How To Remove Hail Damage Dents – On the West Coast, hail is one of those things that can appear out of nowhere. One moment it’s a bright sunny day and the next it’s raining golf ball sized chunks of ice. Unless you have a garage or covered car port, there is little you can do to protect your car from a sudden onslaught of hail.

Metal expands and contracts when heated and cooled. We can take advantage of this property of metal and use it to our advantage. Here are 3 different ways you can try using thermal expansion to repair hail damage.

How To Remove Hail Damage Dents

How To Remove Hail Damage Dents

You can find dent removal kits at any major auto parts store. They usually come with a few tools to help you pull out the little dents and are pretty easy to use. Follow the instructions that come with the kit, but we recommend using these DIY kits for minor dents only. For anything deep or serious, you’ll want to continue reading below.

Diy Paintless Dent Repair Kit

You can’t beat a professional job. For minor damage, it’s worth trying the DIY route, but if you’re in a hurry or just happy with a flawless result, take your car to the pros. A good shop like Island Color can not only take out even the biggest dents, but we can also repair the paint to a professional quality, so there’s no sign that your car was ever damaged – in fact, it can look better than ever.

If you have any questions about the process, cost or timeline, please give us a call. As a comprehensive minor collision repair, paint restoration and detailed service, we can restore your car to its beautiful appearance in no time. You just got a notification on your phone that a severe thunderstorm is approaching your area. The storm brings with it strong winds, a possible tornado and large destructive hail. But your car is stuck outside and there’s nowhere to cover it before the hail starts to fall.

You get to a safe place where you wait out the hail and hope it passes your location and your car is saved from the large hail. Now that the storm is cleared, you can go outside to see if your car survived and at first glance it doesn’t look like there was any damage. Now you are relieved to be saved.

The next day you decide to wash your car to get it looking great again, but as you dry it you start to notice a few small dents that weren’t there before. You continue to clean your car and start to see even more tracks and realize that your car has been damaged by hail.

Do You Need To Repair Car Dents? Visit Your Friendly Mazda Dealer

You start researching how to get hail dents out of your car and come across a unique way to repair dents called Paintless Dent Repair. You’ll find that it’s the best option for repairing minor damage and those little smudges on your car, and that it’s actually recommended by your insurance company. https:///auto-hail-damage-claims-5-tips-you-need-to-know/

Even the manufacturer of your vehicle claims that it is better for your car because it preserves the original factory paint and keeps the car in line with OEM specifications or original factory condition by keeping all the original parts of the car.

Now you’ve decided that colorless dent removal is what you want to use to get your car back to its original condition. But you’re wondering how to repair hail damage to a vehicle with colorless dent repair.

How To Remove Hail Damage Dents

In order to properly repair any minor hail damage to your car, it all starts with a thorough damage inspection. It starts with a clean car so you can better see all the dents that are all over the vehicle.

Syracuse Dent Repair

When you bring your car to a dent repair shop, a special light or reflective plate is used to find every dent in every panel. Sometimes a special marker is also used to circle each dimple to make it more visible in the photograph. It also helps to know the exact amount of dent.

One of the most common methods used to repair paintless dents in hail damage is to push the dents out from the inside of the panel. Many interior panels and exterior parts will need to be removed to gain the necessary access.

Depending on how severe the hail damage is and if there are any other damaged auto body parts that need to be replaced, multiple items may need to be removed.

For more information on how to remove the roof of a vehicle to repair hail damage, watch this video.

Repairing Hail Damage

When there are hundreds of small dents on your vehicle, the best and most effective way to remove them is to push out the dents. This paintless dent repair method involves the use of special PDR tools. Most dent removal technicians will have thousands of dollars worth of these tools. Specialized tools include metal bars, sharp picks, small hand tools, and various custom tools.

The technician will then take these tools and apply gentle slow pressure and small micro-presses to the back of the panel and under the dent. Using this slow repair process, the technician is able to remove the dent cleanly and without further damage to the panel or exterior paint finish.

In the hail damage dent repair process, there are many areas where there is limited or no access to the back of the panel. This can be caused by obstacles or additional reinforcement of certain structural parts of the car.

How To Remove Hail Damage Dents

Glue is used in these areas to pull out the dents. A PDR technician may have hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of specialized glue extraction equipment. These adhesive tools included a variety of specialty adhesive tapes, a custom adhesive gun, specialty glue, several different crimping tools, and a release agent.

Filing An Insurance Claim For Hail Damage? What To Expect

This method of pulling the glue uses a unique PDR glue that is specifically designed for cars. A small amount of glue is added to the PDR tab and then glued to the center of the depression. After a few seconds or more to cool and adhere to the panel, one of the dent puller tools is used to gently pull out the dent. If the glue still sticks to the car, then a release agent is used to remove it.

The process of pulling out the glue well does not lead to a single attempt. Often the process has to be done several times to get the dent out. In most cases, the dented area will be left higher and the high spot needs to be knocked back. I will share it next time.

There are several reasons to knock and mix when working on a hail damaged car. This is something that requires the skill of a highly trained Paintless dent technician to do right.

There will often be a need, whether it’s the process of punching out a dent or pulling out glue, knocking off any high spots, or having to shape the metal from the outside. Many technicians will have several different types of knockdowns and tips that they will use. These tools are designed to not cause any damage to the exterior painted surface. The collapsing method takes this tool and places the tip in the exact spot needed. He then slowly pushes the metal back down with a hammer blow with a light tap or several taps.

Paintless Dent Repair Set Pdr Tools Dent Removal Pdr Repair Hail Damage Hook Set Rod Set 56 Pcs High Carbon Steel

Blending is another form used for pothole repairs. This specialized technique is something that requires skill and practice to execute precisely. Special mixing hammers are used for this technique. Stirring is a form of precipitation, but it also uses the vibrations that occur when striking the metal to move the metal back down or into the center of the dimple.

Now that you know how paintless hail damage removal is done, you want to know where is the paintless repair shop near me that will remove your dents.

You can find us with our Excel Dent Removal location located in Minneapolis and St Paul Minnesota. Our PDR technicians have over 20 years of specialized colorless dent repair experience removing all types of hail dents on almost all types of cars. You can count on us to provide you with an excellent experience throughout the process.

How To Remove Hail Damage Dents

For more information or to schedule an appointment to have our staff perform a hail damage repair inspection, please find our contact information here at https:///contact/ or call us at (763) 780-4000. Hail can come without warning. When this happens, it can leave your vehicle looking like the surface of the moon with craters littering the hood and roof. In a particularly strong storm, you can even end up with broken windows.

How To Repair Your Car Roof After Hail Damage

Many people think that hail damage is fair

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