How To Prove No Claims Bonus – There are several ways you can submit your documents to us through our online portal for publication directly to us. The documents we ask you to verify your insurance must be submitted within 7 days of the start of your policy.

Failure to submit documents may result in cancellation of your policy. If you have problems submitting the required documents, please contact us!

How To Prove No Claims Bonus

How To Prove No Claims Bonus

If you are sending documentation by email, please remember to include your policy reference number in the subject line so we can easily locate your policy.

Sending In Proof Of Your No Claims Bonus

Submit proof of your no claim bonus/discount through our online recharge portal, email or even post. We accept photos of your NCB taken on your mobile phone, as long as they are clear and provide all the necessary information.

Remember that NCB is only valid for two years after you cancel the policy, so if you’ve had a gap to ride, you may need to check whether the no-claims bonus is still valid. Have you had a lapse in insurance? Be sure to let us know the exact details as we may be able to help…

If you need to submit your license verification code, you can find this by visiting the Government website.

Your code is only valid for 21 days and you must send it to us with the last 8 characters of your driver’s license number.

Car Insurance No Claims Bonuses Explained

Please note that your license verification code is case sensitive and must be submitted in the same manner as submitted online.

TIP: If you’re loading via mobile phone, take a screenshot of the verification code and attach it to your email or our top-up portal so you don’t have any problems with your code!

Photos or scans of the front and back of your license are acceptable. Images should be clear to make your information easy to read. They can then be uploaded through our portal or emailed.

How To Prove No Claims Bonus

Some insurers will ask for your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) certificate, all you have to do is scan it or take a picture. You can then upload it using our portal or attach it to an email. No Claim Bonus (NCB), also called No Claim Discount, is an important thing in the world of car insurance. It rewards you for safe and careful driving, and can have a direct impact on the cost of your insurance.

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The NCB concept is quite simple: for every year you drive without making a claim on your insurance, you accumulate a year’s allowance. It’s the insurance industry’s way of saying thank you for driving safely.

No Claim Bond (NCB) starts to accrue in each non-claim year. The longer you drive without making a claim, the bigger the discount you get. While the exact percentage varies from insurer to insurer, a typical reduction can be as low as 30% in a single claim-free year, and can exceed 50% for multiple claim-free years.

For example, if you have been driving for four years and have not made a claim on your car insurance during that time, you will get four years of NCB. The NCB generated is usually transferable between insurers so that you can benefit from discounts even when you switch insurance providers.

Yes, the No Claim Bond (NCB) matters when it comes to your car insurance costs. It’s a reward system for driving safely and making no claims, which means potential discounts on future insurance policies.

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It’s good to know that if you need to make a claim, you may lose your accumulated bonus (unless you’ve protected it with a No Claims Discount Protection add-on).

Some insurers offer sponsored discount policies. These policies allow you to make a certain number of claims in a specified period of time without affecting the no-claims discount.

For example, with a protected discount policy, you can make two claims within three to five years. However, it is important to know that making a protected discount policy claim may affect the price of your insurance or your excess (which is the first part of the claim you have to pay).

How To Prove No Claims Bonus

If you make a claim under your car insurance, you will usually lose some (or all) of your NCB. However, the reduction in your NCB will depend on the nature of the claim and your current NCB level. For example, if you make a claim during the insurance period, you will usually lose two years of allowance.

How To Prove No Claims Discount

Yes, an NCB can expire. If you stop driving for more than two years, your NCB will usually expire, meaning insurers will no longer be able to use it to provide discounts. So when you start driving you will have to start accumulating a new one.

When switching insurers, you will normally need to provide proof of your NCB to transfer the discount to your new policy. This evidence usually takes the form of an NCB certificate, or a renewal letter from your current insurance policy.

In short, the No Claims Bonus is a reward feature that recognizes safe driving: it gives you a discount on your insurance when you drive without making a claim. It’s a valuable part of your policy and worth protecting. So drive safe, build up those claim-free years and enjoy the savings when you renew.

Remember, the rules around NCBs can vary from one insurer to another, so it’s always worth checking the details with your provider. And don’t forget to shop around during renewal to ensure you get the most value out of your hard-earned No Claim Bonus.

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Yes, many insurance providers offer NCB protection. This additional feature allows you to make a certain number of claims during your policy without losing your NCB. However, it is good to know that making a claim at a protected NCB may affect the price or excess of your premium.

Making a claim on your car insurance policy usually means a reduction or loss of your NCB discount. The exact impact will depend on the type of claim you make and your current NCB level. In many cases, a claim during your insurance period can result in the loss of two years worth of NCB.

Yes, your NCB can usually be transferred between insurers. If you decide to change your insurance provider, any NCB you have created can usually be transferred to your new policy. But switching before the end of the 12-month policy means you don’t earn NCB that year; This is because it is usually given on renewal of NCB proof.

How To Prove No Claims Bonus

A No Claims Bonus can make a big difference to the cost of your car insurance. Especially when you’ve built up a No Claims Bond for five years or more without making a claim – the savings on renewal can be significant. But don’t forget, your bonus can be lost at any time if you make a claim, even if the accident wasn’t your fault.

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Yes, an NCB can reduce the cost of your car insurance. The more claim-free years you accumulate, the bigger the potential discount. It’s an incentive for safe and responsible driving, and rewards insurers with significant savings over time.

You can lose your No Claims Bonus if you make a claim on your insurance, even if the accident was not your fault. An example could be being hit by an uninsured driver or having your car stolen. In such cases, you may lose your NCB, and your insurance premium may increase at your next renewal.

Yes, insurers will check proof of no-claims bonus before applying any discount to your policy. When you change providers, your new insurer will usually ask your old provider for proof of your NCB (or you will have to ask them yourself). Once your new insurer has accepted your NCB proof, they will apply your discount to your new policy, and you can then continue to build your NCB.

There is no standard maximum period for no-claim bonuses. Some insurance providers have a limit of five years, while others may provide nine years or more. The more years you have with your NCB, the better discount you get when you renew or change insurer.

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Different insurance providers offer different discounts for a No Claims Bonus. For example, after two years of maintaining no-claims insurance, you may be able to get a discount of around 30-40% on your renewal. But these percentages are not standard for all insurances, so it is always a good idea to check before deciding who to insure with.

The potential discount on the One Year No Claims Bonus may vary between insurance providers. Some insurers can offer discounts of up to 30% before a year. And others may offer a discount of 50% or more after five years or no claims of driving. But these figures can vary depending on many things, including the specifics of your policy, your details and your driving history. That’s why it’s always a

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