.

There is no risk of scratching the windshield with the convex part of the bathtub if there is a water cushion there, and handle it carefully. I recommend using the shower wand instead, but I simply washed each side like in the pictures.

I Have Been Trying To Get A Good Picture Of This For Weeks Now. All Over The Outside Of My Windshield, It Is Covered In Scratches And Swirl Marks And White Specs

Grab your orbital sander with a buffing wheel. I think it must vibrate and rotate. What I have here is a very inexpensive cordless eccentric sander with a buffing wheel.

You will need a polishing agent for your vehicle’s clear coat. I use “No. 7 Clearcoat polishing paste”. There is no reason why I use this other than it was on the shelf and was cheap, under $4.

Place a portion of the rag over the opening of the clear polish container and tilt the clear polish so that a SMALL amount gets onto the rag.

How To Remove Scratches From Plexiglass Windshield

Use “wax up, wax out, grasshopper” swirls that overlap 50% each pass. Take a look and make sure there aren’t any places where you might have missed a spot.

Tahoe Tinted Plexiglass Windshield 30" W X 15 3/4" H X 11 3/4" D Marine Boat

Alternatively, you don’t want large white patches to appear if you applied too thickly. These are difficult to remove with the buffer (just use your fingernail in a cloth).

I intentionally did not apply compound and also did not apply the buffer to the lower windshield ridge. I did this to show you what a difference polishing makes.

It is recommended to apply the compound on both sides, but I personally used a 3:1 ratio, polishing the front three times for each time on the back. The front is what gets the dust, insects and film. But it doesn’t hurt to do the back.

Make sure your buffer pad is clean and dry and that the applied compound is completely dry before you begin. Wet polishing compound does not polish well at all. Don’t ask me how I know this.

Heinkel Cars, Kabines And Cabin Scooters: Heinkel Cabin Cruiser Windows: Part 1: Plastic Window Restoration

1. Press firmly. It removes accumulated or too thick mass. Not too hard, mind you.

3. Press lightly/use only the weight of the sander. This method also works well but takes longer. However, the battery lasted longer with this method. I personally prefer this method, but it doesn’t work for medium scratches.

Don’t use a wide swath and try to get as much done as quickly as possible. Take your time. Go slowly and make sure you actually polish the windshield properly.

How To Remove Scratches From Plexiglass Windshield

For the edges, you may need to lift the windshield and place it on your knee or find another method.

Polaris Ranger 1000 Scratch Resistant Rear Windshield

Regardless, place the windshield on a clean, soft towel. The vibrations of the windshield edges on the carpet actually cause dust to get onto the windshield. You don’t want to polish with dust, believe me!

When using a battery-powered device, please note the following: If you hear the battery losing power, STOP. Get the other battery or have the original battery charged. It doesn’t polish well at all, even if the battery is slightly low. It takes longer and the battery will only be drained more.

When you finish polishing, there will be a lot of white static dust stuck to the windshield. Wipe it off with a soft, clean rag.

Please also remember that I have not added any wax. What you see is what you get. The polished sections are clearer than the unpolished sections. There is also some dust on the windshield, wax cleans it.

Polish Clears & Plastics With Novus Compound Kits

You may have to polish it ten times or more to get it clear again, but the result is definitely worth it and better than spending $200 on a new piece of plastic.

You have to remember that my windshield was so bad that I literally couldn’t see through a few feet in front of me.

Why do that? It adds a layer of protection to the windshield and fills any micro-scratches for an even clearer windshield. I applied two coats of wax. The wax coating lasts me about a week.

How To Remove Scratches From Plexiglass Windshield

I do a lot of off-road driving because I live on a dirt road (and sometimes for fun) and I’m always driving through dust clouds and dust storms, so my windshield is really exposed to elements you never see in a city.

How To Restore Acrylic Windshields (plexiglass)

The wax really helps. My bad windshield has been used and abused and worst of all, taped off.

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