How To Protect Wood Dining Table From Scratches – A glass top to protect the wooden table will be your best fit if you go through this blog and make the right choice! So, what are your plans on how to cover your new wooden dining table? Let me guess, with a tablecloth, or a plastic sheet? What if we told you that these table cover hacks won’t protect your tables like glass tops can? Perhaps, you are looking at the negative side of the broken glass! That’s the only drawback and it won’t happen if you take care of the top and hold it deftly. So let’s study the details and find out the uses and many benefits of putting glass on a wooden table.

Ignoring the cheap and bad ways to protect the wooden table, or to make a table with a wooden base, here is a perfect way-install glass on top of the wood table to provide careful protection.

How To Protect Wood Dining Table From Scratches

How To Protect Wood Dining Table From Scratches

If you’re in a sitch where you need to DIY your own table, then just gather some reinforced wood bases that are still in good condition. Place the necessary knick knacks and place a glass top to protect the wooden table. This will not only make your small coffee table but protect it from many other imperfections such as stains, roughness, or severe damage due to hardened tempered glass.

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Place tempered glass table tops on top of your wooden tables and let them reflect the light for extra light. Mirror protectors do an amazing job than ordinary table covers, they provide more stability, lighten the space and light up the table top. As far as maintenance is concerned, glass protectors require little maintenance and provide easy cleaning due to their extremely smooth surfaces.

Damage to a new, expensive table top from scratches or scuffs is one of life’s worst disappointments. With durable acrylic table top protectors, you can be confident that your table will stand the test of time. It will be a conversation piece for years to come without harm.

Acrylic table tops offer ten times the impact resistance of glass and are shatterproof. Make them suitable for use in homes with small children and pets. This makes it ideal for use in settings where small children or dogs occupy the table. If you are shopping for acrylic table protectors, make sure to go for 10mm thickness for maximum security.

The common thickness of a glass surface according to different requirements is 3/8″, ¼”, and ½”. However, the thicker the glass, the heavier the table. Installing too thick glass means that weight can be a major drawback, so try glass surfaces with a recommended thickness of 3/8″.

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It’s not rocket science! You don’t need to hire any professional for this small task, instead just take 2 materials and perfectly place a glass on a wooden table.

As we all know, wooden tables are more inclined to get visible dirty spots and liquid stains so here we need a hard table cover. Let’s see what benefits a glass tabletop provides.

To avoid any serious damage to your wooden table, be sure to put a glass protective sheet on top. The glass plate is strong enough to withstand strong pressure and protect the table top from any scratches or stains.

How To Protect Wood Dining Table From Scratches

The transparent glass table top will stand up against the discoloration of the table top and maintain the original shine and ‘new’ look throughout the finish. Because of the glass covers, your table is not in direct contact with pots, cleaners, and other things that can lose its shine.

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Placing a glass top to protect a wooden table is the best recommendation because it saves your table from daily dirt and creates a shield between spilled liquids and the table top. .

The smooth glass surfaces bring the convenience of cleaning to save you time and effort. You just need to spray any DIY glass cleaner and wipe off all dirt and water spots.

Adding a glass top to wooden tables hides many imperfections in style and appearance and brightens the table with elegance.

Undoubtedly, the transparent reflective table covers create depth in the interior which helps to create a comfortable and modern interior aura. In addition, you can create a flow of unrestricted views of the space.

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Now don’t wait and protect your wooden tables with Glass Genius’ stack of reinforced and affordable glass options. Here, you can find different fabricators that offer the best quality at discounted prices, so choose the best glass top to protect the wooden table. Also, don’t forget the above tips on how to protect wooden tables.

Glass Genius is the Marketplace for local glass companies, contractors, interior designers, and consumers to buy and sell glass and mirror products online quickly and easily. I’m sharing what has worked for me to protect and seal our tables at Restoration Hardware & Pottery Barn.

Over the past few years I have been asked time and time again if I have done anything to seal and protect the Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn wood tables in our kitchen. The answer is “yes” and the way I chose to seal them was actually something I spent a lot of time researching and experimenting with before figuring out the best way to do it. Today I’m sharing the details of how I sealed two of our wood tables including a step-by-step how-to and the products I used to get the job done! (

How To Protect Wood Dining Table From Scratches

There are several different products that you can successfully use to seal wood tables but one of the most important things for me is to find something that doesn’t darken the natural color of my table too much or make this shiny. The first wood table we had in our kitchen was a Restoration Hardware Dumont table (it’s no longer available but very similar):

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To test and determine how best to seal and protect it, I purchased a wood sample from Restoration Hardware to try (1) clear polyurethane and (2) Waterlox on it and see how it goes. they affect the appearance of the tree. As I thought they would, both sealers darkened the color of my wood sample considerably so I continued to look for a better solution. After more research and another wood sample experiment, I found that clear wood furniture wax was my best bet because it helps protect the wood without nearly discoloring it.

Using the exact steps and products I’ve detailed below, I sealed our table with wax and after using it for years (first in our kitchen and then in our home office), not a single its mark or stain!

Waxing our table is great for me but I want to state that although we have had our share of spills at dinner but we are not harsh on our tables. We don’t have kids banging things on them or boys running Matchbox cars up and down like some of you. Polyurethane and Waterlox sealers DO offer stronger protection than wax (you can read more about using Waterlox at ) so you’ll have to decide for yourself if that extra protection is worth it. in the trade-off of ending up with a darker table. In my case, no!

After remodeling our kitchen, I bought a new wood table for our kitchen (Pottery Barn’s Toscana Dining Table available – mine is the Seadrift finish) and sealed it the same exact way with our Restoration Hardware table, again with results I’m happy with. :

Glass Table Tops

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The wax will trap any dust or particles on your table so it’s important to give it a good cleaning before sealing it. To clean mine, I mix a drop of clear liquid dishwashing liquid in a bowl of warm water, wet a microfiber cloth with it, squeeze out any excess, and wipe the whole table.

I followed by wiping the table with plain warm water, using a dry microfiber cloth to remove any excess water, and then allowing it to dry completely. Once dry, use a tack cloth like the one on the table top to make sure it’s completely dust free.

How To Protect Wood Dining Table From Scratches

There are several brands of clear wax to choose from but some do not dry as clear as others. My favorite is Crystal Clear paste wax (available) which is a soft wax that goes on easily and dries clear. If out of stock, a very similar carnauba based wax should work the same. To put the wax on your desk, you can use a lint-free cloth like an old t-shirt but a

Care Of Wood Dining Tables

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