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Does your skin feel duller and more sensitive than usual? Has your natural clarity shifted from your vision? If this sounds like your skin condition, it may be dehydrated. Here are the main signs of dehydrated skin and our tips for fixing it.

How To Know If You Re Dehydrated

How To Know If You Re Dehydrated

What is the difference between dry and dehydrated skin? | 4 Signs of Dehydrated Skin | How to fix dehydrated skin | A little three-step routine for dry skin

How To Tell If Your Skin Is Dehydrated Or Not (and How To Treat It)

Dry and sensitive skin have many of the same signs and symptoms, but they are very different. Here’s a quick breakdown of how the two skin care problems differ:

Dry skin is classified as a skin type and is inherited through your genetics. Skin Inc defines a dry skin type as one that is predisposed to inadequate production of the skin’s natural oils. Additionally, dry skin can be linked to a hormonal imbalance or an underactive thyroid. This can inhibit your skin’s sebum production, contributing to a dry, unsightly complexion. Although your dry skin type cannot be changed due to genetics, you can improve its appearance by adding oil-based products to your skin care routine.

Dehydrated skin, on the other hand, is a skin condition. It is caused by external elements (weather and seasonal changes), unhealthy diet (lack of fresh produce) and lifestyle choices (alcohol or caffeine consumption). All of these factors reduce the water content of your skin, resulting in a less smooth appearance. A key takeaway is that dehydration is characterized by dehydration – not oil. Even oily skin types can be dry. Fortunately, dehydrated skin is temporary and can be relieved with a variety of topical treatments and lifestyle changes.

Not sure if you are struggling with dryness or dehydration? Here are four interesting signs that you have dehydrated skin:

How To Tell If You Are Dehydrated: Symptoms And Treatment

Have you ever returned from a ski vacation or a day at the beach and felt like you needed a scrub? External elements such as wind and extreme temperature changes can strip the moisture from the outer layer of your skin, causing a tight, itchy feeling. This is often accompanied by breakouts, regardless of how much oil is on the surface of your skin.

One of the biggest effects of dehydrated skin is increased sensitivity. When your skin’s moisture barrier is broken, it can’t properly protect itself from external environmental stressors. As a result, irritants such as bacteria and pollution can penetrate its outermost layer, exacerbating symptoms such as redness, itchiness and irritation.

Does your skin look dull and tired? Dehydration affects your skin’s ability to perform essential functions such as cell turnover. Without enough hydration, your skin doesn’t shed its outermost layer often enough, and dead cells accumulate on its surface. This contributes to clogged pores, congestion and poor complexion.

How To Know If You Re Dehydrated

“Gently press the skin on the cheek. If it looks like you have fine lines, you’re dehydrated,” says skin care expert Joanna Vargas. Dehydrated skin often shows accelerated signs of aging; however, unlike laugh lines or crow’s feet, these wrinkles appear as a network of tiny, triangular lines.

Ways To Tell If You Are Dehydrated

Before we describe a skin care regimen, let’s first explore some other lifestyle tips that may help.

Caffeine and alcohol are two of the worst culprits for dehydrated skin. Both substances are diuretics that affect the health of your skin by reducing its water content. And, alcohol doubles down by inhibiting the production of the hormone vasopressin which is necessary for rehydration. If you can’t imagine getting through the day without your morning latte, fear not: The general consensus is that one or two cups of coffee a day and a glass of alcohol in the evening are fine enough.

You may need to add humidity to the air and turn off the air conditioner. Humidifiers are usually very quiet and work in the background evaporating water using a heating element. They create steam that is inhaled into the air, creating humidity and moisture to help those with dehydrated skin.

Exfoliation is a surefire way to brighten a dull, dehydrated look, but for dehydrated skin, we recommend avoiding harsh scrubs that could damage the skin. Healthy skin takes 25 days to renew itself naturally, while dehydrated skin takes even longer. Proper exfoliation speeds up skin cell turnover by sloughing off dead cells from the surface to reveal the new, healthy cells underneath. We’ve suggested a gentler exfoliating option below in our skin care routine.

Dehydration Headaches: Signs, Treatment, And Prevention

To fix dehydrated skin, you need to address your skin care routine and overall health. This means hydration from within as well as treating dehydration from above.

The best way to cleanse dehydrated skin is with a gentle cleanser and warm water. Choose cleansers that are free of harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances that can strip the skin of beneficial moisture and worsen sensitivity. At Eminence Organics, we select only the best organic ingredients and keep our skincare free of harmful chemicals such as added parabens, petrolatum, mineral oils, propylene glycol and sodium lauryl sulfate. To cleanse dehydrated skin, we recommend using a product like theStone Crop Cleansing Oil which gently dissolves impurities, hydrates the skin and leaves no residue.

One skin care you don’t want to skimp on—especially if you have dehydrated skin—is a reason. This K-beauty staple increases hydration, replenishes moisture and protects the skin from the drying effects of environmental stressors. Face foundations are full of hydrating and antioxidant-rich ingredients that work wonders for dehydrated skin. Take our birch water purifier for example. This lightweight foundation contains snow mushroom and reishi mushroom to hydrate and moisturize the skin and neutralize the drying and aging effects of free radicals.

How To Know If You Re Dehydrated

Hyaluronic acid is extremely effective in replenishing dehydrated skin. As a humectant, this wonder ingredient helps bind and retain moisture, keeping skin soft and supple. According to ELLE, hyaluronic acid has the ability to hold up to six liters of water and “acts as a magnet for moisture, helping your cells retain as much of it as possible until the your skin will feel and look hydrated, plump and healthy. ” At Eminence Organics, we infuse botanical hyaluronic acid into deeply hydrating serums like our Rhubarb Strawberry Hyaluronic Serum and Acai Booster-Skin Firming Serum.

Running And Hydration

As mentioned earlier, avoid harsh scrubs that contain beads or sugar. Instead, choose a gentle exfoliant like our Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant which uses rice and chickpea flour to gently remove flakes and dead skin. Strawberries are a natural cleanser and astringent that contain salicylic acid. Salicylic acid exfoliates and removes impurities to brighten skin’s appearance and reduce the appearance of pores.

The jury is out on whether drinking eight glasses of water a day will significantly improve your skin’s hydration. Dermatologist Joel Schlessinger tells Reader’s Digest: “Sipping water throughout the day is good for your body, but this hydration won’t reach your skin unless you’re really hydrated.” The key is to prevent water from leaving your skin by keeping its moisture barrier intact and healthy. One of the best ways to achieve this is with a topical treatment like our Sea Flower Peptide Night Cream. This rich formula contains botanical peptides (from rice protein), meaning it is plant-based and natural. Jojoba oil locks in moisture and prevents transepidermal water loss, so you can expect to see a change in your skin with a hydrated, firmer appearance.

You may not have dry skin, but instead deal with dry skin symptoms such as cracked, flaky or itchy skin. The next three products in our three-step routine will save your skin and keep your skin smooth and supple all winter long.

Apply the WaterBirch Purifying Essence to prepare your skin for your skincare routine. Apply a small amount of foundation either on a cotton pad or into your hands. Pat the product on your skin and leave it on. Your skin will feel fully replenished and tightened thanks to botanical collagen which is the ultimate moisturizing ingredient.

Dehydration Symptoms, Signs And Causes

For your second step, apply a layer of the Strawberry Rhubarb HyaluronicHydrator over your face, neck and décolleté area and leave it on.

For your final and third step, apply two to three drops of the Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil massage in with circular motions. Leave this on. This formula is designed to leave your skin firmer and more hydrated thanks to rosemary leaf extract, jojoba, rosehip and seabuckthorn oil.

Is your skin dry or tired? Keep your skin looking its best by scheduling a consultation with an authorized atanEminence Organics Spa Partner near you. Would you know if you are dehydrated? A simple three-second ‘pinch test’ reveals whether you really have enough water to stay healthy

How To Know If You Re Dehydrated

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