How To Polish Windshield Scratches – My windshield has lots of tiny marks as if it was exposed to sand/wind. As if the car had been standing on a sandy beach for ages. There are barely visible wiper marks, which doesn’t bother me, but the sand makes driving at night very difficult.

I feel a few scratches under my fingernail. Sand scratches are very visible when the sun is low, see photos.

How To Polish Windshield Scratches

How To Polish Windshield Scratches

Basically clean your windshield, use a low speed rotary polisher, pad and cerium oxide glass polish to remove scratches and then polish the glass.

Can Scratched Auto Glass Be Fixed?

I had the same problem, literally hundreds of tiny dents in the glass from small rocks/gravel..

It cost me $600 here in Australia from a national windshield replacement company, but now it’s like a new car.

The thing is, I’ve never seen damage like this on my windshield. I drove cars that were about 40 years old, with similar mileage, even close. I have another car, 96w 60k miles, garaged, its windshield is like new.

Other YouTube (general purpose) experts show videos where sanding/cutting is done with. 180, then 500, then 1000 before polishing would give good results.

Windshield Scratch Removal, Glass Polishing Kit, Windscreen Repair Kit

I used glass cleaner on my pitted windshield and there was a significant improvement! It took a lot of effort and a lot of passes, but now there’s no flare!

Buck, does this have an OE windshield (look for the MBZ star printed on it)? I needed to replace the windshield on my CLK and SafeLite used cheap Chinese junk that was warped and pitted after only a year of driving. I have had no problems with original MBZ or OE glass from any other manufacturer. My wife bought a CPO BMW X5 last year and the glass looked pitted. The dealer agreed to replace it if we wanted, but I took it home, used Griot glass polish and my random orbital and it cleaned up perfectly. I highly recommend trying this before using any sanding, cutting or grinding.

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How To Polish Windshield Scratches

Thanks for the advice. I’ll just go downstairs to see if I can determine if it’s an OEM or aftermarket windshield. It has a white Mercedes signature sticker in the lower right corner that is almost peeling off, but I haven’t read the markings on the glass itself. I’m hesitant to replace it with an aftermarket one, like you said, they will add Chinese crapola. Cerium Oxide Glass Polishing Kit, Glass And Windshield Scratch Removal Kit, 8 Oz Of Gordon Glass Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder, 3 Inch Felt Polishing Buffing Wheel

My wife has a new Ford Explorer. While she was driving me around, even I was quite drunk, I noticed that her windshield was cracked just below the passenger side wiper. The crack extended from under the wiper to the bottom. Someone probably dropped the wiper arm without the wiper and the windshield cracked, probably during installation. Ford replaced it under warranty. They simply checked the crack with a pen and immediately approved the replacement.

@buck turgidson I have purchased several used cars that had pitting like this. After several months of struggling with this problem, I submitted a claim for the glass to my insurance for safety reasons. They treat these dents the same way they would a large crack and replace the windshield under the glass covering, which is usually non-deductible and has no impact on your rate. It was a few years ago, but they once wanted you to replace your windshields. Maybe it’s worth looking into this.

Great, it’s really a safety issue. The insurance on some of my older cars replaced parts with used or aftermarket parts. They would not consider OEM parts for replacement. But this car has full coverage, maybe that will help.

Also, I believe there are small lines on the windshield, at the bottom, top and center, dividing the windshield into two halves. IDK what is it, could it be the rain sensors, the radio antenna and/or the heating element where the wiper rest is?

Any Advice On How To Fix Scratches On Car Windows? Thanks

These lines are probably antennas of some kind and may force your insurance company to use OEM glass. I doubt the aftermarket has anything like that. You just have to hope that age doesn’t matter.

I have comprehensive insurance, but my deductible is $500. What I understand is that I would have to pay most of the bill to replace the windshield.

Maybe, maybe not. It depends on whether they consider the glass to be part of the kit or a separate cover. Here in North Carolina, it’s separate and deductible for maybe $100. If it.

How To Polish Windshield Scratches

When it comes to insurance, some states require glass to be covered without a deductible. For states that don’t do this, most insurance companies offer a “glass waiver” for an additional fee. In our case, it’s about $20 a year for our cars. We have a $1,000 deductible, so if we replace one windshield every 50 years, we’re in the red.

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Polishing was unsuccessful using a 110V polisher at 6000 rpm, a felt polishing pad, white cerium oxide, and a water sprayer.

All the pits are still there, plus it has gotten worse, some of the pits are full of white cerium oxide which looks like white dots. Perhaps the polishing removed some of the smaller dings or watermarks, the glass now looks clean with only 95% of the pitting remaining. Tonight I will see what night driving looks like against the background of oncoming headlights, and on Sunday I will see my glass against the background of the rising sun. Just for comparison now and before.

Sanding is my next activity. I think I should start sanding with a polisher at 2000 rpm and a 2000 grit sanding disc in water. Work with a grit of 3000, up to a grit of 5000 – 7000. Only then the cerium oxide again.

The only tangible result I got is that my whole body is sore, I feel pain in some places I didn’t even know I had.

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A few weeks ago I used my Griots random orbital polisher and its glass cleaning paste and while it didn’t remove any of the larger dents/chips, it really helped with the little dents that were catching sunlight. He left no “deposits” in larger tokens.

Buck turgidson said: The thing is, I’ve never seen damage like that on my windshield. I drove cars that were about 40 years old, with similar mileage, even close. I have another car, 96w 60k miles, garaged, its windshield is like new. I wonder how my CLK from 2007 with a mileage of 87,000 was damaged. miles? Other YouTube (general purpose) experts show videos where sanding/cutting is done with. 180, then 500, then 1000 before polishing would give good results. Click to expand… I have a 2019 GLC300 that looks practically new EXCEPT for the windshield which has hundreds of small dents/nicks that make it difficult to see in bright sunlight. The only other car I’ve ever experienced something like this in was an old Mercedes I had many years ago. I’ve had Mercurys, Toyotas, and Porsches where I’ve never had this problem, so I believe it’s a defect of the “Mercedes glass” that all MBs have. I’m looking for a way to fix this without having to replace the entire thing

My ’08 CLK350 was starting to get more and more of these tiny spots, plus a small scale spot… so without trying any of the above methods, I decided to reinforce the windshield. It turns out there is a product called C-Bond that apparently hardens glass.

How To Polish Windshield Scratches

One piece of information that sealed the deal for me was that the car rental company in Germany had so many problems (well, they have much higher speed limits there, so small rocks will definitely cause a dent/crack in the windshield), they ordered and applied Obligation all their cars and there were no more problems.

Best Car Scratch Removers, Tested By Experts (2023 Guide)

See my discussion on the Tesla forum (I haven’t replaced my CLK350 yet, I’m actually getting ready to sell it).

Do you have a windshield visor on your insurance, I’m sure I can see a big crack in it 😇

This is an older thread, you may not get a reply and you can refresh the old thread. Please consider starting a new thread. Your car’s windshield is exposed to many elements on every journey, and like any large glass surface, scratches are almost inevitable. From simple flying debris, to using old and worn out wipers, or even cleaning your windshield yourself, all of these can scratch your windshield. Sometimes unnoticeable, sometimes very noticeable scratches that catch the eye every time you use the car.

Scratches are not always more than a cosmetic blemish. One or more scratches in your vision can make driving more dangerous by interfering with your ability to see the road clearly. And a deep scratch, if left untreated, can eventually develop into a crack.

How To Fix Car Glass Scratches

There are many products on the market that are promoted as DIY windshield scratch removal kits, as well as some home remedies that you can find online, but if you use some

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