How To Protect Glass Dining Table From Scratches – If you check out this blog and make the right choice, a glass top to protect a wood table could be the perfect fit for you! So, how do you plan how to cover your brand new wooden dining table? Let me guess, with a tablecloth, or a plastic sheet? What if we told you that these table cover hacks won’t protect your tables as well as a glass top? Perhaps, you are looking at the downside of breaking the top of the glass! This is the only drawback and it doesn’t happen if you take care of the top and maintain it carefully. So let’s get into the details and learn about the uses and multiple benefits of placing glass over a wooden table.

Ignoring the cheap and negative ways to protect a wooden table, or to create a table with a wooden bottom stand, here is a great way – installing glass on top of a wooden table for deep protection.

How To Protect Glass Dining Table From Scratches

How To Protect Glass Dining Table From Scratches

If you are in a place where you have to build your own table, then simply gather some sturdy wood base that is still in good condition. Apply the necessary knick-knacks to protect the wooden table and place the glass top. This will not only enhance your small coffee table but also protect it from many other imperfections such as stains, scratches, or serious damage caused by hard tempered glass.

How To Refinish A Kitchen Or Dining Room Table

Place tempered glass table tops on your wooden tables and let them reflect the light for extra sparkle. Glass protectors do an amazing job compared to normal table covers, they provide extreme durability, lighten the space and add shine to the table surface. As far as maintenance is concerned, glass protectors require less maintenance and provide easier cleaning due to the extra smooth surfaces.

Damage to a brand new, expensive tabletop from scratches or scuffs is one of life’s worst disappointments. With strong acrylic table top protectors, you can be sure your table will stand the test of time. It will be a harmless conversation piece for years to come.

Acrylic table tops offer ten times the impact resistance of glass and are shatterproof. Making them suitable for use in homes with small children and pets. This makes it ideal for use in settings where small children or dogs will occupy the table. When you buy acrylic table protectors, make sure they are 10mm thick for maximum security.

Common top glass thicknesses are 3/8″, ¼”, and ½” to suit different needs. After all, the thicker the glass, the heavier the table. Applying very thick glass means weight can be a big drawback, so try a glass top with a recommended thickness of 3/8″.

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This is not rocket science! You don’t need to hire a professional for this little job, instead just take 2 materials and assemble a glass perfectly on top of a wooden table.

As we all know, wooden tables are more prone to getting visible dirt stains and liquid stains so here we need a tough table cover. Let’s see what are the advantages of glass table top.

To avoid any serious damage to your wooden table, be sure to apply a protective glass sheet to the surface. The glass sheet is stable enough to withstand strong pressure and protects the table surface from any scratches or stains.

How To Protect Glass Dining Table From Scratches

A transparent glass table cover will stand out against the discoloration of the table surface and will retain its original shine and ‘new’ look until the end. Because of the glass lids, your table isn’t in direct contact with dishes, cleaners and other things that can dull its shine.

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Having a glass top is the best recommendation to protect a wooden table because it protects your table from everyday dirt and creates a shield between liquid spills and the table surface.

Smooth glass surfaces make cleaning easier to save you time and effort. All you need to do is spray any DIY glass cleaner and wipe away all the dirt and water spots.

Adding glass tops to wooden tables hides many of the style and appearance flaws and allows the table to shine beautifully.

There is no doubt that transparent reflective table covers add depth to the interior which helps to create a cozy and modern interior glow. Plus, you can create an uninterrupted flow of views of the space.

Ways To Remove Scratches From Your Table

Don’t wait any longer and protect your wood tables with a selection of strong and affordable glass tops at Glass Genius. Here, you will find various fabricators offering the best quality at discounted prices, so choose the best glass top to protect your wooden table. Also, don’t miss the above tips on how to protect wooden tables.

Glass Genius is a marketplace for local glass companies, contractors, interior designers, and consumers to quickly and easily buy and sell glass and mirror products online. About a year ago we bought a new wooden kitchen table. Upon its arrival, I noticed that it didn’t have the thick clear coat like the table I used to have. My kids are very messy when they eat, especially with their cereal for some reason, which means our kitchen table is a constant mess. Naturally, I started looking for a way to protect my new wooden table from dirt. I did a bit of searching on the internet to see if you should use glass to protect a wooden table, but didn’t find much information. I decided that would be the best solution anyway, ordered a custom piece of glass, and regretted it from day one. After reading this, you may still decide that a glass table protector is right for your situation. I’m here to give you some reasons why you might not want to go that route.

I’ll answer that question with a few other questions: Would you like a mirror as your tabletop? How will it be cleaned and maintained? Well, I don’t know if it’s just because the wood on my desk is dark, but that’s what it felt like and how it felt to me. A highly reflective surface with a black background means it shows through.

How To Protect Glass Dining Table From Scratches

Line even after cleaning it. I have four kids who are constantly touching the table and putting dishes on it, which means my beautiful table looks like trash 24/7.

How To Make Table Glass Scratch Proof

The only way to really clean it was to use window cleaner, and even then it was.

Lined and ugly. Some of it is on the surface, but a lot of it is also stuck under the glass that I couldn’t even get to clean.

When the glass company first brought the glass up, they brought some clear spacers to go down. The spacers are supposed to allow airflow under the glass so it doesn’t scratch the tabletop. Well, it made the top even uglier, and the kids kept spilling things that would slide under the glass. I thought taking the spacers out would help, but it didn’t at all. No matter what I did, food, especially anything liquid, still ended up at the bottom of the glass. The space on the left where the expansion goes all the way to the edge goes under the glass, and the space below that is actually under the glass. This happened daily with my children.

Those wet spots meant I had to slide the heavy glass off, lift it carefully, and clean and dry the bottom every time it fell. It was seriously the biggest pain, and it sounds easier said than done!!! And even after all that, there was a constant supply of bits in the edges that somehow managed to make their way under the glass! How does that happen?! No spacers were being used when I took these photos! Table Protector Transparent Plastic Clear Table Pad Clear Vinyl Plastic Floor Runner Kitchen Furniture Surface Countertop Protector Mat Wipeable Waterproof Easy Clean Anti Scratch Rectangle 12×60

So I finally decided a month ago that I’d had enough of fighting this thing, and I’d rather have a ruined table. I took off the glass and gave it to the market. I put a clear coat on it of something I don’t actually recommend, so I won’t tell you what it was. Even though the clear coat I put on doesn’t make it look good, it still looks a million times better than that stupid piece of glass I’ve had on it for a year. It is very easy to clean! Now we’re using place mats and the spills actually clean up pretty easily. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s better than glass.

Bought a different table! Seriously though, I wish I had done a little more research and gotten something that had a better clear coat to begin with. If you’re already stuck with a table that doesn’t have that, try looking for finishes you can apply yourself. I think I probably should have gone with a coat of polyurethane or varnish instead, but I was too anxious to research more options. Glass for the table shouldn’t have been something I considered with my messy kids, so maybe this will work if you don’t.

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