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Every car will get dings and light scratches at some point. You take this risk every time you park in a parking lot! But if you’re one of the unlucky car owners to discover a deep scratch, don’t worry just yet. Deep scratches on your car are a source of frustration and stress, especially when you consider the cost of repair work. But the good news is that you can easily remove deep scratches from your car at home with a few supplies from your automotive store. In this article we will talk about how to remove deep scratches from your car – no professionals needed!

How To Hide Deep Scratches On Car

How To Hide Deep Scratches On Car

Three layers make up your car’s exterior: body, base paint, and top or clear coat. When your car is scratched, grime can seep through the paint and, in some cases, cause serious damage.

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In the case of a deep scratch, the scratch penetrates the base paint layer on the topcoat and, in some cases, the metal body of your car. If your car’s bare metal is exposed, rust can develop quickly—usually within a day or two. Once rust has formed, you need professional help to prevent the rust from spreading. Until then, you have more than just an aesthetic issue on your hands. If left untreated, rust can eat away at your car (and its value!).

However, if your car has a deep scratch that doesn’t expose the metal but only penetrates the base paint layer, you can easily fix the problem.

Treating these deep scratches takes a little effort, but if you’re willing to put in the time and energy, you can save yourself a trip to the body shop and get the scratches out at home. In five simple steps, you can remove deep scratches from your car, preserve its value and restore its beauty.

Before you begin deep scratch repair on your vehicle, you’ll want to thoroughly wash and dry the affected area. Leaving dirt or grime on your car increases your chances of further scratching or damaging the paint job. Also, having a clean workspace ensures that you are taking care of all the scratches and nothing is missed. Do not skip this step; You’ll thank us.

Can Deep Scratches Be Removed?

The simplest way to perform this step is by purchasing a car scratch repair kit. These usually come with a polishing compound and buffing pad. Simply pour the compound onto a microfiber towel or buffing pad and rub the scratch with the polish, working in small, tight circles. Between the compound and the pad, a sanding effect takes place, and you’ll smooth out the rough edges of your car’s deep scratches.

After you’ve buffed the edges, wipe the surface with a clean microfiber cloth. If you still have any rough or raised edges around the scratch, repeat this process until everything is smooth.

Most of your deep scratches will need a filler like glazing putty to create an even surface. Before filling cracks with putty, clean the area with rubbing alcohol. This removes any residual grime you may have missed and allows the putty to stay in place.

How To Hide Deep Scratches On Car

Now that your car is free of wax or dirt or leftover polishing compound, squeeze a small amount of glazing putty into the scratch or scratches. Using a spreader tool or hand squeegee, apply even pressure to spread the putty evenly across the scratch. The putty cures in minutes, filling your scratch and solidifying quickly.

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At this point, apply paint leveler to a microfiber cloth and rub it over the newly filled scratch. A paint leveler will remove any putty that has been bumped or accidentally stuck to spots other than the scratch being repaired.

Using your car’s color code found on the inside of the door, purchase a matching touch up paint to apply to your repair. Your touch up paint comes with instructions for proper application. Apply a small amount of paint using the applicator that comes with the touch up paint kit. Cover the scratch and fill any small gouges, being careful to cover any small holes or divots you left in the glaze putty.

Once you’ve covered the entire repair in touch up paint, allow it to cure for at least eight hours. An overnight treatment provides the best results, so we encourage you to give your car at least that amount of time before taking it outside or exposing it to the elements.

After the touch up paint has cured, repair. At this point, the surface of your car should be smooth, the paint should match, and you should never notice a scratch. Finish the process with a total wash and wax on your car, and it will look as good as new!

A Step By Step Guide On Removing Scratches And Swirls On Your Car

Deep scratches can seem like a nightmare. But if you use the right method and take your time, you can fix even the deepest car scratches in your garage. We hope our guide has been useful to you. Now that you know you can remove scratches from your car, you can save yourself a trip to the body shop and the bills that come with it!

Car care products are created using the latest technologically advanced chemistry available from the world market place.

If your color is not listed in our database that is quite normal. In fact 22% of our customers have to manually add their vehicle details at this stage when ordering, so you’re not alone.

How To Hide Deep Scratches On Car

Fill in as much information as you can, and remember, we offer our 100% color match guarantee on every kit. Choosing to own a car with the best color is a tough one. Keeping your beloved ride in tip-top shape requires care and attention, but the harsh feeling is that no matter how much love you shower on your shiny stone, other people can tear it apart and ruin it without even realizing it. .

Diy: Fixing & Painting A Deep Scratch

Most people don’t realize how destructive common items can be to a car’s cheerfully thin clearcoat, including mundane items like rivets in your jeans, keys hanging from your belt loop, or your belt buckle. The only way to ensure your paint is never scratched is to keep it in a sealed environment, which frankly, isn’t very fun.

Eventually, we’ll probably have to fix a scratch or two. As with any project, you can opt for better, better, or better methods of paint repair.

At its core, this method revolves around serious preparation and a willingness to make things worse before they get better. A good paint job requires a solid base; Ironically, deep scratches are best treated by removing a little more material.

The $15 paint uses the abrasive tip of a touch-up pen, but the same effect can be accomplished with careful use of sandpaper. (I recommend wet sanding in such cases, as it removes the material a little slower and thus helps prevent eager DIYers from removing too much material.) The goal is to remove the jagged edges of the scratch and create a smooth-sided finish. Trough” profile into which you can place touch-up paint.

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Once that sanding is complete, a quick wipe down with wax-and-grease remover prepares the surface for paint. Taping around the scratch ensures that any material applied stays in the immediate area and prevents potentially messy cleaning. In the video,

Paint is applied with a small brush, but you can also use an aerosol can or small paint gun to apply thin layers of color. It is important to take the time here to apply several thin coats so they can cure and adhere properly. Layer the new paint until it is slightly proud of the factory paint surrounding it.

Once you’ve built up the necessary layers of new paint, it’s time to remove the excess. Use the wet sanding method to blend the repair into the surrounding paint. Once the surface is level, a bit of polishing will finish the job.

How To Hide Deep Scratches On Car

Although you can strip and repaint the entire panel or check it out for a professional job, this DIY method is much cheaper. You won’t erase all evidence of scratches but, with time and patience, the results will be worth it. Home » Blog » Help & Advice » How to Repair Deep Scratches and Chips in Car Paint (When the Primer Is Open)

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A number of things can cause scratches to appear on your car’s paintwork, whether it’s from a careless driver, loose stones sliding across your paint or even a rogue key here and there. If not dealt with immediately, deep scratches and chips that expose your car’s bare metal can lead to rust within days and cause serious headaches. Thankfully, Holts has a solution.

Our guide to repairing scratches and chips in car paint can help you perform a professional repair with just a few tools and the right preparation. If rust is already present, we will show you how to deal with the problem

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