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How To Increase Soundcloud Plays

How To Increase Soundcloud Plays

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Best Sites To Buy Soundcloud Likes (real & Cheap)

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The Ultimate Guide To Building A Soundcloud Fanbase With

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How To Increase Soundcloud Plays

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Best Sites To Buy Soundcloud Followers (real & Cheap)

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How To Increase Soundcloud Plays

Sayfa bulunamadı You are looking for sayfa bulunamadı. Having said that, you don’t have to worry about the backyard, as an artist you are responsible for promoting your own music. So how do you promote yourself to get more plays on SoundCloud?

How To Increase The Plays Of A Soundcloud Song And Make It Viral In Soundcloud Platform

Here are 5 rock-solid SoundCloud promotion strategies relevant to the music industry in 2023. Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn:

By following these strategies, you can increase the number of plays you get on SoundCloud, as well as followers and likes. Let’s go! 👇

SoundCloud has made changes over the past few years where the homepage is no longer your stream. This means that people who follow you won’t always find your music when it comes out.

Spotify is a much more popular option these days for listening to music, and it allows you to reach a wider audience.

Best Sites To Buy Soundcloud Followers (real & Active)

Including key services such as Spotify and Apple Music in 2023 is crucial to unlocking the full power of promotion and marketing.

Although it is possible to promote horror music, it never survives the ultimate test: the opinion of the audience.

No matter how much PR or marketing you give a track, if it’s really average, no one will want to listen to it, and you won’t get any plays.

How To Increase Soundcloud Plays

Never forget this golden rule of music promotion – your music is the marketing. You’re not just marketing music, it’s inherently linked to the promotion process.

Soundcloud Bots: The Truth Behind Fake Stats

One of my earlier tracks, ‘Carpark Anxiety’, only got 900 plays in 3 years, even though I sent it to a lot of people. For what? No one wanted to share it because it is very average.

People don’t buy a vacuum cleaner if they don’t want to, so people don’t listen to music if they don’t like it. This is especially true on Soundcloud, where the barrier to entry is so low that a lot of terrible music gets uploaded, meaning listeners have more to sit through.

I have found over time that artists and producers (especially those who want a career) tend to overestimate the quality of their music. I did in the early days, and you can listen to my really old music and hear the improvement over time.

One of my new drum & bass tracks, a bootleg of Porter Robinson’s Get Your Wish, got a lot of plays and was shared a lot more because this track is much higher quality than my old stuff.

Soundcloud Repost Promotion Service

But this begs the question – should I upload my music if it’s not 100% there yet? This is arguable, but on a platform like SoundCloud, the stakes are much lower, with removing tracks just a click away.

Plus, you’ll likely get valuable feedback from the public if you ask for it, allowing you to gauge what will and won’t work.

So while promoting music online is important, getting feedback and taking that into the studio will prove a much more valuable use of time.

How To Increase Soundcloud Plays

So how do I make my music “better”? That’s another topic entirely, and that’s why we have courses like EDM Foundations and Songwriting for Producers.

Soundcloud Plays Boost Archives

There are people who are always better at marketing music than you. So don’t reinvent the wheel, use these people to your advantage.

Find channels on Soundcloud that can share your music with more people than you ever could. This could come in the form of

Do not ignore the offsite audience. Just because they don’t have a bigger audience on SoundCloud doesn’t mean a blog or YouTube channel won’t send a lot of plays your way.

The key here is to find channels that are a good fit for your music. Don’t get a message just because they have a lot of followers. They are already looking for very specific types of music for their tastes.

Blow Up On Soundcloud: 10 Proven Strategies To Follow

So play some of their previous uploads/shares and take a decision. Don’t be too scared if your music isn’t exactly the same as what’s already out there, but if it’s too different, it’ll probably get a pass.

The answer? e-mail. It’s old, but it’s still the best. How does this relate back to SoundCloud, you may ask?

Everyone has an email. Artist. Labels. Promo channels. Repost channels. Avid music fans. And you can communicate with them through this channel, whether they have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or not.

How To Increase Soundcloud Plays

I got my biggest plays from email networking, including a top placement on one of Majestic Casual’s weekly playlists on Soundcloud. In this case it was a form that sends them an email, but the point still stands.

How To Make Money On Soundcloud In 2023 (beyond Premier)

Here’s an example of how I email my track to someone for a YouTube upload, and see the difference in response time.

Not to say that you can’t use avenues like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These channels are great but always try email first. And use the Hubspot extension to track email opens, you’ll thank me later.

To make this easier, you’ll want to make a list of relevant people’s emails that you can send your music to. Just use Google Sheets or Excel.

I personally use a software called Notion (has database functionality) to track youtube channels, soundcloud pages, labels and more. I have printed the emails for privacy.

Buy Soundcloud Plays Cheap: 10 Best Sites In 2023

With the decline in plays on SoundCloud (due to the lower visibility of the ‘stream’), it’s important that your core audience still hears your music when it’s released, and what better way to do this than email marketing?

If you’re familiar with download portals like ToneDen and The Artist Union, you might start using them to collect people’s email addresses. If you’re a Bandcamp user, you can also grab email addresses at checkout. That way you can build a list to send your music to the next time you have something to release!

Once you have a list, you need to find an email marketing service. Symphonic Distribution has compiled a list of the best email marketing platforms for musicians, so

How To Increase Soundcloud Plays

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